This is it, kids. The final chapter. It's taken me nearly six years to complete this fic but I've finally done it. I can only say thank you to everyone that has stuck by me from the beginning and to those who joined later on. It has been a pleasure. I can only hope that I haven't disappointed you! I apologise for another long wait… I'm a very busy girl, unfortunately, and writing is not always my highest priority. But it's here, anyway, and I sincerely hope you enjoy reading.

I have a warning though—the second half is a bit explicit in a very male on male way, so if you're not into that or you're not old enough to be reading scenes of a sexual nature, I suggest you don't!

As I stood there staring at him, sword hanging limp at my side, it felt as though my heart had stopped. I forgot all of the pain from my shoulder and my triumph at having taken down the Master of the City. I wasn't aware of anything going on around us, not the remaining vampires scattering or the many furry bodies still charging around. I only had eyes for him. Hadn't that always been the way?

"Heero?" I asked, finally remembering to breathe.

Was this real? It couldn't be. I'd seen him die at the hands of Treize, just minutes ago.

Somehow, the vampire managed to look sexy even through the blood masking his face as his lips spread into a sensual smile. "Yes, mon ami. I am as alive as a vampire can be."

I didn't know what to do. Relief flooded my previously numb body but even so, I had no idea how to react. Hug him? Kiss him? Slay him? I was a vampire hunter, after all, and had been planning on using him purely to gather information for the job I had just completed. So did I need him anymore? Was he just a tool to pump for info? Just contemplating killing him made my insides twist uncomfortably… I was different, now, to how I had been just days before. I couldn't do it. Not to Heero.

The vampire seemed to understand my apprehension and kept his distance, watching me carefully with his pretty blue eyes. He lifted a pale hand, wiping blood from his face, but did not make a move towards me. I was relieved; torn between jumping on him and running from the place.

"I thought you died." Wufei remarked loudly, coming up next to me and staring at Heero. He didn't appear too thankful that that wasn't the case.

Heero shrugged elegantly. "I'm hard to kill."

The Chinese man smirked, nodding, then looked sideways at me. "And you. Did you summon those zombies? I didn't know you could do that, Maxwell…"

"Neither did I, actually," I admitted, not taking my eyes off the vampire. "I have no fucking idea how it happened."

Wufei made a 'hmm' noise, then shrugged, dismissing it as not important. He cast a searching look at Heero then slung an arm around my shoulder, guiding me towards the door. I glanced back at the vampire, feeling slight panic as we moved away from him, but I let my partner usher me out of the room. The battle was over and we'd one; the remaining minions had fled the place and the shapeshifters were, quite literally, licking their wounds. Quatre was safe with Trowa and… well, Heero was okay. He was still a vampire and a man, and that meant there was no point kidding myself. I was just being silly thinking there was anything there. He'd only wanted me for the challenge and I, well, I'd been easily influenced. It was simple. I had to let him go and move on, for both of our sakes. A vampire and a vampire slayer was not a match that worked.


A week passed. Minutes seemed to drag by like hours but I had managed to go cold turkey for seven whole days. My arm was healing up, slowly, and my dreams had stopped featuring an old vampire with half his face missing. Quatre had stopped by a few times to express his gratitude through a basket of muffins, much to Wufei's chagrin—but we'd both accepted now that our lives had changed and could no longer merely see wereanimals as just that, animals. Still, Wufei hadn't touched the muffins.

But my thoughts were consumed, endlessly, by Heero. I couldn't stop thinking about him. Never before in my life had I been so obsessed about one person. And that was what I told myself it was: obsession. Infatuation. Not love. It definitely wasn't love. Regardless, all I could see when I closed my eyes was his bright blue eyes and that smug expression. His voice echoed in my head. I could get no peace.

For the third time that day, I picked up the phone and started dialling the number to Guilty Pleasures then resolutely slammed it back down again. Wufei found this behaviour amusing and took every opportunity to torment me, talking about the vampire endlessly and taunting me over my feelings. As if I could help them. Jerk. More than anything, I told myself that I just missed being wanted. Women weren't exactly lining up around the block to go on dates with me so it had been a while since anyone had looked at me with such open hunger. So sue me if I liked that!

"Will you just phone him already?!"

I lifted my head wearily, watching as my Chinese housemate came into the room and saw me agonising over the telephone. I scowled in his direction, expecting taunts and insults but his expression was surprisingly concerned. He came to stand next to me, placing one hand on my shoulder with uncharacteristic care.

