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Waiting was never something that he could do very well. Waiting was something that people with too much time and with no real plans for future could do, is what he had always believed.

But then Keigo met Ryoma and the world changed in ways Keigo never thought it could. Waiting had to become a part of his life whether he liked it or not. Ryoma was always late, always sleeping, always easily distracted and always made Keigo go along with his crazy and momentary ideas.

"Keeiiiigooo… Come on, move it! I wanna go already." Ryoma's whiny voice reached Keigo's ear, annoyance seeping through it as he tried to pull Keigo out of his movie theater seat, "This is something freaking boring, I wanna go. Now."

Keigo sighed and pulled Ryoma closer to himself, wrapping his arm around the other's shoulders and fitting the smaller comfortably by his side. "Calm down, Ryoma. You've been here for three minutes only." He reminded, smiling a little, "I have to wait for you all the time, so now, you wait for me."

There was a small pout on Ryoma's lips and he glared weakly at his boyfriend, "I don't do that." He muttered under his breath, but the sound didn't reach Keigo, he could only see the lips moving.

"Yes, you do." The blue-eyed man said back, having read what the other had said from the movements of his lips. He then smiled and leaned a bit closer to the other's ear, "Just wait a little and we'll be able to make out. During movies like these, no one will notice."

The faint blush that covered Ryoma's face now could be seen in the dim light that came from the movie.

Sometimes waiting was so worth it, Keigo thought to himself.

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