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Kiba was a relatively peaceful person…at least he'd like to think so. Everyone else seemed to have the wrong idea about him. He just didn't like being attacked, or hit. He also just liked the thought of revenge and it seemed that revenge was mostly, a violent thing. However, with Sasuke, how can you punish such a person?

Sasuke was a lunatic.

He seemed to be in his own world most of the time. He lived the darkness. He liked punishment. So, Kiba did the simplest thing in the world. He reversed his method of revenge. Instead of a punishment for leaving Naruto in the halls, he past the word around that he had helped Naruto escape from the hole. He left out the part about him getting lost. When he felt very generous he would add that he had come to him, to alert that Naruto had gotten lost in the halls.

Technically, it wasn't a lie.

Kiba had just…misunderstood Sasuke's intentions. Curiously, he could not recall the last conversation he had with the dark man. Even though he had supposedly couldn't remember the conversation, he was with Naruto almost at all times; he had avoided all dark places when Naruto was around.

"Kiba, you can't run forever." Sasuke murmured softly, gently in a hypnotizing persuasive way. Sasuke watched from the darkness, murmuring as he watched the duo pass him silently. He was infuriated with what Kiba had done, he was about to ruin everything he had planned in advance. "Kiba." He growled loudly, loud enough for Kiba to hear.

Said boy froze.

"I want to meet with you once your pet is gone." Sasuke informed forcefully. "Leave it somewhere in about ten minutes."

It wasn't up for discussion, Kiba had to do it. Sasuke was that insane. If he didn't get it done in that time limit or earlier, Sasuke would make some…misfortune happen. Sasuke has made people disappear because they hadn't obeyed his orders. They never found their bodies. Some rumors say that he sends them above ground, to get picked up by the Seekers who inevitably place Souls in them. Whatever Sasuke did do to them, they were never seen again so people did not disobey Sasuke. Kiba was one of those people….until now.

Kiba was rushing Naruto away, placing him in his own room before turning and closing the door.

"Is there something wrong Kiba, you are sweating…" Naruto asked softly, scrunching his nose at the sudden smell he got from the panting boy.

"No…No, no, everything's fine." Kiba wheezed before saying again. "Everything will be fine."

Naruto nodded unsurely but he hadn't been exposed to many lies from his own kind so he found no reason to not believe Kiba. Naruto noticed how unkempt Kiba's room was and immediately felt uncomfortable with being there. After seeing a few large bugs scurry above a mountain of clothes Naruto had made his decision. He was not staying in this room any longer.

Kiba noticed this immediately and added, "D-don't worry about the bugs, they are nice and they won't bite. J-just stay here with me for a bit."

"Why are you acting nervous? Is someone chasing you?" Naruto's eyes narrowed a bit, "Perhaps I should attack them for you? I am a good fighter Kiba."

Kiba scoffed lightly. "Just lie down and stay quiet." He said the last part so quietly even Naruto could not hear. "He will be coming soon."

As if roused by his words, there was a sudden beating at Kiba's door. The door knob jiggled for a bit before another bang followed after. Kiba closed his eyes tightly and pressed his body harder against the door, as if knowing what was coming next.

A kick.

"Let me in Kiba."


Kick. Punch. Ram.

"Kiba…If you don't open the door, I will take away that pet of yours once I get rid of this…barrier."

Strange how he suddenly forgot what a door is. It was better to pretend that he hadn't heard anything than say what was on his mind.


"Kiba, this is your final warning. If you do not open the door Right. Now. I will destroy not only the parasite but you as well."

There was a hesitation, but Kiba opened the door.

Immediately, Sasuke grabbed Kiba.

"What the hell was that, huh?" He growled angrily before composing himself, if only by a little. "You helping that…that…" He paused to catch his breath. "I should kill you."

Kiba swallowed thickly before saying, "but you won't."

Sasuke frowned, still holding Kiba's shirt in his hands. He stared at the ceiling, deeply in thought before he smiled wickedly. "Your right… I won't." He dropped Kiba and glanced quickly at Naruto before turning back to the shaking boy. "I thought I told you to get rid of that."

Kiba smiled weakly. "What makes you think I would have listened to you when I didn't come to you on time?"

Sasuke's smile only grew. "Once the parasite is gone, I will enjoy killing you."

"You're insane."