"Look, Maxwell… Whatever hang-ups you and I have about this, clearly you care for him. So call him." Wufei said, patting my shoulder and then pulling up a chair to sit by me. "And if I have to listen to you whine any longer I'll kill you."

Oh, like it was that easy.

"I can't…" I said, exasperated at the situation. "It's just… he's… well you know. I can't."

Wufei rolled his eyes exaggeratedly at me. "Just do it. You'll thank me later."

The 23-year-old then got up and left the room, leaving me alone with my thoughts. I stared down at the telephone, screwing my face up and sighing. This was so stupid. I'd never had such a problem before and I still didn't know what to do. But… well, maybe calling wouldn't be too bad. Talking to him could relieve this awful obsession. Letting my breath out in a big whoosh, I gripped the phone and dialled the number to the club and then listened to the rings in my ear.

"Hello, you've reached Guilty Pleasures. This is Relena, how may I help?"

For a moment I couldn't think what to say, then I coughed and had a go anyway. "Erm, well, hi, Relena… It's Duo. Duo Maxwell. I want… I mean, I was wondering if—aah. Well."

"…Do you want to talk to Heero?"

I swallowed hard. "No! I mean, uh, no. What makes you think that? I was just… calling to… see how you are. Yeah. How are you, Relena? It's been so long. Last time I saw you, you were unconscious. How are you doing? All okay? Healed up? We were worried. And, yeah, so… how are you? Things good at the club? Business going okay?"

I could hear the sigh on the other line. "Duo. Shh. He's not here at the moment but I can arrange a meeting if you want."

That was the last thing I wanted!"

"No! No, I don't want that. Thank you."

"Let's see, he'll be back at about 7:30… can you make that?"

"Well yes but—"

"Great. Be here at 7:30, then, and someone will show you to his office. Nice talking to you, Duo. Bye!"

There was a click and I realised she'd put the phone down. I sat there for at least ten minutes with my mouth hanging open, eyes as wide as they could go and the phone still held to my ear. Had that just happened? Was I really supposed to go and meet him later? God… I didn't know if I could do it. I wasn't scared or anything, it was just… not a good idea. Talking to him was one thing. Seeing him would just encourage him and give him the wrong idea. I'm not gay. At all. And I think vampires are evil. So evil. Really. It just wouldn't work. Ever. No way, no how.


I stood nervously inside the entrance to Guilty Pleasures, playing with the zip on my leather jacket and contemplating just getting back on my motorbike and going home. This was ridiculous. But it was too late to make a graceful exit as someone had already appeared to take me to see Heero. My heart did a somersault and I did not stop fidgeting the whole time I was following the petite blonde girl who was taking me through the back rooms of the club. Finally we arrived at an oak door with 'Management' engraved on it. The girl knocked on it softly and then, once the person inside called out, opened the door and ushered me in. The door clicked shut behind me and I was left alone in his office, staring at the face I hadn't seen for a week.

"Bonjour, Duo. You wanted to, uh, see me?" Heero asked delicately, clasping his hands together and resting them on the smooth wood of his desk. He didn't rise to embrace me or even show that he was glad to see me. Instead, his expression remained neutral.

I nodded, slowly, and edged over towards the desk. His indifference was making me even more nervous but I sat down and pulled the chair in anyway, gazing over at him and feeling my heart beating away like it was trying to break free or something.

"Yes, I… well, I just wanted to talk on the phone actually but Relena got carried away…"

My admission didn't improve the situation, as his neutral expression morphed into a frown. Oops.

"I mean, I did, really… I was just scared," I added hurriedly, relieved when his face softened. I was making an ass of myself but I couldn't help it, I was so fucking freaked out. And then I blurted out, "I've missed you, Heero."

That made him smile. "And I have missed you, mon ami. You left very suddenly…"

"I know. I didn't know what to say. Are you okay? I thought Treize…"

Heero shook his head. "No. As I said before, mon ami I am very hard to kill. And his arrogance made him careless."


I fell silent, eyes dropping as I began to study the cream carpet in earnest. I had run out of things to say and I couldn't think of anything to continue with. I was so uncomfortable. Two parts of my brain were throwing conflicted ideas at me, battling for control over my actions. One part, that I had tried so hard to keep squashed at the back, was telling me to throw caution to the wind and just do what I so needed to do—to leap over the desk and kiss the vampire until my lips were so sore I could kiss no more. And yet the other part was commanding me to finish it now and leave, before I did something I could regret.

I had changed a lot since first meeting Heero but had I changed enough to accept what I was beginning to feel towards him?

