Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's - Magical Whip Girl Pretty Lotten-Chan

by Yusei

Summary - "The journey of a woman in a distant town, growing as new challenges come her way. Including the desire to make her feelings known to a special someone. Pure crack".

Disclaimer - I do not own Yu-Gi-Oh 5D's or any of the characters.

A / N - This is really the result of an in-joke gone wrong. During a conversation on MSN, there were jokes about how Lotten grabbed Yusei's chin during Episode 88 and things went downhill from there. There is a warning that go with this story; it's pure crack and will potentially decrease the IQ of readers. Completely AU and despite being referreed to as women, Lotten and Malcolm are still men. I didn't come up with the plot, it's a result of the friend who joked about the initial concept, who also instructed that the characters be written with their full role rather than their normal name. As a final note, I'd rather not people question my sanity in this, it's a joke and I felt myself slowly dying inside with each sentence. Regardless, if you dare to read, I hope you can find it an amusing little tale.

Episode 1: I Am Magical Whip Girl~ Lotten-Chan~

Sunlight poured through the window into Lotten-Chan's room. Morning had come to Cracktown. With the sun's rays on her, Lotten-Chan's face screwed up as though someone had yelled at her. Her eyes opened slowly and her body automatically dragged itself up. She stretched, waking various parts of her body that were still sleeping and listened for the cracks from her arms to signal their wakening. Crossing the room, Lotten-Chan seized the neatly folded uniform and exited the bedroom, making her way into the bathroom.

A few minutes later, she emerged again, feeling refreshed and much chirpier. Her hair had been tied into her usual small ponytail, bouncing with each step towards her room that followed. Once back, she seized a journal lying in the upper drawer of the bedside table and flicked through the entries of the past days; accounts of joyful and pleasant experiences involving her friends and crush. The stream of entries came to an end, leading up to the passage from the night before. Lotten-Chan's eyes lit up as she reread each word of the day before.

According to the entry, Lotten-Chan had been on her way to meet her friends during lunch break when she encountered Yusei-kun, a young pale man compared to the locals who had transferred into Cracktown some time ago. Yusei-kun's father had previously owned "Team Satisfaction"; what they called a 'massage parlour' when giving their backstory. But things declined into chaos and Yusei-kun's father was left ruined, bringing about their move to the isolated town. Yusei-kun had initially come alone, but his father persisted and followed his son to the town, leading then to the recent appearance of the town's latest citizen: Bad Kiryu Man. The entry strayed from the above and focused instead on the meeting with Nico and West that followed later. Lotten-Chan's diary rarely spoke of Yusei-kun's history, but rather their days of meeting at lunch and talking about more joyful topics, such as where in town would have the best taiyaki. Yusei-kun had suggested somewhere not to far from school, much to Lotten-Chan's delight. Together, they sang "Oyage! Taiyaki-kun" before parting ways.

Pleased with the entry, Lotten-Chan pressed the diary against her chest in excitement that another chance meeting could occur. After the embrace, she returned it to its proper place and checked her appearance in the mirror. Pleased everything was in order; she turned to leave the room and descended to the lower level of the Marco home.

As though on cue with her arrival, the balding man that was Lotten-Chan's father spoke up.

"Ah, good morning" he called.

His face was a peculiar sight to those yet to experience it - the features of a human face had been replaced by the kanji for "Oto-sama", altering to match whatever he said and then reverted back to the standard symbol.

"Good morning, Oto-sama" Lotten-Chan greeted cheerfully.

"Lotten-Cham, remember to be home earlier tonight" Oto-sama instructed. "There is an important matter that we must discuss".

"Yes, Oto-sama" Lotten-Chan answered with a nod.

Bidding her father farewell, she parted from the home, carrying a small briefcase-like bag, smiling brightly as the sun's morning rays. At the crossroads in the centre of town, two children stood waving their arms; the girl wearing her uniform identical to Lotten-Chan's and the boy in the male equivalent. The former beamed at the sight of Lotten-Chan and tilted her body in order to stretch her arm to its fullest. Lotten-Chan waved back and hurried towards them, towering over the two by the time she stopped. The three had been friends for some time, regularly meeting during their morning walks to school, they resumed that tradition by walking on together.

