Unannounced Romance

Author: Skitter160

Pairings: Draco/Ron (Ron/Draco?), Harry/?, Hermione/Ginny

Disclaimer: I don't own Harry Potter it is propriety of J.K. Rowling and the other companies that hold the rights, I'm not making any money off of this, this plot is mine though. I don't think I want the pressure that comes with owning Harry Potter either.

Author's Note: I will not be following almost any of the actual plot of the books or movies, after all I have never finished the books, nor do I plan to any time soon. I have also stopped watching the movies after the third movie, maybe fifth(?). Also I'm American, so the British terms may be wrong, but I'm much too lazy to look them up. You have been warned. So if you don't like the idea of the series plot being ignored please leave now. Btw in case you didn't see the pairings THIS IS SLASH! If you don't like that either, please turn back now.

It had now been almost two full summers that Ronald Weasley had received an anonymous gift by owl or delivery every Friday at noon. He had long ago shown Harry and Hermione the gifts and they had dubiously checked the gifts for hexes, charms, and other nefarious surprises that could appear later. But it was found clean as was the little scrap of parchment that was inside the box with the first gift which had been a Chocolate frog. The scrap had one little line that was written in scrawling writing, it read: For my love, Ronald Weasley.

Today Harry arrived in time to see the owl land on the Weasley table a small package attached to it. Ron was already at the table, he was eating lunch at the time. Hearing a small hoot he looked up to see the owl and smiled as it came over to him before looking at the door where he knew Harry was standing. "I think this is getting to be a routine." Ron smiled and absentmindedly ran his hand over the owl's feathers making it hoot softly and push against his hand.

"So what is it this time?" Harry asked taking a seat next to his best friend smiling at Mrs. Weasley who was also curiously looking at the package her son was taking from the owl which flew off as soon as it was free of its burden. "Do you even have any idea who it is? I mean it has been about two summers now."

"No I don't. I wish I did." Ron sighed as he slowly checked the package for hexes, charms, and so on before slowly opening the box to find a shrunken chess set, the pieces were in their places on the board as well. He smiled even when it was shrunk he could still tell it was a well made set. Resizing it he gasped as he saw the colors of the pieces, they weren't exactly black and white instead they were maroon and gold his house colors he could have sworn they were black and white in the box.

"Have you noticed the gifts are getting more expensive?" Harry noted as Mrs. Weasley placed a plate of food before him which he graciously thanked her for and began eating.

"Yeah. Last week it was a.." Ron started but Hermione entered the room a gasp escaping her lips when she saw the chess board, she had been there for a few days already but was just leaving her room after finishing the final stretch of her essay for some class she had decided to take, or at least that's what she told everyone who asked.

"Is that from him?" She asked a small yawn coming from behind her hand as she joined them on Harry's left.

"Did Ginny keep you up again?" Ron asked seeing the bags under her eyes, he was certain at least, that the essay had not taken all night.

"No actually I think I kept her up this time making her do her summer homework, she whines about as much as you do Ron." Hermione grinned thinking of her girlfriend who was still in bed. They had been dating since Ron and Hermione broke up, once both Ron and Hermione figured out they were batting for their own teams or at least that's what they told everyone it was about. In fact their dating was to test their theories about their sexuality. Not everyone had been accepting at first but they got over it eventually. "But you changed the subject Ron." She pointed out, they had grown a lot closer because of this.

"Yes it's from him or her, we aren't even sure it's a bloke." Ron reminded her as he tapped the chess board with his finger thinking of how much he wanted it to be a bloke, and a certain bloke at that, but he would never tell his friends this because well it really was pretty far fetched for it to be him anyway so why waste the breath.

"It's most likely a guy." Harry smiled at Hermione and nodded his head at the board. "Everyone knows that you only date blokes."

Mrs. Weasley was listening as she dished up Hermione's lunch and talking to her husband in the fire, and decided she had heard enough. "If you don't mind I'd rather you three didn't discuss this while I'm trying to talk to Arthur." She pointed to fire she was near and they nodded compliance and finished eating in silence. It wasn't that she minded them talking about it, but she had missed her husband who had to stay at the office last night.

Quickly finishing their lunches the trio took the chess set and headed to the next room to discuss it. "So want to have a match?" Ron turned to Harry who shook his head and pointed to Hermione who looked like she wanted to take a closer look at it. "I already checked it Hermione." Ron smiled at her. "Unless you want to try your luck at a match?" He was sitting in the chair next to the couch where she sat and Harry was standing, he was a little restless these days.

Snorting softly she shook her head. "That's not what I was thinking."

"Then what were you thinking?" Harry asked.

"I was just thinking that it's odd that none of us have any idea who fancies Ron this much. You would think they would have approached him by now." She said thoughtfully but as she opened her mouth to say something else her train of thought was derailed as Ginny came into the room wiping sleep from her eyes and looking over at her girlfriend her eyes imploring her to join her back in bed. Smiling Hermione motioned her over. "Have another nightmare?" She asked as Ginny sat down beside her on the couch and wrapped her arms around the older girl nodding her head into her side.