Sasuke turned towards Naruto, frowning. He glared angrily before his eyes softened. "Parasite, this has nothing to do with you understand?"

"I have a name." Naruto countered.

"--and yet I don't care." Sasuke huffed before turning back to Kiba. "Please, get rid of that thing."

"I am not a thing."

"You are whatever I want you to be."

"What makes you think that?"

"I don't have to explain myself to you."

"I think you do."

"I think you should shut up."

"You really are insane."

Sasuke gave an exasperated sigh before turning to Kiba once again. "Get it away from me, Kiba before I rip it apart."

"What are you a mutant? You don't have that kind of strength."

"Kiba." Sasuke hissed warningly.

"I think you should go, Naruto." Kiba hinted softly, hoping that Naruto would listen. His hopes were not answered.

"You are letting this mad man control you, Kiba. He can do nothing. He is just intimidating you with his lies and rumors." Naruto explained angrily, his glare almost equal to Sasuke's.

"I was trying to be nice," Sasuke growled out, staring at the pest in front of him and then to Kiba. "I am about to lose my mind—"

"Can't lose what you never had."

Sasuke hissed angrily before yelling. "Kiba get this thing away from me—no never mind. Meet me in my hallways in a few minutes, I need time to cool off."

"That's right." Naruto chuckled softly. "Give yourself a time-out."

Sasuke made sure to stomp loudly and slam the door as he left.

"Insane." Naruto giggled. "Completely and utterly insane."

Naruto paused in his laughter for a moment, a sudden thought coming to mind. A deep frown appeared on his face.


The still shaking boy, looked up.

"Why aren't you like Sasuke?"

Kiba smiled. "What do you mean…? Insane?"

Naruto did not smile back. "I mean, why you all don't hate me. Why doesn't anyone hate me anymore besides Sasuke?"

Kiba hesitated and stared at Naruto cautiously. He contemplated many times changing the subject for fear of upsetting the Soul, but it was the alertness and serious nature in Naruto's stare that shot the idea down. Kiba sighed choosing his next words carefully.



Kiba sighed. "Mostly. We felt bad about what Sasuke did to you and then we felt guilty we could have treated someone so like us badly."

Naruto sat on the bed, careful of the bugs and clothes.

"I am not like you. I am a Soul."

Kiba laughed. "We have things in common, the most important is that we both share a common enemy."

Naruto was once again confused. Wasn't he apart of the enemy?


Naruto blinked.

"But…he is human."

Kiba stared at him for a moment. He then stood up and sat beside Naruto, ignoring the soft crunch that came from under him. Naruto twitched in disgust at the sound but became alert once more.

"I'm not sure if your species can have 'bad' characters but, Humans have Bad and good among them." Kiba explained with a little difficulty before saying. "Humans before you, Souls, used to kill and abuse one another. Now that we have a common…greater enemy, we don't do it as much."

"Sasuke is our common enemy so everyone is focused on him instead of me?" Naruto summed it up quite nicely.


Naruto smiled, satisfied. Then almost immediately, it fell again. "What happens when Sasuke is no longer a common enemy?"

Kiba's face was expressionless before he spoke softly. "I need to see if Sasuke wants to see me now." And he quickly, walked out of the room, so quickly it seemed like he was running.


"Little brother…" Itachi started slowly, a sad smile slowly forming on his face.

"No! Itachi go away; I went here to be alone!" Sasuke yelled, starting what was the minor beginnings of a temper tantrum. Itachi rolled his eyes, he knew the signs all too well. He approached his brother slowly, like you would a frightened animal with outstretched arms. "You. Away. From me. Now." Sasuke hissed, but to no avail, his elder brother kept coming. He even had the nerve to actually come into HIS darkness. It belonged to him solely and Itachi had no right to overstep hidden boundaries.

"Sasuke…you need to stop." Itachi said softly, a sympathetic glance was thrown to Sasuke. A glare was received back.

"Stop staring at me like that, I don't want your pity. I don't need it. I have no reason to be given it." Sasuke argued, his voice still rose.

Itachi paused, giving Sasuke a chance to simmer down a bit before continuing. "Are you ready to listen?"

Sasuke turned his head away. "If I say no will you leave?"

"Probably not."

Sasuke was silent.

"You've become too wrapped up in your image Sasuke." Itachi whispered sympathetically, his eyes gazing into Sasuke's for a split second before he looked away. "You believe the rumors and lies that you have made up." Itachi mused. "You truly are starting to become insane."