"Hey, Lotten-Chan, are you going to try and run into Yusei-san today?" the girl giggled, smirking at her companion.

"Nico!" the older girl barked back, blushing wildly.

"Look" West called, pointing at her face. "She's blushing. She really likes Yusei-monition, doesn't she?"

"I'd imagine so" Nico giggled.

Lotten-Chan moaned as the two shared laughter over her feelings. Their harmless fun would continue throughout the tourney to school; it was a taste of life in Cracktown - minor things would be dragged out because so little happened.

Up ahead, a woman stepped out of the flower shop, the owner's daughter, dressed in the school's uniform and cradling a bouquet of flowers, approaching the trio from under the sign reading "The Classy Ass", she smirked at the sight of the students.

"Are you talking about Yusei-kun?" she chuckled. "Please, we all know that he would never go for a girl with such a large chin".

"What does any of that matter to you, Mean Barbara?" Nico scowled.

"You'll never land a man yourself" Mean Barbara snapped back. "Whereas I have one".

"Who's he then?" Nico challenged, pressing her hands on her hips.

"It's a surprise. But he'll be thrilled when we meet later; our families are going through the plans for an arranged marriage" the oldest of the woman chortled. "Even if we don't love each other, I'll still have one over you loveless twist, prattling along like Lotten-Chan here ever stands a chance of being with Yusei-kun".

Lotten-Chan's brow creased, piling onto a glare directed at the shrill woman whilst she turned her back onto the younger students and strode along the path they had been about to tread. West watched with a more relaxed face, while Nico was seething,

"Don't listen to her, Lotten-Chan. What does she know?"

Lotten-Chan gave a nod, suggesting they continue on their way to school and shrug off the jealous words of the woman; clearly envious of Lotten-Chan's feelings for another while she was being forced into a marriage with a man she didn't love.


At the other end of the school day, Lotten-Chan stood at the entrance to the school with Nico and West, both exhausted from learning. Any attempt to find Yusei-kun during the day had failed, leaving the three to focus on their usual discussions and planning for the evening. Following the stream of students leaving, the three crossed the courtyard and made their way out of the premises.

From behind, the roar of an engine poured into their ears and attracted Lotten-Chan's eyes back to the schoolyard where a motorbike stormed towards them. Sensing the target of the rider, Lotten-Chan grasped Nico's hand and dragged the younger girl behind her. But before she could grab West's hand, the motorbike rushed past, the sudden growling of the engine and how close it came caused West to topple to the ground.

"West!" Nico cried, throwing herself onto her knees.

West, however, focused on brushing away the dirt from his top, appearing to be unharmed, to his sister's relief. The motorbike purred as it stood stationary a short distance from the three; cold golden eyes watching from behind the visor of the helmet and icy blue hung over his shoulders. When he first appeared in Cracktown, his style had been much shorter, but it seemed he had grown attached to the look of longer hair since then.

"What do you think you're doing, Bad Kiryu Man?" Nico snapped, glaring hatefully towards him.

The man that had almost run down the boy was none other than the aforementioned former business partner of Yusei-kun's father. He showed no sympathy for the boy, watching the pair on the ground without any sign of remorse in his face; he had no time for people he deemed insignificant.

"You can't just run over kids like that; you could've killed someone. You're the older person in this, you should have better than to try that kind of stunt" Nico barked.

Bad Kiryu Man turned from the sight of the two, shrugging off Lotten-Chan's presence completely and revved the engine of the motorcycle. As Nico called his name again, smoke puffed from the exhaust and the vehicle shot down the road ahead. Nico sighed, folding her arms over her chest and pouting at the ignorance on display.

"Some people are impossible, huh…" she commented.

"Some" Lotten-Chan muttered, watching the stream of dust dispersing.