"Ginny are you ok?" Ron asked touching her hair in concern, she'd had a lot of nightmares lately.

"I'm fine Ron. It's just I keep having nightmares about the homework I haven't finished yet." Ginny smiled into her girlfriend's side. "I think it's your fault." She said.

"Probably." Hermione nodded wrapping her arm around her. "But you're the one who kept putting it off until now."

"I blame you." Ginny pouted lifting her head to playfully glare.

"I didn't do anything." Hermione smirked as she leaned down kissing her chastely. "You should go back to bed Gin you've got bags under your eyes."

"So do you." She whispered kissing her once more. "So you should join me."

"Do you think you two could like not do that while I'm in the room?" Ron almost yelled. It wasn't like he didn't see this a lot, but it was still disturbing sometimes.

"Sorry Ronnie." Ginny smiled as she pulled Hermione up and started pulling her towards the stairs. "She'll come join you later."

Harry sighed. "Am I the only one with no love life?" He asked as he took Hermione's seat.

"I don't have a love life either you know." Ron frowned at the strange look Harry was giving him.

'I could change that.' Harry thought but he knew he would never say it, he already knew who Ron was in love with even if his red headed friend had never said it aloud. "Yeah but you have an admirer."

"You know you have way more of those than I do." He stated. And Harry smiled softly which in his own way was saying we're not talking about this anymore. "But let's not talk about that now." He quickly changed the subject at seeing that smile, he knew it all too well. "How about we try out this set!" Ron enthused.

"This time I'll win." Harry smirked as they put the board between them. "But um which one's black and which one's white?" He asked as he looked over the maroon pieces.

"Well maroon is darker than gold so it must be black." He reasoned and his raven haired friend nodded and allowed him to make his move.

It was a few hours later that Hermione and Ginny joined them again and the four sat talking about the up coming year at Hogwarts, after all it was the trio's last year. But they weren't able to discuss it long before heading to Diagon Alley to get their school supplies.

"You're so lucky Harry." Ron was saying as his best friend was getting his robes fitted he didn't really notice the girl subtly taking his measurements and Harry was too busy getting his own to notice either, but she was done just as he started to wonder why she was around him.

"You know I could always get you new robes." Harry stated, but he already knew he shouldn't have from the way Ron's face was starting to turn red with either anger or embarrassment. "I was just saying Ron." He said turning to look at him that's when he saw Malfoy across Madam Malkin's, he was examining the newest style of robes. He was a little surprised he hadn't come to torture them yet. But if Harry was not mistaken he was subtly watching the second youngest Weasley from the corner of his eye.

"It's okay Harry I know you mean well, but we've been over this…" He trailed off noticing where his best friend was looking across the store and following his eyes. 'Malfoy…' His heart skipped a beat. It wasn't always like that, it once would clench in anger at the mere sight of the pale blonde. But anymore he couldn't help it, not after he saw the way that the blonde looked at him these days. Ever since fifth year every time Malfoy looked at him as he insulted his family or his intellect his grey eyes would flash a little bit of pain, as if his own insult on the boy was hurting him more than insult hurt Ron.

Malfoy was indeed watching the second youngest Weasley out of the corner of his eye, he had seen Potter spot him but he refused to budge. He was sure he was wondering why he had not approached them. But he had no intention of approaching them, or at least that was the plan until he caught the second youngest Weasley's eyes on him causing a slight heat to rise to his cheeks. Slowly he went to leave but somehow found himself behind another rack of clothes his eyes still watching the youngest Weasley until he and Potter left the shop. It wasn't until then that he got what he came for and headed to Flourish and Blotts.

"That was odd." Harry said looking over his shoulder at Madam Malkin's. "He didn't even say anything, I know he saw us too."

"Yeah it was." Ron agreed still thinking about the way Malfoy was looking at him. It wasn't that he liked Malfoy, he just couldn't stop thinking about the expression he seemed to have developed just for Ron. He wasn't allowed to think too much more about it as Ginny came bustling over pulling poor Hermione by her arm giggling happily as her girlfriend tried to keep up. "Hey Gin, Mione." Ron greeted them as they walked to Flourish and Blotts.

"Hey Ron, Harry." Ginny called back before running into Magical Menagerie to get the pet that Hermione had promised her over the summer.

"Good luck Mione." Harry called after her. "Why did she promise Ginny a pet anyway?"

"Because Gin wanted one, and Mione couldn't stand to see her sad." Ron laughed. "I think Gin bribed her to be honest."

"That would make more sense wouldn't it?" Harry nodded as they went to find their books. "But I wonder what she was bribed with?" He asked after a while, the thought had been tearing at his curiosity.