Sasuke smiled gently. "Maybe I like this new me." He stared at Itachi, eyes searching for acceptance. "Perhaps I want to stay this way."

Itachi's eyes narrowed. "That's too bad."

There was a pregnant pause.

"What is that supposed to mean?" Sasuke asked softly, fear creeping up on him.

Itachi spoke just as soft. "I love you Sasuke. You are my brother. Unfortunately, the person you are becoming is not my brother." Itachi looked down. "I only care for family, Sasuke."

Sasuke frowned. "What does that mean!?" His hushed yell, exposed his impatience and fear.

"It means that if you continue to act this way, I will make a mental note that you are no longer a part of my family and therefore must be eliminated." Itachi looked up and his calm charcoal eyes were an angry red. Sasuke froze and shivered, a sad frown drifted onto his face.

"Stop it…those eyes." Sasuke whimpered as tears started to form in his own black eyes. The cold evil inside of them had started to melt away to reveal a younger, more vulnerable child. Sasuke shuddered again; he moved his head lightly but could not avert his gaze. The tears spilled over. "Stop it, Stop it please!" Sasuke cried as he finally buried his head into his shirt but he could still see those piercing red eyes.

Sasuke shuddered lightly, dropping to the floor and crawling over to the wall. As his back hit it another sob escaped him as he cried out loudly.

"Mommy" He sobbed softly, curling into himself.

Itachi's eyes had long turned back to their normal shade but the damage was done; he had gotten his brother back. He had gotten him back the same way he had disappeared; broken and afraid. Sasuke's true nature had disappeared as soon as he had found out that their previous house had been raided by a Seeker team. It was about two months after their father and mother had sent them away to protect them from the Souls. Sasuke had been extremely close to their parents. The news devastated him deeply and forced him to decide which Sasuke his parents would have liked best. He had become fixated on the fact that if he was a stronger person he would have been able to save his parents therefore that was the personality he changed himself into. Eventually he started to become mad.

"It's okay Sasuke." Itachi hushed softly, gently picking his extremely light younger sibling up. "Have you been eating?"

Sasuke nodded but spoke incredibly soft. "Only a little."

"That's bad, you should eat more."


Itachi had forgotten how obedient this Sasuke was.

As he walked in the dark, he noticed Kiba warily staring at the edge of the darkness. He seemed to be contemplating going inside or not.

"Kiba, Sasuke and I will be out for a while." Itachi's sudden speaking shocked Kiba, but the boy listened. "Tell the others that I will make up our work some other time."

Kiba sputtered angrily before gaining the intelligence to speak clearly. "Why is that!? We need people to help us make the food and care for our plants!"

Itachi was silent momentarily before he admitted. "I just got my brother back today and I'm trying to calm him down."

Kiba's confused stare soon faded into a sad one. "D….did he cry like last time?"


"I'm very sorry Itachi. Truly. Do you want me to tell anyone about what happened?"

"It would be best if they knew to be gentle with him."

Kiba frowned. "I understand." Kiba stared at the fragile looking boy in Itachi's arms. "Do you remember me?"

Sasuke's eyes widened as if he was surprised he had been noticed before he sniffed and tears once again started to form. "Go away…" Sasuke whimpered burying his head in Itachi's shirt.

Kiba smiled compassionately. "It's that language again..." He turned back to the elder. "Will you be able to teach him English again?"

Itachi gave a weak smile. "He is a fast learner. He will remember it eventually." He leaned down to look at the shivering mass he was holding. "Do you want to sleep, Sasuke?"

Said boy was shocked to hear a familiar language before he responded. "Yes, I am very, very tired."

"Let's go then." Itachi murmured in English before waving to Kiba and turning back into the dark hallway.

Kiba gave a small frown as the words of Naruto came rushing back at him.

What happens when Sasuke is no longer a common enemy?

At that time Kiba did not have an answer…but now he saw it clearly.

Lines would be drawn between the two, who wanted to side with Naruto or Sasuke. He hoped that this oncoming rift would not cause too big of a conflict because he felt instinctively that everyone needed to be on one side if they were to make it out of this war. Everyone needed to be equal.

With a heavy heart, Kiba turned around, slowly stepping back to his room and Naruto.

Truthfully, he did not know if he could decide.