Bella's POV

Chapter 1

Ok so I woke up this morning and this story just popped into my head. What if Bella was married to Emmett? What if Edward was her brother in law? Hmm sounds crazy but I wrote what came out of me. Lets see how this story turns out.

Welcome to Love affair….

I rolled to the other side of the bed and stared at my alarm clock. 1:30. Where is he? At that moment I heard the door open. I got out of the bed and faced the door. He finally came in and locked it and turned around to see my glare.

"Where were you?" I asked my husband.

Its been about three years since I married Emmett Cullen. He is the man of my dreams. I met him when we were both in Stanford. We automatically clicked. Ever since we have been together. I love him. When he proposed to my I couldn't believe it. It was like my fairy tale was becoming true.

Since those three years things have changed slightly. I still love him to death but he's became very controlling of me. When I got my diploma from Stanford I wanted to become a writer, but he didn't approve of it. He wanted me in the same career he was in. Yes he wanted me to be a lawyer. I hated the fact that he wants to choose what my career was. Since one big fight we had I haven't gotten a job and I haven't written.

"Well, where were you?" I asked him again.

"Honey I was working late in the office." He said.

"At one in the night?" I asked him.

"I had a lot of papers to work on. What did you think I was doing?" He asked me and I just stared.

"I'm not thinking anything. The only think I'm thinking is that I don't appreciate for my husband to come back a one in the night from his job!" I shouted.

"Bella, I'm tired. I'm going to sleep. we'll talk in the morning." He said and swiftly walked into our bed room.

Then I heard my phone vibrate. I had a text.

Did he get home yet?


Yea just got home. Night


I text Edward when I was starting to get worried. I asked him if he knew where he was, but he didn't know. He told me he was probably at work. Oh how he knew his brother. As you can see Edward Cullen is my brother in law. When I met him we just clicked. He's like my best friend. Since he graduated Harvard two years ago he started to live near by to my house and every morning we go out for some coffee and just hang out.

Edward is the only one in the Cullen family that doesn't work in the Cullen's law firm. He told me he loves his family but that he was just very different from them. So he wasn't a lawyer. He was a painter. Yes a painter and yes his father didn't approve of it. He wanted all the men in the family to be in the family business. Actually Edward hasn't spoken to his father much since one huge fight about that last week at a family dinner.

He told his dad that he had to stop controlling his life and that he wasn't the same as Emmett and Jasper. He wanted to paint and that that was his passion. Of course Carlisle threw a hissy fit. He said 'No Son of mine is going to be a painter. Its useless and that's not what the Cullen men do!' right after that Edward left his parents house and told them if they couldn't accept what he wants to do then he doesn't want to see them.

I truly don't understand why the Cullen family is like this. I mean if they actually took the time to see Edward's paintings I'm sure that they would change there mind. He was an incredible painter. He paints with his heart, so much passion. He tells me that everyone of his painting tell a story and that they all has a special meaning to him. I loved just going to his art gallery and look at his painting there were so relaxing.

I decided to go back to bed. When I got to my room Emmett was already snoring like a dog. I laid on my bed and tried my hardest to ignore the loud snoring.

The next morning I woke up before Emmett. I made some coffee and some breakfast. I got a cup of coffee, sat on the couch grabbed my laptop and decided to check my e-mails. Hmm one e-mail from Angela. Haven't spoken to her since my wedding!

From: Angie546

To: Bells143

Subject: MISS YOU!!!

Omg Bella I miss you!

I haven't spoken to you in such a long time!

I'm back home from California to visit my parents, lets go some where and catch up! I have some big news to tell you. Bye! 3

From: Bells143

To: Angie546

Subject: Where have you been!

Angie! I miss you too, how are things as a newly married women?

I hope you and Ben are very happy. No way your coming back here to Chicago!?

Yes defiantly need to catch up. Just let me know when you get here and we will make a date! Bye!

I kept looking at my mail and I had one from Edward.

From: ECullen953

To: Bells143

Subject: Watch and Laugh my dear

I clicked on the E-mail and it was a video of last years Christmas party where I was….lets just say I had a little too much to drink.

In the video I had a Santa had on, a tequila shot in one hand, and I was dancing on the coffee table while singing jingle bell rock. Oh god what was I thinking??? I've seen this video so I know what's coming up. BOOM! I fell off the coffee table right on my ass. that's not even the funny part. I actually get up and scream HOOPLA and throw the tequila shot on the floor which brakes into little pieces. God I'm a stupid drunk.

From: Bells143

To: ECullen953

Subject: Delete now!!

Edward I swear to god if you don't delete that right now I'm going to go to your house and break all your paintings! I look like an idiot!

Five minuets later I get another E-mail

From: ECullen953

To: Bells143

Subject: No way!

Bella I cant delete it. That was a very memorable night and you look adorable. And no way in hell I'm letting you go near my paintings. You wouldn't dare.

I'll meet you at the café at 9:30. See ya.

