First attempt at Prowl/Jazz


Prowl is professional, smart, hardworking, and Prime's Second in Command for the Autobots. He is understanding, firm, and fair. A mixture of harsh, and a mixture of soft.

Prowl overworks himself, unable to leave a job unless it is completed and he refuses to recharge without his work finished, fretting that it will not be the way he left it in the morning. It takes Jazz a long time to persuade Prowl in these moments that recharge is the best thing for him.

Prowl, to the other Autobots, is a person who does not seem loving; and to them it is a questioning theory as to why the energetic, kind hearted and loud Autobot - Jazz - is bonded to such a collected, calm and quiet mech. None of them understand, because they do not know Prowl as well as Jazz.

Prowl is calm, but sometimes he breaks down too. He collects himself in front of his subordinates, and refuses to be anything but professional, Jazz has seen this side of Prowl, has held this different side of Prowl; and takes comfort in the fact Prowl will only open to him. Jazz has also seen the side that gives him nothing but love, warmth and laughter. Prowl can be a humorous mech when he wants to be, and by Primus he can be loud when he wants to be.

Prowl currently sits in his office, Jazz on his lap and his arm around the music lover's waist as he rests his helm against the other in silence, pressing occasional kisses to the wires that are Jazz's neck and Jazz whimpers softly against him. Prowl laughs and holds his lover closer to him, face plates buried in his neck.

Prowl can be professional, but most of all, he can be loving; and Jazz loves him either way.