(This is actually like Ghost of Fear Street. Like Fear Street but tamer)

Welcome to Fear Street, where ghosts like to play and creatures lerk. Where in the woods, no birds sing and creatures dwell in the mucky pond water. What awaits for you? Come pay Fear Street a visit and you just might find out

Ember Little is new to the town of Shadyside. Her with her parents and little brother Jason moved onto Fear Street. Ember has a bit of trouble focusing on her school work, always too tired from staying up much too late at nights. So, after a bit of thinking, Lilly and Maruc Little deicde to inroll their daughter in a Night School. Things seem to go fine at first; until a class mate tires to warn her away. Some of their Class mates are vampires. At First Ember doesn't believe it, but then things start happening to make her believe it. Can Ember get out of the Night School before she herself becomes a vampire, or will she become a perminet memor to the Night School?