West picked himself up, brushing off the dust clinging to him and insisting to his protective sister that he was fine. Reluctantly, Nico followed his advice and let the whole thing go, resuming the walk alongside the others.


The door to the Marco home opened, allowing Lotten-Chan back inside. There, Oto-sama stood along another man sharing a similar build. The former turned to Lotten-Chan and strode across the room towards her.

"Lotten-Chan, this is a business associate of mine" he claimed. "You need to get ready to take part in an omiai meet with his child".

"An omiai meet?" Lotten-Chan echoed, raising her eyebrows.

"Malcolm!" Oto-sama called, looking over his shoulder.

From the next room, Lotten-Chan's elder sister, Malcolm the Neckerchief Princess, emerged. She crossed the room and seized the younger sister's wrist, leading her up the stairs. Three yellow marks ran vertically down her face, a style that had become popular in Cracktown and around her neck, a red scarf sat on her shoulders; a fashion trend she had set in the town.

Once they arrived upstairs, Malcolm the Neckerchief Princess snatched the outfit laid out beside the bathroom and brought it with them through the door. The two proceeded with the preparations, making over Lotten-Chan and emerging from the bathroom a short time later. Lotten-Chan emerged in a baby pink kimono with images of roses decorating her robe, each accompanied by small leaves and lines curving around like vines. The rose cuffs of the piece shimmered, matching the material wrapped around the waist and lining both the top and bottom of the garment.

Lotten-Chan's face flushed to match the robe; her hair tied into a small bun and a silk flower sat in the right side of her head, joined by an Ōgi in the shape of a small fan poking out the back. Malcolm the Neckerchief Princess led her sister through the house and back to the fathers. Lotten-Chan's face brightened when the associate's eyes rose and fell, examining the kimono.

"I think we're ready now" Oto-sama commented, turning back to his business partner.

The two men opened the door and passed through before the sisters followed. The two men seated themselves, revealing the potential mate opposite Lotten-Chan, the child of the other man: Mean Barbara. Lotten-Chan's expression altered and the blush faded - her father had arranged an omiai with Mean Barbara of all people? The woman opposite smiled at Lotten-Chan, silently mocking, her smaller hands lay on her lap. Lotten-Chan and Malcolm the Neckerchief Princess seated themselves close to Oto-sama, the younger of the daughters nearest to the door. Oto-sama turned to Mean Barbara's father.

"How have you been lately?" he inquired.

"Thins have been well, the store has had a good day" the man replied. "How about you and your daughters? Are you doing well?"

"I have been fine. My daughters seem to be the same" Oto-sama answered.

"I see. That's good" the man chortled lightly. "Lotten-Chan, I hear you're coming to the end of your education at the school; soon to step out into the world of adulthood".

Colour returned to Lotten-Chan's face as the conversation turned to her; it wouldn't be long before she would have to play a role in the discussion. Her cheeks began to glow as a result of the blush, her eyes falling to the floor.

"Y- Yes" she responded. "It's kind of frightening, but I'll do my best".

"Glad to hear it. A fine young citizen as yourself has ample opportunities lying ahead of her in this town" the father chuckled, smiling brightly. His eyes moved to his own daughter, who sat in silence, smiling hollowly throughout the conversation. "Barbara, why don't you say something to Lotten-Chan?"

"Yes, Oto-san" she agreed, then turned her eyes to the kimono-clad woman. "So, Lotten-Chan, how was your day after our this morning?" Did you run into Yusei-kun at all?"

"Oh? You met this morning?" Oto-sama asked, turning to Lotten-Chan.

Oto-sama had purposely taken the focus from Yusei-kun; he had said in the past that he wasn't fond of the boy who came from a troublesome business history - the son of a ruined man was not the kind suitable for his daughter. It was likely that the omiai had been set up partially to prevent Lotten-Chan corresponding further with him.

"We did" Lotten-Chan muttered. "We spoke a little about Yusei-kun and then I was on my way with Nico and West".

A grunt came from Oto-sama, disappointment over the reappearance of Yusei-kun in the discussion.

