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The song is "Summer Sunshine" by The Corrs

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To sweet beginnings and bitter endings
In coffee-city we borrowed heaven
Don't give it back, winter is coming
And I need to stay warm

"Bones, he's four months old. He'll be fine in the day care at the Hoover" Booth argued. Brennan had been complaining about getting back to the lab, but hadn't actually decided to go back to work yet. Booth had had enough of working with Fisher and Nigel-Murray, the two interns that Brennan had requested be kept on at the Jeffersonian after they had gained their doctorates. He wanted "his Bones" back, and she was stubbornly refusing
"Booth he is still relatively small for his age" Brennan countered "and with his problems with chest and ear infections I would be happier he was nearby"
"Well then the day-care at the Jeffersonian. I spoke to Cam, they have kids there from all over the museum, Amelie is there" Booth persisted "Bones, before he was born you were sure you were only going to take a few weeks, and would be back right after Christmas"
"I have found that, since he has arrived, I have enjoyed his company. He is fascinating, I learn something from him every time he does something new" Brennan smiled, rocking the pushchair which Kaden was sleeping in.
"Let's go and look at the day-cares, make our minds up tonight" Booth asked, hoping for the argument to be over before it descended to them shouting at each other, or where they ripped the clothes off each other. It was a confusing life, but for them it was a regular occurance. He smiled when she finally gave in, unbuckling Kaden and passing him to Booth. Booth stood up and watched as Brennan folded the pushchair up and they all walked out to the car.

Pulling up at the Jeffersonian Brennan thought about coming back to work. She was anxious to return to work, but she was equally as anxious about leaving Kaden with strangers. She realised that her job had her thinking about worst-cases when she should just be enjoying having her son and her partner.
"Come on Bones. I'll carry the little man" Booth said, picking out Kaden's seat "well hello little dude, you're all awake now" he said, smiling in at Kaden, who squealed in response. Booth carried them in, and both nodded their hello to people as they walked through to the day-care centre
"Dr Brennan, Agent Booth, oh hello little guy" the assistant as they walked through the door, "Are you looking to place him in the day-care here Dr Brennan" she asked smiling,
"We are looking in to the possibility" Brennan nodded while Booth smiled at Kaden
"Well I can confirm that we have a place reserved for him, Dr Saroyan reserved it a few weeks ago. We also have an agreement with the day care over at the Hoover building for if your work ran over that they would have a night space available for him."
"See Bones, and everyone here looks happy enough"
"I must conceed to your logic Booth. I'm certain Kaden will receive adequate care and attention here while we are working" Brennan said, "When can we start bringing him?"
"As soon as you've signed the paperwork and it's processed, probably from tomorrow. I'm Katie Harris, the co-ordinator here"

"Bren!" Angela called, running out of her office and wrapping her best friend in a hug. Booth swiped them onto the platform and settled Kaden's car seat onto the empty examination table. He pulled Kaden out and held him against his chest. Booth smiled, showing his family off. Brennan disappeared off to talk to Cam about returning to work the next day. Booth chatted with Hodgins and Angela for a while before following Brennan back out the doors.
"Cam agreed that coming back to work tomorrow might be the best option"
"I'm glad that you've decided to go back."

Three days later, Brennan was finally settled back into work when Booth stopped by the lab. He had a piece of paper in one hand, and a Starbucks coffee in the other hand. He smiled at her as he passed her the coffee
"Come on Bones, we've got a case"

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