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Max POV:

I am all alone.

My flock left me all for different reasons but all the reasons hurt my heart the same. It happened when I was 17. I am now 20 years old. I think? This is how they left me for dead.


We were all sitting around the came fire with a new member of the flock. Her name was Violet like the color of her hair. We found here in New York when we first started running. The flock was acting different with her around but I thought it was becase they were not very social. Bt boy was a wrong with that one.

I had a huge surprise for them I got a house! I knew that they wanted to be normal so I thought I would get them a house and help them fill in the missing ediction by going to school. While I would go off and save the world with Fang by my side and I would then know that the flock is safe. But that is not what happened.

Fang then came up to me with a grim expression and said "Max we need to talk as a flock" I then said "Ok" The just all stood there awkwardly standing in front of me with Violet. Violet then gave them a look that said it was ok. To just talk.

My little baby was the first one to break my heart. "We want you to leave. I do not think you are a good leader any more and I want Violent to lead us" She then went over to Violet and took her hand with a sweet smile. Part of my heart broke so I could not speak with that much pain in my chest. Then my little trooper Gazzy broke some of my heart "I don't want you to be with us any more. You treat me like I am you kid. When you are not my mother." Gazzy said this in such a mean voice it ripped a piece of my heart out. Then Nudge my motor mouth said in the shortest sentence I have every heard her utter." I want a normal life. And you are just not normal." She said it so simple.

Then my blind pyro said "You have a voice in your head. You are crazy how do we know that is not the school talking to you and telling what to do. That is proble how the follow use anyway. So get lost." He said with such anger it made me stumble back on to my but I fell. No one came to help me up from my positon on the ground.

Then the love of my life, my rock, my best friend, my everything said in a tone he only used on white coats "I don't love you anymore. I love Violet more. She is everything that you are and more. Stronger, faster, smarter and unlike you she is not clumsy. You just fell on the ground when you were standing up." He then gave me a cold look that I would never forget. No mater how much I want to. And just like always could I read his eyes. They said the exact same thing except they hurt much more then any words could. Then to make sure I really got it he said "She is just better then you could every be."

My heart completely broke right then and there. Evan if the no longer wanted me or need me I would still be strong. So I got up and said "Fine I hope that all of your dreams come true." I said in a sarcastic way "Just don't forget who kept your sorry asses out of the school. But at least I now know never to trust anyone that has spent time in the school. Cause they are going to go back on the promises and that is not a promise it is a fact."

I then use my warp speed and got away from there as fast as I could. I then went in to a cave and cried my heart out. But then I heard wing beats and thought it was my flock coming back for me but it was just Total. He did not say anything just sat down next to and let me cry.

End Flash back

We were free for about a month. But then the school got to us. This is were we have been for the past 3 years. In the hell whole called the school.

It was nothing like before. I am there top prisoner now. Everything revolves around me. When ever I am taken out of my cell the need 50 guards. Every time I am taken out to do a test I kill at least 30 of the 50 before I am restrained. I am the only one at this school lad. I am the top priority. The like to video tape the experiments that they do. I think the do it so they can watch me suffer over and over again.

I don't know why I don't want to know. I just want t live. Well most of the time I wan to live. I have gotten much stronger and fast and just better here. The like to play mind games on me. See how long it will take before I go crazy. Luckily I have not gone crazy yet because of Total. He is so much wiser and caring then when he was with the little devil called Angel.

But they also like to do physical test on me. See how long me strength and speed will last me. But the never kill me. No matter how much I want it to just end they don't. I think they are letting me live to torcher me for being alive and destroying so many of there plans.

But it is ok that I live. That way I can get revenge on the ones that hurt me so much. My Ex no-good flock. When I get out of here they are going to feel something that no one should have to feel. They are going to feel the revenge of the amazing, the infamous, indestructible Maximum Ride.

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