"You have much better here anyway" He commented, gesturing to Mean Bara with an open hand.

"In your eyes, it seems" Lotten-Chan mumbled.

"Lotten-Chan, it's alright if you leave Yusei-kun in the dust. He's not your type; he's too dangerous, an outsider that comes from a difficult place" Mean Barbara added, tilting forward to catch a glimpse of Lotten-Chan's face, slowly screwing up in despair. "He'll find another misfit one day".

"Yusei-kun isn't a misfit!" Lotten-Chan snapped, jumping up from her chair. And locking her eyes onto Mean Barbara fiercely "You're the one who poked fun at me this morning. You said that love wasn't' important in things like this, but it is! You couldn't understand because you just want to be one better than everyone else!"

"Lotten-Chan…" Malcolm the Neckerchief Princess whispered, watching her sister in shock. She had never been this way before.

"I don't want to be with someone like you" the younger sister continued regardless. "I don't need a few dates to work that out; I know that I don't want to be with you this minute!"

She rushed to the door behind her, throwing it open and charging into the next room. Her name followed from several mouths behind her, but she shrugged them all off, bursting out of the home and down the road, wiping away the blinding tears that streamed down her face.

She ran without any real destination, dashing along the roads until she ran out of air and slowed, panting heavily from her mad run. In the small plaza between rows of houses, a stand waited on its own, close to a bench and bushes. It dawned on Lotten-Chan where she was: the same stall that Yusei-kun had suggested for taiyaki. She seated herself on the bench and pulled out a few coins in her possession, concluding they would be enough to purchase some taiyaki and approached the booth.

"I'd like to buy some taiyaki please" she said.

The man nodded and listed a variety of fillings that were available; Lotten-Chan pondered the possibilities and ultimately chose the comforting chocolate filling. The man selected the warm pieces and placed them into a paper bag, hanging it over and receiving the coins from the customer's hand.

"Thank you, sir" she chirped.

He gave her a pleasant smile and wished her a good day. She returned the wish and turned, flinching when she realised someone had been standing behind he the whole time. Once the initial surprised passed, she discovered it hadn't been someone from home, but Yusei-kun, smiling at her.

"Lotten-Chan, you came here to see what the taiyaki is like?" he asked.

"Y- Yeah…" Lotten-Chan mumbled.

She stepped out of his path,, the boy flashed a smile at her and approached the stall, requesting taiyaki pieces filled with red bean paste. The man chirpily asked Yusei-kun afterwards if he had heard from his father since the last time they spoke. Yusei-kun denied that words had been exchanged. The man gave a light sigh and shook his head - he and Yusei-kun met regularly, enabling them to chat so comfortably; that or the man was too friendly for his own good. He handed over the bag, exchanging it for the money. The two wished each other a good day before Yusei-kun turned to Lotten-Chan

"Do you want to go to the seafront?" he asked.

"Y- Yea, I'd like that" Lotten-Chan answered timidly.

Yusei-kun guided her to the edge of the town sitting nearest the sea; the sandy beach extending like the desert that surrounded the town on all other sides. A wall set up to divide the seafront from the town's sand had been erected, Yusei-kun threw himself over it, laying the paper bag on top while he stood on the other side. Rather than imitate the stunt, Lotten-Chan passed through a gap just a few feet to the side.

She returned to Yusei-kun' side, pressing her hands against the wall and dragging herself onto it, Yusei-kun followed suit, smiling at her as they sat beside one another, separated only by two paper bags. He reached out for his, opening it to reveal the fish shaped cakes and removed one.

"You haven't tried taiyaki from that place before, have you?" he queried, looking up from the treat to his companion.

"I haven't" she answered, opening her bag. "I should have realised that there was such a place like that long ago".

"The owner claims that he opened it not too long ago; a few months at the most" Yusei-kun replied.

He bit into the taiyaki clutched in his gloved right hand, Lotten-Chan watched the first bites and then averted her eyes to the fiery sea underneath the setting sun. She returned to the taiyaki in her hands, raising it to her lips and crushed the shape with her teeth. Grateful for the nutrition after her mad dash from home, it tasted much better than her expectations.

