I was watching the Tsubasa movie this morning (and it's way too short for my liking) and drawing some of the characters (not at all very well, but the way) and just had this pop into my head. I'm gifted with ideas sometimes and I was planning on ignoring it, but it won't leave me be.

So here I am… writing completely unrelated one-shots in the middle of Forced Silence.


I'm a bad, bad child.

Oh, well.


The first time Sakura got drunk, it was in Oto Country.

Fai bought liquor from Caldina's bar, Clover, and a little taste led to another little sip and then before she knew it, she finished an entire bottle by herself. It wasn't completely her fault. Fai, like a good drinking partner, filled her glass the second sunlight could be seen between the rim and liquor line. Sakura, like the innocent child she was, thought she had to keep drinking so long as her glass was full.

The snowball effect was passionately unstoppable.

Syaoran, after emptying his glass in one long swallow, then escaped out the front door and made himself comfortable on the stoop. Kurogane went and sat with him to escape the shower of flowers coming off of Fai. Sakura wasn't sure what Kurogane and Syaoran were talking about outside, but Syaoran came charging in, fired up and excited. He picked up a soup ladle and wielded it like a deadly blade.

"YOU ARE COMPLETELY DRUNK!" Kurogane, as always, the daddy of the group, hollered at the lot of them. "AND YOU GUYS, DON'T YOU DARE DRINK ANOTHER DROP!"

Syaoran swung the ladle very purposefully, asking Kurogane questions and trying out different forms. The ladle gleamed dully.

"Let's make ears with our handkerchiefs," Fai said. "Meow, meow."

Sakura couldn't help but join in. Her glass was forgotten in her lap, spilling on the waitress's kimono she was wearing. "Meow-meow-meow," she said in her beautiful sing-song voice.

Mokona Modoki was at her elbow, purring and rubbing against her ribs. The little white manjuu cake pulled off being a cat far better than the two drunken humans.


Syaoran may have been a lightweight when it came to drinking, but he was a twig with a high metabolism and the effects of the liquor were soon fading from his system. He trailed uselessly after Kurogane while the ninja hauled Fai off the couch and deposited him into his bed with a huff.

Sakura was especially slippery. She constantly ran away and, much to Kurogane and Syaoran's distress, the more she ran, the less clothing she wore. She was peeling up the stairs, laughing and giggling, and unwinding her long obi as she went so that it ran down the stairs like an escaping waterfall. By the time she had escaped them to hurtle down the other staircase, exploding into the café in a fit of giggling, she was dressed in only the pale petal-pink slip tied loosely around her waist.

"Princess!" Syaoran shouted. "Sakura-hime!"

Finally, Kurogane elected to just sit on the sofa and let the kid chase the kitty.

Syaoran was nothing if not determined, especially when it came to Sakura.

It took another half an hour for Sakura, in only her petal-pink slip now roped securely by Syaoran's quick and careful hands, to become sufficiently exhausted enough to allow herself to be caught. She collapsed in a heap at Kurogane's feet, smiling and laughing. Syaoran slumped down only a few feet behind her.

They were both panting, thin chests heaving. A single bead of sweat rolled down Syaoran's temple and hung under his chin.

"Alright, get to bed, both of you," Kurogane said sternly.

Sakura collapsed on her side, clutching her ribs, still giggling between meows.

It occurred to Kurogane then how bad it could have been if Fai wasn't hurt. Then, he would have had to chase the magician all over like the kid had had to chase the princess.

Hey, everything was hitsuzen.

Syaoran's head was beginning to throb, beating blood at the back of his eyes. He lifted Sakura gently, cradling her warm body against his chest. Her long pale leg slid out of her parted slip, shining with sweat in the moonlight streaming through the window. The swell of her pale cleavage also peaked out through the low neck of her slip, taunting Syaoran.

He balanced her carefully and opened the door to her bedroom. Her bed was rumpled and unmade, showing the efforts he and Kurogane had made to get her into it. She always wrestled out of the blankets and went vaulting through the café again and again.

Syaoran pulled back the sheets and laid her down in her bed.

Her arms were still wrapped securely around his neck, holding tightly. She pulled him against her so suddenly that he had to brace himself on his elbows on either side of her ribs to keep from falling on top of her slender body.

"Syaoran-kun?" she whispered.

"Sakura-hime, you're going to have to let go," he said gently and tried to pull her arms down from around his neck.

She only tightened her grip, tangling a few fingers through his hair. "No, you're going to leave," she whispered.

"Sakura-hime, I'm never going to leave you. I'll always be here for you," Syaoran told her gently.

