Here's a story that was written by me and Cartoon-Gal. Hope you enjoy it!

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Warning: Couples like IvanxYao, GermanyxItaly, SpainxRomano and UkrainexCanada will be MENTIONED but it won't be a big part of this story.

Chapter 1

Hello, I'm Kansas but you can call me Susan. I'm nine, nearly ten, years old and I have golden blond hair, and sky blue eyes. America's my daddy and I have so many siblings and other family members that I list them all. Canada, which I call Uncle Can-Can every since I was a small child, is my favourite uncle! Well, actually he's my only uncle but I still love him! Lots of people call me "sunflower" girl because of my special ability to create sunflowers.

This is my story about the first time I met Russia. Yes, the sunflower crazed guy.


"Isn't this awesome, brother? My little Kansas can create sunflowers!" Alfred exclaimed to Mathieu. Alfred, the American representative, was assumed to be Mathieu's twin due to their similar face shapes, blond hair and because they both wore glasses. Alfred was more of an upbeat man who always carried a fast food item. Mathieu, on the other hand, was a shy guy and had a pet polar bear who forgets his owner's name. In return, Mathieu didn't know the name of the polar bear.

"We discovered that a long time ago, Alfred. She's been giving me sunflowers every month, you would think I know about her power," sighed Mathieu. He was growing sick of Alfred bragging to him about anything. Personally, he liked it more when he didn't even acknowledge Mathieu. "I think we should keep it down. I have a feeling Ivan is here..."

"Aw, stop being so paranoid! Gosh, you were always such a scaredy-cat,"Alfred said. "Plus, he ain't allowed on my land! I won't let him even try to step on it. I hate that creep....sending the first satellite...." he muttered. Russia and America weren't particularly close. After the Cold War, the relationship worsened.

"Well, if she ever gets kidnapped by him, it won't be my fault!" Mathieu sneered.

Then suddenly, as if it was planned, Ivan popped up right behind Mathieu's back. Sending shivers down his spine and making Alfred's face show anger. "I'm out of here," he whispered to Mathieu. Alfred just couldn't stand being in the same room as Ivan.

"I hear of kidnapping and sunflowers? Now, who is this this person?" Ivan questioned in his maniac voice. Everyone knew that one of his most favoured things were sunflowers and he would do many things to get more. Including murder.

Mathieu jumped then spun to have eye contact with him, which was hard, Ivan being so much taller. "N-no...NO ONE! Nobody who has any relevance to sunflowers!" It was obvious that Mathieu could not lie easily. Especially when he was so jumpy.

"...kolkolkol....if that is so, then where do you get all these sunflowers that you send to me? It's quite hard to get them when it's winter, da?" Ivan's questioning scared Mathieu even more. Those sunflowers were to try to befriend him because it was either being friends with him or being hated by him. Mathieu preferred the first choice.

He gulped and thought of something ridiculous. "I go to the...unknown country...called...Imagination Land! Yeah that's where I go and get them!" Mathieu was sweating bullets because even he knew how horrible that lie was. Imagination Land? Where could that possibly be?

Ivan frowned. That answer did not appeal to him. "Is that so? Well, I heard that the state Kansas is very good at keeping sunflowers alive. Isn't that true? And if it is, it would make a lot of sense that she provided you with them."

Mathieu didn't like the situation at all. What could he say? Ivan was right on the dot. "Kansas? Who is this "Kansas" person? I told you...I get them from Imagination Land...." Kansas was peeking through the crack of the door. She was hurt. How could her Uncle forget her already?

"Uncle! I can keep them alive! You didn't get them from Imagination Land! Where the heck is Imagination Land?" Her voice made Imagination Land sound even more pathetic. "I'm the one that gives you the sunflowers! You said you'll give them to the scary Russia! You're the one who asked for them!" Her acted as if Mathieu betrayed her, but to her, that is what it seemed like.

A smirk was on Ivan's face. "Why hello little girl. What's your name?" His voice was soft and childish, just like it usually was when he wasn't angered.

"I'm Susan "Sunflower" Jones! But everyone calls me Sunflower or Kansas," she said to introduce herself. Kansas enjoyed meeting new people.

His soft smile was still there and it scared Mathieu. No matter how soft the smile was, it sent shivers down his spine. He was so scared of Ivan that he could barely speak. "So, you are Kansas, eh?"

Finally! If this child really does have the power to keep sunflowers alive, even in outrageous weather, I shall take her back to my place and never return her! I wonder if there is another state that can make vodka out of nowhere? Ivan thought. His thoughts were usually devious, even if on the outside he looked as happy as a drunk.

Kansas felt something. A bad vibe, as if Ivan was plotting something and she didn't like the feeling. "Um...," she let out in confusion.

Finally, Mathieu spoke. "Kansas! I was lying to him so you wouldn't get kidnapped by stupid, NOT big boned Ivan!" Mathieu wasn't happy now that he had to deal with the truth and Ivan knowing it.

Ivan gave him a reply, but not something Mathieu was anticipating. "What are you trying to imply when you say I am NOT big boned?" His voice boomed like thunder and it made Mathieu back up. Everyone always talked about Ivan and "how big his bones were" behind his back. Eventually, Ivan knew what they meant when they called him big boned. At first, he felt proud because that meant his bones were strong but the truth had shattered his happiness more. Making it more dreadful for the countries around Russia.

Mathieu was waiting for the worst when Kansas stepped in.

Okay, I'm not really sure where to end it but here will do for me. You won't have to wait a long time for the next chapter since it's pretty much written out for me, all I have to do is change it so that there isn't only dialogue.