This is the second installment to my "Dragonclaw" series. Please enjoy.

"Bye Mom, bye Dad!" A black hedgehog with red streaks in her hair and on her ears and tail. Three cats followed behind her, a black one, a grey one and a tanish brown one.

"Bye Mom, bye Aunt Fluffy," The grey cat said to a very fluffed black cat and a cat that was very similar to him, except being brown, tan and black instead of dark grey, grey, and white.

"Goodbye, Elder Zoie," the tanish brown feline said to an older looking cat.

"Bye Mom, Aunt Nyu," the black cat said to the cats the grey one did.

The four friends walked away from the group of adults waving them goodbye. Two hedgehogs, a light blue one and a yellow one, watched the black one walk away with the three cats.

"Dragon," The blue hedgehog said.

The black hedgehog turned around, her ruby red eyes fixed on the older blue one. The blue one gave a soft smile to his daughter. His smile was returned, her teeth flashing within her mouth.

"Don't worry Dad," She said. "I'll be fine."

The fluffed black cat looked to the other, her amber eyes staring into his sadly.

"Fang, I don't want you to go," She whispered.

Her son put his hand on her shoulder, gently squeezing her.

"Mom, I have my friends with me," He said. "And my cousin, so will have some family I know around."

His mother started to sob uncontrollably. He pulled her into a tight embrace.

"Stop crying Mom," He whispered. "Please."

The sobs soon stopped, and his embrace was returned.

"Stay safe, my son," The female said.

Her son nodded in response. The grey cat was staring at the other, almost identical feline in front of him.

"Ash," She firmly said. "Don't get into any trouble, alright?"

The grey one flashed her a grin, "I won't get in trouble with the police, but you never said anything about Dragon's brothers, or her for that matter."

His mother gave him a warm hearted smile.

"Take this for luck," She said, giving him a necklace with a bright green gem inside it.

He took the necklace and placed it around his neck.

"Your father wore that," His mother said. "I hope it will bring you luck as it did for him."

"I hope so too, Mom," He whispered giving her a hug.

"Tree, you know what to do, right?" The old cat asked the younger tan brown one.

"I know to keep Ash and Dragon from fighting," She giggled.

The elder cat nodded, dismissing the younger.

"Guys, we have to go," The black hedgehog said with a leader-like tone.

"Stay safe!" Their families said as they ran off through the woods.

"Where are we?" The grey cat asked.

"We, Ash, are in the city," His hedgehog friend said.

"I have an idea," The black cat said.

"And what would it be, Fang?" The tan-brown cat asked.

"I was thinking we split up. Me and Dragon go one way, you and Ash go the other," The cat named Fang said.

The hedgehog look excited about the idea. She was jumping up and down.

"Sounds like a plan!" She said.

"Calm down, Dragon," The grey cat said.

The hedgehog seemingly called Dragon settled down, but was still excited. Her grin was plastered onto her face, teeth and fangs visible. She looked mischievous, childish almost.

"Well, how about we try this," Dragon started. "I'll go on my own, and you three can go together."

"Dragon, when did you get stupid?" The grey cat said.

"Shut up Ash!" Dragon said.

Ash scowled at her, causing her to laugh.

"You can't look tough or mean for your life!" Dragon managed out.

Her laughing soon began giggles. Her smile remained on her face, however.

"Well then, let split up and find my brothers!" Dragon joyfully said.

Her feline friends nodded and walked away from her. Dragon waited until her friends were out of her of her eyesight. She looked on after her friends before closing her eyes and walking off. Soon, though, she bumped into someone. Another hedgehog.

"Hey! Watch where you're going!"

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