She buried her face in the side of his neck. "Why?"

"Because…" Syaoran hesitated. The liquor was pulsing through his bloodstream, making his head swim. He couldn't remember what he had told her the first time she asked him that. "Because you are a very important person to me," he said finally.

Sakura's grip loosened. Her lips pressed against his throat, suddenly not so innocently. "I… don't remember," she whispered. "Do you…?"

He nodded and his amber eyes burned. He had to close them to keep the tears at bay. "Yes," he whispered. "They're my most precious and wonderful memories."

"What about the memories we're making now…?"

"Hime, you're drunk. You won't remember any of this in the morning."

"Will you?"

He shook his head. "I don't know… maybe…? Maybe not." He actually found himself hoping he didn't.


Syaoran blinked wearily and lowered his forehead to rest on her shoulder. She smelled of liquor, chocolate and cream from the café, and cherry blossoms. Beneath that, the desert sun shone from inside her. Her skin was warm, golden-honey-colored, and so satin-soft.

"Why what, hime?"

"Why don't I remember anything about you…?"

Her grip on him was slackening. She was falling asleep. Syaoran's body was getting heavy, too. More and more of his chest was beginning to press against hers. She shifted to accommodate him, but he knelt next to the bed. Her fingers gripped his hair, working through the locks gently.

His head swam with the effects of the liquor. The truth and his sorrow poured out in place of the lies he had spent so many sleepless nights thinking of.

"Because I paid a price and it can never be returned…" he whispered.

Yuuko's power pressed in on him. He felt it weighing on Sakura's chest, ready to strike the information from her memory. Then, suddenly, it just fell back.

He repeated it, crushing his own hopes. "A fair price can never be returned…"

Sakura sighed blissfully. Her breath was warm and moist on his throat.

He was able to pull away and gaze at her. Her skin glowed in the moonlight.


"Yes, hime."

"How do I know you…?" she whispered, pleaded. Her jade-green eyes fluttered open, beautiful and glazed.

A single cold tear ran down his cheek. "Maybe from your dreams," he whispered.

A smiled curved her lips. "I could have dreamed you," she murmured and cupped his face in her hands. "How else could you have been so perfect, so beautiful?"

Syaoran's smile was exhausted and sad.

Sakura tugged him closer, sat up, and wrapped her arms around his shoulders. "I don't remember," she whispered. "Is this a dream?"



Sakura pulled away from him, taking her warmth from him. It was all Syaoran could do not to reach for her again. He could barely fight the tears. Sakura cupped his face, tilted it so she could gaze down on him. His skin was clear and honey-colored, like her own, and his amber eyes glowed in the dark.

She hesitated only a moment before she kissed his cheek. His eyes had closed in bliss when she pulled back to look at him again. His fingers gripped warm and gently on her thighs, not touching her skin directly. His heat passed through her shift.

She kissed his closed eyes, his nose, his brow, his cheeks. She feathered her lips all along his jaw, gentle, careful, cautious. She kissed his throat, his slow even pulse.

When she let go of him, he collapsed against the mattress. He was dead asleep, lost in his own dreams. His breath was deep and even, slow and quiet.

Sakura laid down, curling around his head to it fit neatly beneath her ribs. She stroked his hair, so soft and warm, like fine chocolate beneath her fingers.

Moonlight streamed across them in rays.

Sakura fell asleep in moments, listening to Syaoran's deep breathing and lost in the fuzz of alcohol.

Kurogane found the kid in Sakura's room, slumped at her bedside. Her hand was resting on his head, twisted in his hair. Sighing heavily and sadly, he separated the pair and gently lifted Syaoran from the floor.

Whatever had happened, the alcohol would mask it as nothing. Maybe not even remembered at all.

So, Kurogane took it upon himself to clean up.

If Syaoran woke at his princess's side and she couldn't remember what had happed the night before, he would only fall back into the slump of depression that had held him before the drinking began. If either of them did remember little snippets, they would think it was a dream.

Dreams were sometimes less painful than the truth.

Syaoran's only remember putting the princess into her bed. After that, everything was a blank. Not a dream, not a nightmare, not anything, nothing…

And that was exactly what Sakura thought it had been when she roused to find customers waiting in the café the next morning. Fai was still asleep and Syaoran and Kurogane were already gone. She assumed the taste of Syaoran's skin on her lips was nothing to remember, just a fantasy of her drunk and exhausted mind, but it wasn't…


I plan on making this a three-shot. One chapter for every time the gang was drunk, so just chill.

Yes, I am going to get back to work on Forced Silence, fear not.

I forget nothing!

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