Did I just want someone to want me, or did I genuinely care about this walking corpse? Could I get over that? Was I actually attracted to a freaking GUY? A religious upbringing had not programmed me for any of this, so it was quite natural for me to be against it. But what did I feel? What did I really want? Oh, for fuck's sake, who knows.

"Enough." Heero said suddenly, rising from the other side of the desk and stalking around to stand looming over me. "I have been patient, Duo but this is becoming a farce."

The blue-eyed male reached down and lifted me up by the arm, pulling me towards him. As soon as our bodies made contact, it was as though I was a blind man who had suddenly begun to see for the first time, flooded with sensations that were intoxicating and thrilling. And then his lips were on mine, kissing me with such intensity that I could hardly breathe. His lips were so exquisitely soft and he tasted surprisingly sweet; I was drowning in the very essence of Heero and if he pulled away, I would surely die.

This felt so astoundingly right that I could hardly believe it. Fumbling around with girls in dimly lit rooms had never had this profound effect upon me and I was starting to see why. Lifting my arms, I placed one hand on his back to push him even closer against me and grabbed a fistful of soft brown hair with the other. We devoured each other with our mouths until he suddenly ground his hips against mine and I let out a gasp, stepping backwards and nearly tripping over the chair I'd been sat in just moments before.

"Heero," I whispered, biting my lip. It felt so right but it was so wrong at the same time, I couldn't… could I?

The vampire didn't say anything, he just turned and walked off. For a moment I was flooded with panic, thinking that he had grown tired of my indecision and had chosen to call it off. But then he paused at the doorway into another room, looking back at me with as sexy an expression as I had ever seen. Then he moved inside and I was helplessly following him, emerging into a room with a massive bed as its centrepiece. The covers were all white, which was a pleasant change for a vampire's interior design tastes—I had expected black, black and more black. Heero had moved to sit on the bed, propped up by an expanse of cushions against the headboard, and he patted the space beside him with a sensual look my way.


Slowly I moved towards the bed, kicking my shoes off and climbing onto it cautiously. It was extremely comfortable and I could imagine very nice to sleep in but somehow I'm not sure that's what the vamp had in mind. Settling next to him awkwardly, I opened my mouth to invariably say something stupid to break the silence but then he'd leaned forwards and was kissing me again. Never before had I kissed someone and felt so right, so… well, actually, turned on. Screw all of my indecision; this felt good and I was going with it.

Heero pulled back slightly, smiling. "I'm glad. Now relax…"

The vampire shifted slightly so he was sitting up more and facing me as his pale hands dropped to my jeans and began to unbutton them. I was scared, there was no denying it but lust was fast overcoming my nerves. Tugging them down and then, after whipping the thick denim off, hurled them across the room carelessly. All that was separating him from skin now was a pair of black CK boxers and he wasted no time in unceremoniously yanking them down. I flushed red immediately—it had been a long time since I'd been in this sort of situation with anyone. But Heero wasn't looking at my face, instead he was focused intently on what he had revealed. The appraising look sent an all new sensation through me as blood began rushing to places other than my cheeks.

"Well, wasn't mother nature kind to us?" Heero said with a devilish smile, looking back up at me.

I was speechless. Incredibly turned on, but speechless.

And then, before I could even think about formulating a reply, his cool hand had secured around my shaft and began to work up and down like a pro. It struck me, in the back of my mind, that girls really had no idea what they were doing with a dick whereas a guy, well, what does he know better than something he can practise with himself? And the vampire was clearly well practised.

My head tipped backwards and hit the headboard with a thud but I didn't even notice; I was too busy trying to stop myself moaning out loud. It was difficult, though. Having waited so long since the last sexual attention I'd had, my body was aching to be touched and the sensations spreading from each motion his hand made were almost unbearable. I leaned in and captured his mouth in a kiss, crushing our lips together. He kept stroking away, even through the kiss.

"Fuck, Heero," I pulled away, hips bucking somewhat. "I—aah, jesus!"

I was acutely aware of how stupid I must have sounded but I couldn't stop myself from mumbling like that. And then, all of a sudden, he stopped. My breath caught in my throat as I stayed motionless, the sensations in my body starting to die down. Damn him! I was about to demand an explanation when suddenly something warm and wet engulfed my length and I lost the ability to speak. Except for a few groans and some moaned expletives.

"Oh my god, where did you learn to do this? Fuck, no, don't answer that, keep going. Don't stop—ohh," I trailed off, placing a hand on his head and grasping his soft hair gently. "Fuccck, god, Heero."

