I've had this idea in my head for a while, and I actually wrote this out a while ago too. I was planning on waiting to start this till after I got one of my other Bleach stories done, but... Meh. Nothing's wrong with throwing this out anyways... (Though I prolly won't work on this again for a while, due to the other stories. I just figured that submitting this first chapter would get me started on writing YS and HB. Anywho... I hope you like this. :] )

'Calm down… It's only your first day…'

In front of the 2-1 classroom door, an auburn-haired girl stood nervously, peering in through the tiny window with big gray eyes. She waited for the teacher to motion her into the classroom. She shifted her weight onto her right leg, keeping her hands tightly fisted. Her long hair cascaded down her back and a bit over her shoulders, the tips slightly curling. Two light blue hairpins held back longer bangs; each shaped like a small, six-leafed flower. They both shone a bright turquoise whenever the managed to catch the sunlight.

She wore a white, button-up T-shirt with slightly poofed sleeves, and short tie loosely hanging around her collar. On the button-up, the school crest, which she was now proud to bear, was nicely embroidered on the left breast of the shirt. A halter vest with medium-sized, gold buttons on the front fit snugly around her waist and the edge of the black fabric hid under her generous chest. Underneath the edge of the vest was a small, pleated plaid skirt. Black socks reached to her knees and off-white flats adorned her feet.

'It's now or never…' the girl thought, taking in a deep breath to calm her nerves. The teacher motioned her hand for her to come in, causing the girl to jump in surprise, a small squeak escaping her lips.

Grabbing the cool door handle, she slid the classroom door open, revealing almost thirty eyes staring at her. 'O-Oh my…'

"Class, this is Inoue Orihime. She transferred from Tokyo, to here, Karakura," Ochi-sensei introduced her to the class as the auburn-haired beauty took nervous steps to the front of the room, doing her best not to turn red at the hard stares. "Would you like to say a few words, Inoue-san?"

Nodding nervously, she licked her suddenly dry lips and cleared her throat. "A-Ano, like Ochi-sense said, I'm here from Tokyo. Although I'm new here, I can't wait to get to know all of you…" Orihime spoke quietly, bowing in introduction. She heard a few students snicker quietly, causing her to raise her head back up in slight confusion. 'Ah… Did I do something silly?'

"Inoue-san, you'll sit in front of Kurosaki Ichigo, in the back," Ochi spoke, pointing to the orange-haired boy in the back. Her big gray eyes wandered to the place she was focussing to, and she saw the boy she was referring to. Orihime felt her cheeks grow warm as she assessed him. 'Amber eyes, messy, orange hair, cute scowl… Ah, no Orihime! This is your first day! Don't go gaga over someone today!'

"Hai," Orihime replied, a little too enthusiastically. She took careful steps towards the back of the room, now not caring much about the heated looks she was getting from the boys. What she did care about where the comments she heard as she walked.

"Boy, she's a hottie. Just look at those breasts!"

"I bet she's been with a million other guys with those looks. I'm sure I can get her to hook up with me."

"But that hair color is sure freaky. Though it makes you wonder if the curtains match the drapes, if you know what I mean."

Feeling deflated, she stopped right in front of her desk, waiting a short moment before sitting down. 'O-Okay… So I can't be friends with the guys… T-That's okay.'

"Just look at all the hot gazes she's getting from the boys! I bet she's just a big-breasted whore who sleeps with anyone and everyone…"

Tears began to sting at her eyes and she promptly took her seat. 'Scratch that… I can't be friends with the guys or girls…' She let her eyes wander around the classroom, noticing no one was looking at her anymore, but little did she know, intense amber eyes looked at the back of her bright, auburn-haired head.

Orihime sighed and let her muscles relax slightly. 'This is going to be a long year…' She thought to herself, propping her chin on her palm. Her eyes hovered over to window and looked out into the schoolyard. She noted how many cherry blossom trees there were planted in the schoolyard. Letting a small smile creep onto her lips, she decided she'd eat lunch under one of them. It was such a beautiful day, why not enjoy it while eating her favored wasabi and red bean jelly sandwiches?

It wasn't long until she heard the lunch bell ring, which immediately made her feel bad. It was her first day and she had missed the entire lesson! Every other student got up from their seat and rushed to their friends, smiling and laughing to themselves. Orihime took her time gathering together her things before going to class, while everyone had left. Even the teacher!

"Ah… I don't think I'm going to find any friends here… No one seems to like me," She softly spoke to herself, sliding her books into her desk. Orihime swept a stray bang behind her ear, her heart falling significantly.

"You care what people think?" A deep, gruff voice asked, startling her. She turned around to discover the orange-haired boy from earlier was still sitting at his desk. Kurosakuku, was it? No, that wasn't right…

"E-Eh! I-I'm sorry, I thought I was alone in here…"

"Clearly you weren't."

"R-right… I'm sorry…"

He grunted in response, unwilling to continue the conversation. The boy wore his gruff scowl as he packed his own things into his desk, lean tan fingers running over multiple books. She watched him in amusement, as if she'd never seen anything so interesting.

"What the hell do you think you're looking at?" He barked, causing her to jump and turn a bright red.

"S-Sorry! I-I, u-um… zoned out," she lied instead of telling him the truth that she was inwardly musing over how much she liked his hair.

"Well zone out elsewhere," he replied gruffly, moving his chair backwards to get out. "I don't like people staring at me."


His long arm stretched to his book bag and he pulled out a brown lunch sack. Placing it into his lap, he started to… Roll back? He remained in his sitting position and his arms moved in a general counter-clockwise direction. He soon revealed he wasn't as how he appeared to be.

Strawberry Kurosakuku was in a wheelchair.

A small gasp escaped her pink lips, quickly causing her to throw her hands to her lips, and she received a murderous glare. One that said, "Don't even. If you do, I'll kill you.' Keeping her lips into a tight line, her mind raced for an excuse.

"I-I… saw a bug…"

"Tch… Yeah right… Bug my ass…"

And with his final words, she watched himself harshly wheel himself away, clutching her own lunch tightly. Her stomach clenched in both hunger and anticipation, as she replayed his comments in her head. He was stern, and had angry eyes, but she found his scowl to be utterly adorable. She also found her heart to be beating at an irregular pace. It was quite fast that normal.

'… He's certainly different…'