"This is delicious!" she cried after swallowing the mouthful.

Yusei-kun smiled at her, glad the place he has suggested pleased her. It was then he cast his eyes downwards, taking not of what exactly Lotten-Chan wore.

"Lotten-Chan" he spoke "is there a special occasion for you to be out like that? Is it your father's birthday?"

"No, no" Lotten-Chan replied with a light chuckle. She inhaled deeply, recalling the intensity of the previous meeting. It had been her father's way of ensuring she would never be able to confess the truth to the young man by her side. "My father arranged an omiai".

"Did it not go well?" Yusei-kun asked.

"It didn't. I fled because I don't need any dates to prove I dislike the suitor my father found" Lotten-Chan sighed. "I'd rather be with someone I can feel great things for; someone I can trust and feel right for".

"Sounds like home…" Yusei-kun mumbled, turning his eyes out to the ocean.

"What?" Lotten-Chan gasped. "You've been through an omiai too?"

"Yeah…" Yusei-kun sighed. "Things didn't work out, and then my father was disgraced because of things with Team Satisfaction".

"Yusei-kun…" Lotten-Chan breathed, watching the boy with a remorseful look. She had no idea he had been through a similar experience before his father's world came crashing down.

"It's fine. It's you that I'm thinking of. I've gotten over my past, but it's your future that's now in doubt" Yusei commented, returning his eyes to her.

"I'll be fine, Yusei-kun" Lotten-Chan insisted, smiling as brightly as the sun .Her heart fluttered at the scene; sitting on the wall facing the seafront. At sunset. With Yusei-kun. It gave her hope that what Yusei-kun would prove himself a true person rather than judging someone on the shape of their face or the size of their chin.

Some distance behind the scene, a lone shadow stood, watching the scene solemnly. There was no grimace that Lotten-Chan and Yusei-kun had met nor was there an ominous smirk that their secret meeting had been rumbled. He watched indifferently; Bad Kiryu Man standing without his motorcycle. Though they bore no judgment, his eyes narrowed.


An undisclosed amount of time, about an hour, later, the pair returned to the town, re-entering the desolate streets and strolled with little to say to one another. The majority of their conversation had taken place on the wall. Lotten-Chan's heart sank when realism struck, reminding her that she and Yusei-kun had yet to exchange confessions of love; she still secretly crushed on him, yet he hadn't shown any sign the feelings were mutual. The fantasy would always come to an end.

The streets were completely deserted with the approach of dusk, everyone already back in the safety of their homes. That was until a lone figure stepped out of in the centre of the street, moving across the crossroads in the centre of town. Neither Lotten-Chan nor Yusei-kun paid him any attention; he didn't pose a threat, merely walking in the opposite direction. The two reached the crossroads before others emerged opposite them, triggering a sudden halt. Yusei-kun scowled standing defensively in front of Lotten-Chan, who watched apprehensively over the boy's head.

The man standing at the head of the gang was one as pale as Yusei-kun, approaching the pair with a sly grin. His subordinates came to a halt once they had positioned themselves to block any possible escape, surrounding the pair with their cocky faces.

"Who are you?" Yusei-kun asked coldly, ignoring all the others around him.

"My name is Ramon" the lead individual answered; Evil Evil Ramon Guy. "Is this your… girlfriend?"

A blush lit Lotten-Chan's face at the accusation; lost in her daydreams, she vaguely heard Yusei-kun mention something about them being friends, deducing he had denied the claim, much to her dismay.

"So… you're being some kind of gentleman by walking her home?" Evil Evil Ramon Guy asked, stepping leisurely towards the two. Yusei-kun's eyes narrowed while Lotten-Chan moved out from behind him and presented herself by his side. "Maybe you're on a date then? An omiai?"

Lotten-Chan's eyes narrowed sharply, flashing angrily as attempts to uncover their reason for being together fell flat, yet bringing back the recollection of the disastrous omiai she had escaped from. Evil Evil Ramon Guy folded his arms over his chest, chuckling contently whilst feeling irritation from both Lotten-Chan and her company.

