Title: The Mummy Case

Rating: K

Summary: The third in the Isis Mysteries. Isis and Teddy are not heading to Egypt but to the island of Pompeii due to a find of epic proportions. However once they arrive their stuck watching Lily, who has developed a habit of eating grass, and Ramses, Harry new baby brother. To top it all off Lily and Ramses fall down a hole and at the bottom of the hole is a dead body next to a Mummy's case. His name is Charlie Worm, a Muggle Archeologist that was digging in the area as well. Who would want to kill a muggle archeologist? Well Isis and Teddy better find out soon before their added to the list.

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Chapter 1: Heading to Rome

To say that Isis was glad that her first year was over was an understatement. True, she loved to learn but she needed a break from everything. What made it great was the fact that Teddy had been allowed to come and Isis wasn't sure if both parents had agreed or if one had override the other.

"So where are we going?" Teddy asked.

"Pompeii," Isis answered, "My mum is doing a dig there."

He looked at her. "I thought that she did just Egypt."

"No, she does other places," Isis said.

"Well I hope that our summer will be a lot better then our winter," Teddy told her, "Not that I didn't like the excitement."

Isis agreed with him. Their winter was filled with danger, murder, and someone wanting a diamond that belonged to the Goddess Isis. The man that had done it was locked away for a long time but that didn't stop Isis from worrying that he might come back and get them.

Another reason why Isis was very interested in going to Pompeii, besides the temple of Isis that was among the ruins, was to tell her mum that she had scored even higher then her mother had during her first year. She wasn't sure how her mum would take it but she was hoping that she would take it well. She had gotten some letters from home during her second half of her first year and before the term had ended she had gotten news that Lily Snape, her grandmother, and finally given birth to a baby boy. She had named him Ramses, after the most important Pharaoh of Egypt, and that everything was going great.

Isis was sure that her step grandfather was even more excited about the baby then the mother was but that was only her view. Professor McGonagall planned on sending their things by floo and so that left them without luggage to worry about. Her other grandmother was waiting on them when they got through the barrier into the muggle world.

"Are you both excited?" her grandmother asked.

"We sure are," Teddy said.

"Then we have an hour to catch the plane for Rome," she said, "Your mum is looking forward in seeing you."

"I'm looking forward to see her as well," Isis said and with a grin the three of them left.

Flying wasn't Isis favorite means of getting from one point to the next but it beat the weeks that it would take by ship. Teddy was an even worse fan of flying as he didn't trust anything that muggles made. Isis was sooo glad that Teddy didn't verbalize his views. When the plane finally landed both Isis and Teddy breathed a sigh of relief.

"Is it my imagination or does your step grandfather always pick you up," Teddy asked as they got their bags.

"What do you mean?" Isis asked him and Teddy pointed to a sign that read 'Potter and Lupin party,' and under it was her step grandfather and her grandmother. "See I told you."

Isis had to laugh.

Pompeii was beautiful as the ship that they were taking arrived. Of course the beauty made it easy to forget that volcano had destroyed it in 79 A.D. People got off and the three of them headed down the street. Unlike a lot of other places Pompeii was a working site as well as a place that tourists could go to see a bit of the past. Certain areas you couldn't go into because bodies still littered places.

Isis quickly found her mother working on pouring a solution over something. When it hardened a figure of a person would appear. Isis waited until she was finished before speaking.

"Hello, mum," Isis said and her mother looked up.

"Isis, oh your back," her mother said and then ran over and hugged her.

"It's good to be back," Isis said, "So what's going on?"

"Well we found a couple more dead bodies to fill in," her mother said, "And then we're going to work over at the temple of Isis."

At once Isis was interested and her mother laughed.

"I had a feeling that you would be interested," she said, "Let me finish up here and then we'll go."

"Great," Isis said and then she and Teddy went off to explore.

"I think that you're being mean," Remus told Harry.

"What am I being mean for?" Harry asked him, "I just want Isis to watch Lily a few days a week."

"And the reason?" Remus asked.

"To teach her responsibilities," Harry said, "Because we all know what will happen if she's left alone with nothing to do."

Remus knew exactly what Harry was talking about. The last time that Isis had been left alone her, Teddy, and Severus had gone on a journey and Hermione had been kidnapped. It had taken Hermione a couple of months to get over what had happened and thankfully nothing else had happened that was remotely like what had happened and life had moved on.

"Well we want to watch Lily as well," Remus told Harry.

"Fine," Harry said and then left to get something to eat.

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