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Chapter 19: Remember the Darkness

Garasuka struggled back to his feet. He still remembered all of his jutsus, Monotori must not have been able to perform his jutsu; but if that was so why was the assassin smiling? He groaned, "Is this that new jutsu you were talking about child?"

Monotori nodded slowly, "Yes master. This move allows me to show you any memory I have encountered so far. I can show you anything. What would you like, a young man who was abandoned by his friends? A war orphan? Maybe something closer to home. How about..." he Paused, "Dekibae?"

The memory ninja lowered his arm again and as he did Garasuka's vision blurred, as it reformed he saw a different scene. Darkness...

Complete darkness surround him as the glass ninja pulled himself to his feet. He brushed the chains from his arms, it felt good to be rid of them but he wasn't sure why. He would of looked around at the room but he couldn't control his body. He realised that this must be some affect of the jutsu; it made sense, Garasuka assumed he was in Dekibae's memory, the assassin must have known this room back to front. He began to walk slowly forwards he tried to turn but once again his body simply ignored him; instead he found himself raising his hand as he approached the door of what he had now come to realise was a cell.

It felt brilliant to be this close to the sunlight, Garasuka once again felt Dekibae's memories and feelings surging into him, almost over powering his own thoughts. He brought his hand crashing down crashing through the timbers and blowing the door off its hinges.

Guards came running almost immediately, before Garasuka could think he had been surrounded on all sides. He barely noticed, in his younger days the old assassin had slaughtered his way through a hundred times this many opponents. He felt his arms raise, he didn't really notice; the best way to counter any form of genjutsu was to simply ignore it, he knew that from years of experience.

Something felt different this time though, he could literally feel his pupils feelings swirling through his mind, consuming his own. His hand came down and the guards disappeared in a torrent of blood; Garasuka mentally flinched, it wasn't just the brutality, the fury, he could feel Dekibae's joy. The elation at this slaughter, the feeling that these people deserved to die; after what they had done to him. He would laugh as their lives collapse, they would scream the world would burn and he... he would look down with joy. Garasuka felt himself leap from the ground, the world around him becoming a blur of motion and blood.

He stopped, from somewhere in the distance a low rumbling sound was coming; as Garasuka watched from the eyes of his student the walls began to shake, cracks splitting across them as the vibrations grew larger. It was as if the world itself was splitting apart.

As the building fell apart a single man stepped into Garasuka's sight. He was thin and to Dekibae's mind he obviously embodied the pure feeling of hatred. The man smiled down at Garasuka, almost sympathetically, but his eyes told a different story, pure contempt. "Are you going somewhere boy." He looked down at one of the corpses that lay scattered around, "It seems that you have wasted quite a lot of resources here. How unfortunate. You have also forced me to resort to one of my less stable techniques. Once again, incredibly unfortunate." He drew a long two-handed sword from his belt; he smiled again, "Let me see just how powerful our greatest experiment is then." He raised his sword and came at Garasuka faster than the old man could believe was possible; fortunately for him the younger man's body sidestepped the move, the sword twisting intricately grazing Garasuka's face and deeply cutting his arm. The swordsman landed, spinning round and slashing his sword downwards, the floor cracked, a huge shock wave surged forwards carrying shards of tiling and stone in its wake and throwing Garasuka off his feet. The swordsman sneered, however this expression soon fell from his face as Garasuka leapt forwards, bringing his hand up and slashing at the man's face, leaving a thin cut just above his enemy's left eye. The man growled, bringing his knee up straight into Garasuka's jaw, he then brought his sword around smashing the pommel straight into Garasuka's side, he pulled it back before hammering it back down onto his victim's back. As that strike connected Garasuka's legs gave way and he fell flat on his face. The swordsman smiled, bending down to look into the broken man's eyes. "Any last words boy." Garasuka felt his body move trying to rise, but it was hopeless, "Nothing, how unfortunate; go on, say something."

Garasuka shifted his gaze from the left to the right, he smiled, "Chi no bakuhatsu."

The swordsman straightened up, he spun around. Every surface every corpse was covered... in blood. He opened his mouth to scream, but before he could make the slightest sound he was engulfed in flame, his scream drowned out by the wave of destruction. Garasuka's vision was filled with blinding light, then it ended.

He found himself looking straight into Monotori's eyes, he felt completely drained, barely able to stand. Monotori drew away, lowering his hand. "It is time to put an end to this master. I apologise, but I am only doing what you told me to."

Garasuka nodded solemnly, "I understand, to me you will always be the small boy wandering in the storm but I suppose we all have to move on. Just remember, one day you too will fall, that is how we chose to live. Just remember that." He sighed, raising his arms and crossing them against his chest. His eyes closed and he smiled, "I really had hoped that you would do so much better."

Monotori frowned, nostalgia washing over him; even with all those memories filling his mind he still remembered how kind his master had been. For just a moment doubt showed in his eyes, then it was gone, replaced with stone cold conviction. His raised his arms, calling to mind one of his most devastating jutsus, "Inferuno no unmei : sumoggu no nai ha (Inferno of Doom: Smog implosion)". A wave of flame surged out of his palms, smoke billowing from the memory assassin's mouth, within seconds it would all be over; it would be almost painless.

At that exact moment the sky itself seemed to tear in half, a thousand shards of water plummeting down from the sky in a hurricane of liquid razors.

... ...

Fire and water met in a surge of destruction and steam. The stones that made up the buildings of the area were blown away, not giving even the slightest defense. The storm raged tearing everything in its path away, the true power of nature. The rundown buildings and unkempt roads were blasted into oblivion.

Only one point survived the onslaught; Kakashi lowered his Chidori falling to his knees, it had taken all the strength he had had to cut the storm, allowing his team to shelter safely behind him. He already knew that if he hadn't, none of his team would have survived that final attack, even with all his power he had still suffered injury at the hand of that blast.

He smiled, glad his friends were safe and the assassins seemed to have left. The relief washed over him as he collapsed into unconsciousness.