Bo sat on the blocks, her dainty little shoes on the floor. Woody was by her feet, her left foot grasped in his hand. She grimaced as he rubbed the underside. "Ow!"

"Sorry." He apologized.

Bo winced again as the Cowboy pressed his thumb on the instep. "Ow…"

"Maybe I should stop…"

"No, just don't press so hard." As he loosened his grip, she smiled. "That's better. Under the toes is where it hurts the most."

Buzz had been watching them from across the room curiously and now he approached to get some answers. "What are you doing to her feet?"

"I'm giving her a massage." Woody said, his concentration on her foot.


"Because they hurt and this makes them feel better." Bo answered.

"But why do you have Woody do it?" Buzz pressed. "Can't you rub your own feet?"

"I do it because I love her," said Woody, taking her right appendage now. "When my neck hurts she massages it. That's what couples do."

Buzz scratched his head. "I don't get it."

Bo looked at him. "Don't you like doing things for Jessie?"

Buzz brightened. "Sure, all the time."

"Well, we do things for each other too. Relationships are give and take." She explained, then shrieked. "Woody!" Woody was grinning as he tickled her arch. "Quit it!" She laughed as she kicked her foot.

Buzz was pondering. "I think I understand…" He frowned. "Gee, maybe I should do more."

"Buzz, I'm sure you're fine," said Bo. Woody handed her shoes to her and she slipped them on as she spoke. "I've seen you two together. You're a good boyfriend and you make Jessie happy."

"What about me?" Woody asked with a smile. "Am I a good boyfriend?"

"The best there is," said Bo. She pushed back his hat and kissed the top of his head.

Buzz looked over to where Jessie was. She was standing with Bullseye, talking to him with an animated smile on her face.

He did like doing things for Jessie. She's so special, Buzz thought as he watched. So smart and beautiful and feisty…I just wish I could give her everything. But what? What do I have that's good enough?

Jessie started to head toward the bookshelf. As the Ranger took note of her direction, he felt sudden alarm. There was a wet spot on the floor where Andy had dropped part of his snow cone earlier and she was heading straight for it.

"Wait!" He cried, sprinting toward her. "Stop!"

Jessie paused just as she reached the tiny puddle. "Buzz?"

He halted. "Thank goodness! You almost stepped in that wet spot!"

Jessie looked down at it. "So?"

"You could've slipped and hurt yourself!"

"Oh." Jessie shrugged. "Well, thanks for the warnin', I guess. I'll just go around it..." Buzz quickly scooped her up in his strong arms. "What in the…"

"Here, I'll carry you across!"

"I don't think…" Buzz held her closer and she stopped in middle sentence. His big blue eyes were just inches away from hers, as was the rest of his handsome face. "Uh, o-ok…" Jessie stammered, her heart pounding in her chest as her stomach did what felt like a mile high jump.

Buzz took a large step over the puddle. "There! You're safe!"

"Well thanks Partner, but I don't really I was in any kind of danger."

"Well, couples do things for each other." She smiled bashfully. "Now," Buzz said, still cradling her. "You were headed to the bookshelf right?"

"Uh huh." As he carried her, Jessie found herself snuggling closer to his chest. She had always been a strong woman, but being held by Buzz gave her a new sensation of fragileness. As if he was her own personal Hercules, ready to fight the world to keep her safe, even if it was only just from a little puddle.

"Here we are!" Buzz stopped. Jessie expected him to let her down, but he held on. She wasn't disappointed. "Which book did you want?"

She looked up. "The Spiderman graphic novel. I haven't read it yet."

"One graphic novel coming up." Buzz pulled the paperback from the shelf above their heads. "For you, my Dear."

As Jessie took the book with a smile, Buzz thought, Yes, this is right. If it takes me to Infinity and Beyond, I'll make sure she never has to go without.