Book One

Los Muertos, The Dead

Crime War


"This is Bravo-Six, shots fired at Funland Amusement Park. Peace Keepers down, requesting EMS and backup."

'Negative Bravo-Six. We are unable to send support at this time. We will advise when support is available.'

"Crap," Jacob said aloud. He was in a fire-fight against a group of Los-Muertos gang members, and he had no support.

'Bravo-Six, this is A-One. Hit the ground, now!' Jacob let go a sigh of release and dropped to the ground. Tom, or Agent One, and he were friends, and they had gotten to know each other pretty well.

Three Days Earlier

"Jacob, you are being reassigned to a new project, and partner." The Director stood in front of his office's window, gazing out at the chaos in the three districts. "This is a new project. The details will be in the file, but your partner has certain… powers."

"What 'powers' are you talking about, sir?" Jacob asked, puzzled.

"Like I said, the details are in the file, and you can ask your partner questions. Just, don't be surprised when you get into your first fight together."

Tom had been on patrol with Jacob for the past couple of days, helping Peacekeepers, arresting gang members, or anything else that needed to be done. Five seconds after Jacob hit the ground, the cars around the gang members exploded. A wave of heat hit while Jacob shielded his face. A moment later a loud thump sounded a few feet behind Jacob and the patrol car. "Nice of you to show up, Tom." Jacob said, looking up.

"Just lining up the shot perfectly, you alright?" Tom asked, helping Jacob get to his feet.

"Yeah, thanks." Jacob whistled and surveyed the scene in front of them. The cars must have had full tanks of gas, because the fires were raging. "Bravo-Six to dispatch, we are code four, all clear. We need fire and EMS on scene immediately for the other officers down."

Jacob opened the patrol car door but was pulled away as Tom yelled, "Get out, now!" Jacob staggered a few steps and followed Tom, when the patrol car exploded, throwing him off his feet. He hit a nearby wall, and the air was knocked out of him. The last thing he heard before the world went dark was Tom calling for EMS.