A/N: A word of explanation. David Tennant's last take was number 999, which Julie Gardner (executive producer) got quite emotional about. "Call a Doctor," she sniffed, according to DWM.

Hence, here are however many oneshots I can think of, all relating to David Tennant's Doctor, all 999 words in length. First up, one relating to Mr Tennant's last episode, and in particular his last scene outside the TARDIS, entitled "Not Stupid".

Not Stupid

Rose Tyler was a lot of things. One thing she wasn't, though, was stupid. No matter how many times she'd been told she was.

Another thing she wasn't, or hadn't been, was particularly drunk in the early hours of New Year's Day, 2005. And Rose had rather a good memory when it came to faces. Chemical reactions, no. The imperfect in French, no. Quadratic formulae, no way. Hence why she hadn't just finished her A levels, and instead was anticipating an early shift in a shop on that first day of 2005. Didn't stop her remembering.

Later that day, and Rose was back in Henrick's, gossiping with Vicky, who also lived on the Estate and was temping for the Christmas period in womenswear. Vicky, it seemed, couldn't take her alcohol too well.

"I swear my head will never stop hurting," she moaned as they hung up the coats on clearance. "And I still feel like I'm gonna puke."

Rose grinned. "Yeah, well, don't do it over the stock. I am not covering your back this time."

"That was once! You're just not a partier like us, Rose. You don't go all out of control and just have fun!"

She didn't take the comment to heart. "Someone had to make sure Mum got home in one piece."

"Your mum can take care of herself. You know she came back about two?"

A green woollen coat slipped off its hanger, and Rose bent to pick it up, knowing Vicky's head would not like the change in altitude. "Thought she might've done."

"Thanks," Vicky said, taking the coat and trying to put it back on the hanger. Inside out.

Rose took the coat and hanger off her and sorted out the mess.

"Thanks," Vicky muttered again. "So, why d'you leave so early then? You see some eye candy?"

"Vick!" Rose protested. "I'm with Mickey now. Have been for months, you daft twit."

"And I keep telling you, that is so not going to last. He's bloody boring!" Rose tried to leap to his defence, but Vicky was already talking over her. "Where was he New Year's Eve, then?"

Defeated already, Rose sighed. "At home, watching the fireworks on the telly. He had work at nine the next morning!"

Vicky coughed pointedly. "Didn't stop us. So come on, there's gotta be someone else you got your eye on."

There wasn't , of course. "Sorry if we're not all into the four-timing scene, Vik."

"Shut up!" Vicky said, punctuating the instruction with a slap on the arm. "Look, don't throw your life away on Mr Smith, yeah? Keep your eyes open, girl. Bring on the great 2005 datefest!"

That got Rose thinking about what 2005 might hold in store for her, which in turn made her think of that bloke's prediction that it'd be a great year for her. Odd guy, now she thought about it completely sober. Didn't know the date, and he hadn't seemed that drunk. Bit ill. Okay, maybe he'd mixed his shots or something, but still. On New Year's Day, most people tended to remember the year.

And now that she was focusing on this little conundrum, she realised that she'd been reading him completely wrong last night. To her tired brain, it had sounded a bit like flirting, a promise to meet up again. He certainly hadn't corrected her when she said 'see ya'. But that hadn't been it at all, had it? He hadn't been coming onto her. He'd stayed by the wall, in the shadows.

"Oh, bugger," Vicky cursed as she dropped yet another garment. Unsecure buttons sprayed off, and the thought of the man was lost amid the search for this new health and safety hazard.

The key thing was that she had thought about him at all. And Vicky now reminded her of him. As did Mickey, through the connection with the conversation with Vicky. And so she never forgot that odd guy with the hair and the coat.

Few months later and she was off the Powell Estate, flying round the universe, soaring through time with a man whose face she would never forget. She saw things Vicky wouldn't have believed. She fell in love a couple of times. She learnt. She grew. And she didn't think of that prediction she'd received. There was so much to deal with in the here and now, wherever and whenever that might be.

But she still didn't forget, in the same way that she still remembered the face of her old gym teacher. Never thought of her, but if she'd cared to, she would've remembered.

When he changed, when he burst into flames right in front of her eyes, she didn't immediately realise where she'd seen him before. Why would she? It'd been a year, or she thought it might have been a year. And her Doctor had disappeared. Hardly the time to be thinking, "Ooh, you remind me of a guy I met once, for about a minute, when I was a bit tipsy on New Year's Day."

Even when she saw him in his new get-up, complete with the coat, she still didn't get it.

No, the moment Rose understood, she was standing next to the TARDIS, in the snow, in the dark. It would've been almost impossible to miss the similarities. She looked at him, and she remembered. And she remembered that he'd been alone. Alone, and in pain.

That was the point when she asked him whether or not he actually wanted her to come with him.

She never told him, of course. She had a bit of a horror of paradoxes after the furore with her dad. He would never realise that she remembered; it wouldn't even cross his mind. Busy regenerating and all. But one day, she would tell her Doctor, her half-human Doctor, and she'd shed a tear for him, and he would bow his head as he finally realised exactly why she'd been so desperate to find him again.