"Then you won't mind…" he continued, looking to Yusei-kun, "… if I do this!"

A grunt joined the final word and his fist flew forward, aimed at Lotten-Chan. Attached to his fist was what Yusei-kun immediately identified as a knuckle-duster made of hardened plastic. In the split-second window, Yusei-kun threw himself in the path of the fist, opening his arms out to prevent Evil Evil Ramon Guy from trying to divert his attack. The fist slammed into the left side of Yusei-kun's head, throwing him across from the dive and hitting the ground. On the other side of the road, a chorus of chuckles rang out from those supporting Evil Evil Ramon Guy, the Nasties that had ambushed the pair. Yusei-kun's back hit the ground, knocking a weak cry from his throat, his eyes screwed shut tightly.

"Yusei-kun!" Lotten-Chan cried out.

"Oh? The boy wants to go first?" Evil Evil Ramon Guy chuckled, raising an intrigued eyebrow. "I suppose it'd only be fair to give him his wish".

Ignoring Lotten-Chan completely, Evil Evil Ramon Guy passed the terrified spectator and strolled leisurely until his towered over Yusei-kun, his boots by the fallen boy's side. He chuckled as he raised his right boot and ploughed it into Yusei-kun's hip. Another cry escaped Yusei-kun as his body was forced a short distance to the left, landing not far from the wall of the closest building, turned over so that he lay on his stomach. His gloved hands remained on the ground in front of his head, a portion of his face resting against the dusty path. His eyes were forced shut and twitched in agony, jaws clenched tightly as he tried to endure the pain flaring in his body.

Chuckling, Evil Evil Ramon Guy approached the downed Yusei-kun again, lifting his boot and pressed it against the back of Yusei-kun's head, forcing the left side of his face to the ground. Lotten-Chan felt her heart accelerate whilst watching Yusei-kun's face twitching, Evil Evil Ramon Guy didn't seem to care about him or the pain he was inflicting - it was all a game to him.

His boot rose from the back of Yusei-kun's head, rising as he braced the rest of his body to slam down on Yusei-kin's head, planning to finish it all off with the third and final blow. His foot dropped quickly, but not quick enough to strike Yusei-kun's head before a whip wrapped itself around his ankle, at its limit, preventing him from descending further. Evil Evil Ramon Guy turned his eyes, glaring to Lotten-Chan, who stood with the whip in her hands and a determined look on her face.

But her attire had change drastically, wearing a dress that began at the top of her chest and stretched to her waist where a skirt formed, pieces connected like petals of a flower. Along her arms, detached sleeves matched the dress with ends that matched the skirt. Like those, boots that reached halfway up her thighs came close to meet with the skirt. The entire outfit had been coloured a combination of pink with black curved patterns, resembling those that had been on her kimono.

"What the- ?" Evil Evil Ramon Guy called, stunned by the drastic change.

Lotten-Chan denied him an answer, instead pulling on her whip and dragging him away from Yusei-kun. Keeping the whip wrapped around his ankle, she twirled, throwing Evil Evil Ramon Guy to soar into his allies, crashing to the ground in front of them. The greasy-haired man glared at the unusual girl and pushed his back from the ground, seeing her standing opposite having not moved a step, hatred gleaming in her eyes.

"I'm a Magical Whip Girl" she stated coldly. "It's my task to rid this place of people like you, like sending you to the Mountain of Doki Doki. That is the mission the Goddess of Kyuute Poppu Haato has assigned me".

"Goddess of Kyuute Poppu Haato?" Evil Evil Ramon Guy repeated, raising a suspicious eyebrow.

"Doubt me all you like, but I can simply prove everything by dealing with you" Lotten-Chan scowled.

She lifted her arm, raising the whip above her head and spinning it like a lasso. Without warning, she launched the spinning whip at the men opposite. To her disappointment, Evil Evil Ramon Guy slipped out of the whip's path, those behind him, however, found themselves constricted by the whip, bound together and unable to escape. Lotten-Chan's eyes narrowed as she held the men in place.

