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The bright California sun warming my skin felt so wonderful.

I looked toward the beach and my heart burst with happiness at the sweet sight before me.

Sitting on the white sand, where they had been building a sand castle, Edward and our daughter were deep in thought. They were looking at their work of art, probably deciding whether to add a new wing or not.

They didn't need words, those two. The father-daughter connection they had was like nothing I've ever seen before.

I couldn't be more proud.

Edward and I have been happily married for seven years. The first two, we traveled around the world, just as Edward had promised me all those years ago. I've been to so many exotic places I had only dreamed of visiting; thanks to my loving husband. The following three we'd enjoyed married life to the fullest, ergo, the arrival of the little one.

She was the fruit of our amazing love.

"Would you hand me the sun screen?" Alice asked.

I shifted my eyes from Edward and Carlie to her, and passed the tube of sun screen.

"Thanks," Alice said.

"When you're done, I need to reapply a coat on Henry," Rosalie said.

As if Henry knew his mother was talking about him, he let out a joyful laugh after his dad had dug out a hermit crab and was placing it on his little hand. Henry was the cutest boy I'd ever seen. He had brown curly hair, and was always smiling showing off those beautiful dimples. He looked like a mini Emmett.

Well, I shouldn't say Henry was the cutest boy since Brandon was just as cute. Brandon with his blond locks and angelical face was at the moment collecting shells along with his dad, Jasper. Brandon was a calm child with the facial feature of his extroverted mother; his personality, however, was definitely like his reserved father.

"Who wants ice cream?" Carlisle shouted and all the kids, along with Emmett, eagerly ran toward him. The proud grandparents set the ice cream bowls on the patio table and the kids —and Emmett— sat formally at the table and dug into the cold treat.

I smiled at the scene, stood up and walked toward my now abandoned husband. I admired the sandy sculpture. "Beautiful," I said.

Edward stood up, wrapped his arms around my waist and kissed my neck. "Yep, but my architect partner just ditched me for ice cream —without finishing the project."

Together we turned around and looked at our daughter. Carlie was precious. She was gifted with her father's perfect features —and his intelligence. She had brown curly hair —thanks to grandpa Charlie, and my brown eyes. She was a good girl, who obediently was letting Rosalie run a napkin over her ice cream-smudged face.

"She adores that little girl," I said.

Rosalie had definitely changed her attitude toward me upon Carlie's arrival. She was crazy about the little girl so she had accepted her mother as well.

"Yes, she does," Edward said. "I've heard she has Emmett working overtime trying for a sister for Henry —not that Emmett is complaining about it."

I laughed. "She'll be as beautiful as her mother."

"That's for sure," Edward said. "And speaking of beautiful mothers, how about we start working on a for a sibling for our little one?"

I giggled.

"I'm serious," Edward said, "In fact, since mom and dad are taking all their grandkids to Disneyland tomorrow, we could dedicate the whole day to start the pleasurable task."

I giggled some more. "Are you really ready to extend our family?" I asked in a serious tone.

"Have you seen the beauty you gave me?" Edward asked. "I've been ready to have more beautiful girls since the doctor placed that amazing little bundle in my arms."

"Girls? What about cute green-eyed boys? I would like one of those," I said.

"Okay, let's compromise. You can have your boy if you give me at least three more girls," Edward said. He couldn't be serious, could he?

I craned my neck to look at him and he was looking at Carlie with an expression that told me he was dead serious. "Five kids! Have you lost your mind?"

Edward shifted his gaze toward me. "I really want seven —two boys, five girls. But I'm willing to settle for a total of five."

My mouth fell open. I closed it and smiled sweetly at him. "You know that one day, those girls are going to grow up and bring boys home."

Edward clenched his jaw and narrowed his eyes. "It's all right; I'll start practicing my shooting at the range next week. I'll be ready."

I shook my head softly. Dads! Edward had just sounded like Charlie. Who would have thought?

I looked toward the table and saw the happy kids surrounding Carlisle and Esme.

Five kids. Why not? They'll be loved and cherished.

I turned and wrapped my arms around Edward. "Okay. It's a deal," I said and meant it. "The only condition is that they're at least two years apart."

Edward lifted me off my feet and hugged me tightly. He pressed a smile to my lips. "You made the right decision," he whispered. "And you are going to love every second of it. I promised."

He then kissed me as if sealing a promise. The kiss was sweet and gentle. He brushed his lips on my cheek and ran the tip of his tongue along my earlobe. "I love you Bella Cullen."

A pleasurable shiver ran down my spine. It felt just like the first time he touched me; it seems as though Edward's touch will have that amazing effect on me forever. "I love you too, Edward Cullen."

We have a bright future ahead of us, with lots of kids, lots of love, and lots of fun —breathtaking, mind-blowing fun.

I can't wait for it.

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