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Chapter 1

A baby. With Wendell. This wasn't the plan. I didn't even know how long this relationship would last. I didn't know if we's fall madly in love, or break up next week. Wendell wasn't ready to be a father, he was still an intern, with little pay. He could hardly support himself.

When Cam asked if the test was mine, I panicked and lied. Hodgins was right there. He said that he wouldn't mind if I was pregnant, but I know that isn't the truth. He thinks that he can hide the pain, but he can't. I know him to well enough to be able to tell when he's lying. And this is the biggest lie he has ever said. He's in pain already, I didn't want to cause him anymore. But Cam had a right to know, because Michelle shouldn't get into trouble about something she didn't do.

I should have known that Hodgins would try to sweep in to be the hero. Even with his heart breaking, he wanted to help. He was always doing that when we together. Trying to save the day. And once he started talking about what we could do, how he was the right guy, unbidden images started to pop into my head. Images of him and me and a little toddler running around. It was like the images I had when we were together. Of the family we had once hoped to have. I could barely get words out. I realized that I never imagined a future with Wendell the way I had envisioned one with Hodgins.

When I found out I wasn't pregnant, I was relieved and a little disappointed . Hodgins would take back his offer, but I hadn't made a terrible choice, so that was a relief.

Maybe I made a terrible choice breaking up with Hodgins.

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