Title: What Heroes Do

Summary: Set during "Close to You." Peter's thoughts after he has destroyed Emma's cello and been kicked out of her apartment.

Peter returned to his apartment and sat down at the foot of his unmade bed. He was tired, but he knew that he would not be able to sleep for the rest of the night, not after the nightmare he had had that had caused him to destroy Emma's cello—and possibly their friendship.

The paramedic sighed, wondering how things had gotten to this point. He remembered the day he had absorbed Emma's ability and seen the brightly colored sounds of the children's choir singing in the hospital. He had been so glad to see her ability in action then. He had thought it was beautiful, useful for her hearing-impairment, and harmless to others. But now, his precognitive dream had told him otherwise. Emma's power would lead people to their deaths. He could still hear their screams in his head, still see Emma's frightened, tear-stained face as she played the cello, seemingly powerless to stop herself.

And Sylar had been with her…

Peter unconsciously clenched his right hand into a fist as he thought of his brother's murderer. He didn't want that monster anywhere near Emma. Peter had already lost so many people he cared about—Simone, Caitlin, his father, Nathan… Did he have to lose Emma too?

He had tried to explain his dream to her, but she was too upset to listen. Peter couldn't blame her. He just hoped that if he gave her some time and some space, that she could find it within herself to listen to him, if not forgive him. He had to get through to her somehow. People's lives were at stake, possibly even Emma's own life, and he had to save them all.

After all, he had promised Nathan he would be a hero, and that's what heroes did. They saved others, even, Peter thought ruefully, if they couldn't salvage their own personal lives.