Book One

Los Muertos, The Dead

Chapter Two

Jacob smiled as he jogged down to the motor pool. Devlin had always been good at reading people, but the Director always gave him a challenge. It seemed like, he was hiding something. Jacob didn't know what to make of it, but he was just happy to still be with Tom. He passed the officers guarding the entrance to the Tower and turned toward his squad car parking space. When Jacob approached he heard Tom talking to himself. "Having trouble there Tom?"

"Hey Jacob, how's the ribs?" Tom jeered, looking up from the engine.

"Better, though I still feel like I got hit by a building. Did the APB of the building turn up anything?" Jacob laughed.

"Yep. The building was taking into custody about a week ago." Tom smiled cleaned up the tools lying around him. "Anyway, the Director told me about our project. I was busy calling in favors and found enough about Jose Guerra take him down." Jacob laughed to himself quietly and Tom looked at him oddly. "What's so funny?"

"Did you tell the Director who you were researching?" Jacob asked.

"No, I didn't."

"He knew that you were researching Jose. He showed me a new program that just got installed on my computer. He set it up that I would see what would happen if we took down Jose."

"Wow, that's… creepy." Tom said, faking a shudder.

"Yeah, yeah. Alright, I'll make the call to the assault team." Jacob grabbed his pistol, assault rifle, grenades and radio from the locker. "This is Bravo-Six to assault team members."

'This is assault team commander, go ahead.' A voice on the radio replied.

"Be advised, we have received enough information to commence a takedown on Jose Guerra. He is located at 414 Race Street, the nightclub. Set up a command post three blocks west of that location and we'll meet up there."

'Got it. Assault team is moving out.'

"Let's go Jacob!" Tom called from the squad car. Devlin turned around and saw that Tom was already in the passenger's seat of the squad car, waiting. "Well?"

"Let's go." Jacob jogged over to the driver's side and hopped in, turning the key in the ignition. Devlin flipped a switch on the dash and the LED lights on the hood of the squad car lit up. "Dispatch, this is Bravo-Six. Be advised, headed Code-Three to command post location for nightclub raid." Jacob said into his radio.

'Ten-Four, you are cleared to go Code-Three.'

"All right, let's head out." Jacob said. Jacob hit the gas and the patrol car leapt forward, exiting the Agency Garage and heading into the tunnel towards Los Muertos area. Soon they flew out of the tunnel and were speeding around the bend and out onto the road. Jacob flipped a switch and the siren came on, wailing.

'AT-Commander to Bravo-Six,' the squad car's radio crackled.

"Go ahead Commander." Tom answered.

'Be advised we are set up and ready to assault the main building.'

"Ten-four, there is a gate at the base of the building. Myself and Bravo-Six are inbound there. We will advise when ready to begin the raid." Tom spoke into the radio.

'Roger that. Just waiting on you.' Jacob weaved his way through the afternoon traffic and soon and cut the siren. Jacob maneuvered the patrol car down the incline of a hill and stopped a little bit away from the gate.

"Alright, this is Bravo-Six. All units are to clear this channel, except for the assault team. Assault team, begin raid when you hear my voice." Jacob radioed.

'Roger that.' The assault team commander answered. Jacob and Tom checked their weapons and flipped on the siren.

Tom grabbed the loudspeaker mic and yelled, "This is a raid! Everyone put your hands in the air and get down on your knees! This is the Agency!" Jacob hit the gas and smashed through the gate. Several men leaped out of the way and ran towards a door. Tom leaped out and tackled two of them, with Jacob tackling the last one. After a few moments all they were handcuffed, with Tom and Jacob pushing through.

"Crap! It's the cops!" A voice yelled.

'This is AT-Commander. Assault has begun, so far no shots fired.'

"Roger, advise when shots are fired." Tom radioed back. Two Peacekeeper cruisers drove up behind the team and stopped. Four Peacekeepers got out and saluted Tom and Jacob.

"We are your assistance for securing the area. We'll secure this level, go ahead and continue up." One of the Peacekeepers said.

"Got it." Tom said. Tom and Jacob moved over to the stairwell and cautiously began to climb. At the top of the stairs a group of armed Los Muertos gang members began to rush down the staircase but stopped when they saw the Agency men.

"Drop the weapons!" Jacob yelled.

"On the ground, now!" Tom shouted. One of the gang members raised his gun but was unable to get a shot off. Tom fired and put him in the ground. The remaining three gang members raised their weapons but were taken down by Jacob.

'This is AT-Commander. Shots fired; we are taken light fire at this time.'

"Ten-four, parking area secure." Tom radioed back. The team fanned out and killed a few more men before regrouping at the next staircase. "AT-Commander, be advised, we have secured the exterior second level. Moving up to target location."

'Roger, main building and outside yard secure. Target suspect is likely at the final area.' The radio crackled.

"Ten-four, be advised, hold your fire on the target. We take him alive." Tom said. The team moved up the staircase and took positions at the base of a raised platform. A few moments later the Peacekeeper assault team was in their positions around the area. Tom grabbed a flash bang from his belt and tossed it into the cabana. A flash of light fallowed by a deafening bang signaled the Agency men to move in. They stormed in and found Jose Guerra stumbling towards a shotgun. Tom leapt over the table and tackled Jose. The two went over the railing and fell into the parking area. Tom took the brunt of the fall landing on the bottom. The four Peacekeepers that were keeping the parking area secure surrounded the two men and flipped Jose over, cuffing him.

Tom didn't move until Jacob yelled down, "Are you going to lay down all day agent?" A groan could be heard two stories down a Tom rolled on to his side and got to his feet. "So, whose next Tom?"