I started to laugh and close my laptop when I heard Emmett come out of out bedroom.

"Morning babe." He said as I walked tords him and gave him a quick kiss on the lips.

"Good morning. Don't leave without eating breakfast please." I told him going back to the living room.

"Sure thing, why were you laughing two seconds ago?" He asked and I turned around.

"Oh nothing, your brother is a jackass and decided to send me the video he recorded of me at last years Christmas party." I said and he started to laugh.

"That was some night." He said shaking his head and grabbing a plate of food.

"I'm going to eat real quick because then ill be late." He said stuffing his face with food.

When he was finally done he turned around to me and gave me a kiss.

"See you tonight Hun." He said.

"Alright, bye. Love you." I said.

"Love you too" He shouted as he closed the door.

After he left I decided to go and take a shower. When I was done I walked into my closet and picked out some black shorts, my grey polo sweater, and my black flats. I left my hair loose and placed some blush on and left my house.

The café was pretty close to where I live so I decided just to walk instead of taking my car. When I got there I spotted Edward sitting in one of the seats outside with two cups of coffee. He knew how I liked my coffee so he always bought it for me and I would pay him once I was there.

When I got there he got up and gave me a hug,

"Heyyyyy sis what's up." He said and I sat down.

"Nothing much how are you?" I asked him while he sat back down.

"I'm good I guess. I called my father yesterday." He said.

"And what happened?" I asked taking a sit of my coffee.

"You know how it goes Bells, I tell him to please understand what I want and he starts screaming at me how the Cullen men don't paint they defend justice." He explained and I rolled my eyes.

"What about your mother?" I asked and he shrugged his shoulders.

"My mother is like my dads little puppy. She's does and agrees with him in everything. She's like his little robot." He explained.

"But lets forget about that. Please tell me what the hell my big brother was doing going back home at one in the morning?" He asked

"He told me he had a lot of work so he couldn't leave." I said.

"He's an idiot." He said and I laughed.

"Why do you say that?" I asked

"Because he just is, sorry for not minding my own business but I think he should treat you more like a wife and not like he's your commander." He said and I stared at him.

"Have you even showed him the book your writing?" He asked and I shook my head.

"You see what I mean Bella. You don't want to show him because he doesn't want his wife writing. If that's what you want to do then you should do it. screw him." He said.

"I'm still the only one who has read it?" He asked and I nodded my head.

I knew Edward was right. Emmett hardly treats me like a wife and just more like I'm his little robot or something. I guess he got that from his father. It's been around a month since I started to write my book. I haven't showed Emmett because I knew he wouldn't approve. The only person that has read it is Edward and he loved it. He told me I should keep going at it and publish it. But like I said before, I know Emmett wont approve.

Every time, every morning Edward starts talking to me about how Emmett isn't fair and that he should let me do what ever I want. And I know he's right. I'm his wife and he should be happy with whatever I want to do. I'm 23 years old dam it. I'm not some baby that needs to be told what to do.

"Edward, you know how your brother is." I told him.

"Yes I know how he is, he's a big idiot that doesn't know how to treat his wife." He said taking my hand.

"Bella, just talk to him tell him how you feel." He said and I looked down to our touching hands.

Pulling my hand back I spoke back. "Yea, I guess your right. I'll try to talk to him." I said with a smile.

Ok let me explain the pulling back my hand thing. You see The Cullen men are extremely good looking. I have never seen such good looking men in one family. Emmett is the oldest, 25 and was tall and strong. He has blonde hair and big green eyes. Jasper was the laid back one of them three. He was 24 and had wavy blonde hair, green eyes and had sort of a hippie vibe to him. He was very chill. You cant help but to feel relaxed around him.

And Edward was the baby of the family. He was 22 years old and was pretty much the outcast of his family. Like I said before he was really different from them. He got everything except his eyes from his mother. He's the only one out of the three that had brown hair. His hair wasn't just some normal brown hair. His was sort of bronzy like. It was a very weird type of brown.

He was around 6,0 and little bit taller the Japer but shorter the Emmett. He had big bright green eyes with some blue in the middle. Brighter then his brothers eyes. His body was very lean, all muscles. Well you would have all muscles if you worked out 3 hours every freaking day. He always tells me to go with him but that's a big no, no. I don't do working out.

I have never told this to anyone but the first time I met Edward I wanted to do him right there. Yes I might sound like a whore but I'm going to be blunt about it. I wanted to fuck Edward Cullen the first time I met him. I mean just look at him. Who wouldn't want to fuck the living Jesus out of him. But after I got to know him we just became friends and that's all. I made it official and got married to his brother.

Please don't get me wrong I love my Husband dearly, but I couldn't help but to think sometimes how things would be if Edward and I ever did something. Out of Emmett and Edward sadly out of the two the one who understands me the most would have to be Edward. And that sucks because it should be his brother that understands me the most. Edward understood my passion of writing and it was the only thing I was actually good at.

But enough with this nonsense. I'm with Emmett Cullen and I'm very happy that way…