I've had one blowjob in my life before this and it had been on a drunken night with a stupid, annoying girl I'd known at highschool. I couldn't remember much of it due to the excessive amounts of beer and vodka in my system but I did know that she hadn't really known what she was doing and that, pardon the pun, it just sucked really. But this… Heero was clearly a pro and knew exactly what to do to make my back arch and my toes tingle. It felt ridiculously good and I was unable to stop myself from moaning loudly as he bobbed his head up and down, taking my whole cock into his mouth with each movement. Then he pulled back to focus on the head, taking to it like a tootsie pop.

That made me nearly explode with the sensations flowing from my groin and I let out a low sound of pleasure as warmth began to build up inside me. My moans grew increasingly loud—I could only hope there was nobody else around, or I would be very embarrassed later—until, finally, my world seemed to go white for just a moment as the pleasure came to its peak and I came the hardest I ever had in all my twenty one years.

"Oh fuuuuck, fuck, Heero. Ohhh god," I moaned as he continued sucking, extending my almost blinding pleasure until I collapsed back against the headboard, panting hard.

The vampire swallowed audibly then sat up, wiping his mouth slightly and gazing down at me with an expression that scared me in its intensity. Clearly this wasn't just sex—although I quite liked that part. I lunged upwards suddenly, crushing our lips together. I could taste myself slightly, a surprisingly sweet taste—most likely due to all the sugary muffins I'd been eating lately from Quatre—and that was a strange turn on. I sucked on his bottom lip, probing the inside of his mouth with my tongue. God. This was moving so fast but I didn't care anymore, I really didn't.

Heero pulled his head back, searching my eyes. "Duo…"

I knew what he was thinking; I didn't need vampire powers for that.

"Yes," I said simply.

Silently the vampire began to undress, knowing that he had my full attention. His hands lingered on the waistband of his tight black trousers, teasing me as his rubbed a hand lightly over his crotch. I choked slightly and nearly moved in to undo the button myself, but then he did it and eased the skin tight material down to reveal strong, toned legs and the fact that he wasn't wearing any underwear. Ohh, god.

Heero, obviously knowing what I was thinking, licked his lips at me and I nearly came undone in a very Jane Austen way. Then he placed gentle hands on me and, kneeling before me, guided my legs up onto his shoulders. Not quite what I had been imagining—somehow I had vague images in my head of a porn I'd seen a minute of as a 16-year-old, with one guy doing another from behind up against a wall—but I appreciated being able to see him. That was somehow much sexier. And the look in his eyes…

For a moment my lust faded back to worry—I was as inexperienced as they come with males, apart from the events of the last hour, and a bit unnerved by the whole ass thing. That was very new. But I knew that he wouldn't deliberately hurt me and while it would obviously be uncomfortable to begin with, it would get a lot better. So I just had to have faith. Gulp. That's never been one of my strong points… I'm more of a cut and run kinda guy.

Then, after probing me delicately with a few fingers coated with some slippery substance, Heero was pushing slowly into me. I gasped at this new sensation, twinges of pain coming from the pressure point. I'd never felt so full before and it was uncomfortable. But as he began to draw out and then ease back in again, my body relaxed and made the passage easier… and the pain was accompanied with pleasure. It was very different to all other sexual pleasure, in fact it was a lot more intense.

"Oh my god," I murmured, making Heero look worriedly down at me.

"Too much, mon ami?"

"No…" I let out a groan, pushing my hips up as we developed a smooth rhythm and the pace picked up. "Perfect actually. I—aah—you're pretty good at this, huh?"

He chuckled. "Well, I try."

Then he fell silent again and started pounding into me even faster now that my body had stretched to accommodate his size. The friction was incredible and I found myself just whispering expletives over and over. It was unlike anything I'd ever experienced and I didn't want it to stop—except I could see the strain starting to show on the vampire's face and could tell that he was getting close. I was too, as a matter of fact. It hadn't taken any time at all for blood to rush back into my length and now this constant thrusting was pushing me towards the edge.

With one final, hard, thrust, Heero let out a groan and came inside me. That in itself was erotic—and new—enough to topple me over and I shot my load all over my chest. Eurgh. That was kinda gross. But then the male on top of me extracted himself from my legs and pulled out of my throbbing entrance, then leaned forwards and gave a long, exaggerated lick of my chest and removed the sticky substance. Fuck.

Shifting until he was lying next to me on the bed, Heero wrapped his arms around me and then rested his head onto my shoulder; the picture of contentment. Aww… gag me with a spoon.

"Heero—" I began, but was cut off by his hand on my mouth.

"Shh," he murmured, kissing my neck. "We will have plenty of time to talk later."

Fair enough.