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Ch 2

I stared at Angela, trying to remember how to speak. Trying to get out the words I knew she wanted to hear. "That's great." I say. I can't believe I said that it was great. It was like a personal hell.

OK, yeah, I obviously knew they were having sex, but I couldn't see them having a baby. Wendell's barely past adolescence himself. I tried to keep it all inside. Ange didn't need to see me all angry over something that I had no business in anyway. I tried to act like the friend who was happy for my friends, and I knew I was on the brink of showing how I truly felt. Ange didn't need to see that. And besides, my gig was to act like the supportive friend. It was just a bonus that the friendship card might help me win Ange back. I waited for the perfect moment to arrive.

I put little seeds of doubt in her mind. And I said how I'd be there. That we could have the life we would have had, if we had gotten married. I could see it on her face. She was starting to think that maybe I was right, and then she had to leave the room. I knew there was a fifty-fifty chance. I just hoped that the fifty percent I wanted would be the one that won out.

It didn't, but on the good end, she wasn't pregnant. That means she has no permanent ties to Wendell. And that means there's still hope. I can't believe I said that, but I guess there still is a little.

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