"Now to rid this town of you" she hissed. "To the Mountain of Doki Doki with you people".

Around them, sparkles began to glow, dissolving their forms and reducing their appearances to little more than small spheres of light, remained bound together by the whip. Just as the beginning of her assault, she withdrew the rope, keeping the orbs in the trap and began to swing it fiercely. A number of seconds passed and the rotations of the whip increased until she released the end, unleashing the orbs that flew out of their control, soaring towards the mountain situation to the west of the town. Cries emitted from the spheres as they rolled through the air.

Lotten-Chan took her eyes from the orbs, they would be unable to stop themselves before they arrived at the mountain where they would retain their human bodies. Her eyes scanned the crossroads sharply for any sign of Evil Evil Ramon Guy, but there was nothing. Disappointed, she released a sigh and turned her head to find Yusei-kun lying on the ground without any sign of consciousness. She dove to his side, the magical uniform reverting back to the kimono she had been wearing previously.

As she turned him over and laid his back against her knees, she noticed a narrow trail of blood that ran down his head from the spot where Evil Evil Ramon Guy had struck, dyeing the hairs around the impact zone a dark red. She watched over, eyes filling with tears of worry over the extent of potential damage. Moments passed as she shook him and sobbed, calling his name repeatedly over his softened face.


After moments of the crying, Yusei-kun's face twitched, eyes opening slowly. He stared above to find Lotten-Chan looking down at him beneath the darkening sky with half-open eyes as his vision cleared, allowing him to decipher the face above him.

"Lotten… Chan?" he breathed.

"Yusei-kun, you're alright!" Lotten-Chan gasped with relief.

"What about you thought? Did Ramon hurt you?" Yusei-kun asked.

"No. I made him stop it all" Lotten-Chan replied with a smile. "Didn't you hear anything?"

"I don't remember anything" Yusei-kun confessed guiltily. "Everything went black after Ramon pressed his boot against my head, I can't remember anything after that".

Lotten-Chan frowned; that meant Yusei-kun had missed the confession of her greater purpose. Yet at the same time, it felt like a relief that knowledge wouldn't drag him into a battle that could turn against him at any time. Focusing on his face, she smiled.

"I'm just glad you're alright. Come on, let's go home before anything else happens".


Lotten-Chan brought the door of her home to a discreet close, hoping not to attract the attention of Oto-sama or her sister. After the disaster of the omiai, she had come to the decision that she'd rather avoid the pair for the remainder of the night rather than endure a confrontation. She proceeded to climb the staircase inconspicuously, sneaking into her room when it seemed the others weren't home, possibly looking for her in town.

Once the door to her room closed, she gave a sigh, exhausted from the eventual day that had played out like a rough rollercoaster ride. She crossed the room and removed the diary from its hiding place, the same journal she had looked over during the morning. Across the room, a writing desk bore a pot filled with pens and pencils, Lotten-Chan plucked out a pink one with a fluffy top.

As the ritual went, she began to jot down the course of the day's events.

In the Heavens of Love, Justice and Maiden's Pride, the Goddess of Kyuute Poppu Haato watched her apprentice compile her notes: what seemed like a personal journal to most was actually a progress report for the Goddess. The pale-skinned woman sighed, watching the scene played out beneath her.

"She focuses far too much on the boy" she lamented.

She brought up a hand, brushing at the lime green fringe hanging over her forehead from her eyes. Taking her eyes from the vision, the Goddess turned to her associated, a human figure standing opposite her.

"I'm counting on you to guide Lotten-Chan" she uttered firmly. "I'll be watching you as you assist her, Malcolm".

The Goddess' company stepped forward, revealing herself as Malcolm the Neckerchief Princess, who bowed before her superior, smiling pleasantly while in the presence of the divine woman.

"Yes, I shall do so" she replied. The Goddess made no reply, but rather watched the elder Magical Whip Girl of the Marco family stand straight before her.