It was about an hour later and Andy's toys had started a game of California Golf. As Woody took a four of spades, he paused and sniffed. "Do you guys smell that?"

Rex breathed deep. "It smells like…like chocolate!"

Potato Head scoffed. "It's probably Buzz making Her Majesty a soufflé. Come on Slink, your turn."

As Slinky took a card, the bedroom door opened and Buzz entered, carrying a plate. Jessie was behind him. She smiled and gave the Ranger a push toward the group. "Go on!"

Buzz sighed. "Guys…I'm…I'm sorry." He held out the plate. "I made you all some brownies. We were out of cookie mix but I thought you might like…"

"BROWNIES!" In a second, the toys swarmed Buzz, each grabbing a treat. Buzz looked down in dismay. There was only one Brownie left.

Picking it up, he turned and held it out to Jessie behind him. "Here, Jessie."

"Are you sure?"

"Yeah." Jessie picked up the chocolate square. With a smile, she broke it into two even pieces and gave one back to Buzz.

"Give and take." She smiled.

Buzz smiled back. "Give and take."