"I'm pretty sure we don't want to know." Ron shuddered at the thought of it being something sexual, it wasn't like he didn't have to hear them enough already when they broke their silencing charm. Of course Harry being the mostly sound sleeper he was, and not there for the few days Hermione was able to have alone time with Gin, he didn't hear half of what Ron had.

Harry just laughed and told him it couldn't be that bad as they got in line. "It can't be as bad as you think you know."

"No you're right it's probably worse." Ron sighed as he paid for the well used books he needed for his classes that his brothers had not already taken.

"Seriously Ron just because you heard them once or twice does not.." Harry started but was cut off by Ron raising his hand.

"No not once or twice, try once or twice a week when Mione visits." Ron said indigently.

"You wouldn't happen to be discussing us would you?" Hermione smiled evilly as she rested her hand on Ron's shoulder her other hand holding her books to her chest, he could tell she hadn't gotten all of them yet. "Because if you are I would advise you to stop." She had heard most of their conversation and was not pleased that the boys were talking about her sex life.

"Where's Gin?" Harry quickly changed the subject making Hermione smile at the mention of her girlfriend.

"Oh she's finding her books. I'm not done yet either." She answered quietly looking over to Ginny talking to a pretty girl Hermione knew was in her year, she also knew Ginny didn't like the girl in the least but was paired up with her in class quite often. She was a Ravenclaw if she remembered correctly, which of course she did.

Spotting her girlfriend watching her Ginny smiled and blushed a little telling the Ravenclaw that she was wanted and quickly joined Hermione, Ron, and Harry who were now by a bookshelf near the front, smiling as she took her girlfriend's hand. "Miss me?" She looked up at her innocently.

"You know it." Hermione leaned down kissing her cheek, they had really only been apart for about ten minutes, having left Magical Menagerie after selecting the pet and assuring they would be back for it after picking up their books.

"Why don't you two get a room. Not everyone wants to see your lesbian affair." The Ravenclaw came up to them her eyes never leaving Ginny. "It's a disgrace to think you would…" She started but was cut off by another voice.

"Back off." Said an icy voice none of them were expecting. Draco Malfoy stepped up to the Ravenclaw from behind daring her to step against him. She instead lowered her head and walked away. And just as Malfoy was about to do just that he felt a hand catch his wrist and turned to glare at the culprit.

"Thank you." Ginny said smiling and Malfoy pulled his hand away but still listening to her instead of storming off. "You didn't have to you know."

"I know." Malfoy said his eyes straying to Ron a little, his voice was softer by a shade but still icy. "But it wasn't for you." Malfoy looked right at Ron before turning to leave, who totally blushed and he walked away as quickly as he had appeared. He knew that Granger at least would figure out what he was talking about. But it really had been for himself, he after all was quite gay.

"What was that about?" Ron asked inhaling a shaky breath not noticing the evil glare Harry was sending after the other boy.

"I think Malfoy just came out of the closet." Hermione said softly then glanced at Ron who was quite red in the face. She didn't really think Ron would get it but she told him anyway.

"What's that mean?" Ron demanded.

"Never mind Ron." Harry shook his head and pushed him towards the door. "How does ice cream sound? I'm treating."

Hermione looked after them and sighed she always knew Harry was in love with their red headed friend since second year, but she also knew Ron was not in love with Harry and that the raven haired Boy-who-lived also knew this and would never tell him. She had tried to get him to, she even suspected the gifts were from him at one point but Harry had denied it and said he wished he could tell Ron, but if he did he was certain Ron would hate him so he told her he never would.

"It sounds bloody brilliant!" Ron exclaimed Malfoy almost forgotten at the mention of food, but he still couldn't get that look out of his mind as he devoured a few ice cream cones.

"So Ron…" Harry started and waited until his best mate looked him in the eye. He was going to tell him, but quickly changed his mind. "How many of those do you think you can eat?"

"I think I've had three so far." Ron eyed his best friend warily. "How many can you eat? I think you've had one so far."

Harry laughed smiling brightly. "You're wrong I've had two. But I think that's all I can handle."

"Yeah I'm almost full myself." Ron said blushing at the way his best friend was eyeing him. "Is something on your mind Harry?"

"Not really just thinking about the whole last year thing." He sighed. "I wonder if we'll see as much of each other once school is over."

"You know we will." Ron smiled sadly, he wasn't sure actually. They were both taking the Auror training but that didn't mean Ron would succeed. "Well you know if I don't become an Auror I'll be a medi-wizard. And that means you'll see plenty of me with the injuries I'm sure you'll be getting." Ron laughed at the face Harry made. "It will work out I'm sure." He patted his best friend's hand as he finished his last ice cream.

"You're right." Harry smiled half heartedly and they headed to find Hermione and Ginny to head back to 'The Burrow'. The air was a little tense still between the two boys with unsaid worries, but it quickly left them as they played another round of wizard's chess.


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