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Chapter 3

"Just give me a moment, sweetie. I need to see where that Ivan is,"Mathieu trembled a bit when he said his name. Ivan didn't have to do much to him to leave such a big impression, but then again, rumours can really get to a person. As he looked out through the opening, he saw something that he was not expecting at all.

Ivan muttered to himself, depressed about his situation. And it wasn't the one where Kansas wasn't in his possession. "Dammit,"he swore, anger slipping out, "I can't get up!" You didn't need a genius to realise that Ivan had a bigger figure than a normal man, and sometimes being bigger than the rest can have its disadvantages. "Why did I have so much borscht?"

The colour drained from Mathieu's face. "Why...why, for some reason, did my perspective on my plan change?" He put the new Ivan he had just seen into his plan and sighed. That wouldn't work for the plan! Ivan would be going at them after he notices them slip out of the tree-house instantly!

Kansas, on the other hand, had seemed to be not as scared as she was before of Ivan. She actually cared about him. "Poor goat." Kansas turned to Mathieu and pleaded for his help. "We have to help him! I couldn't let that poor goat get blown away by the twister! That's not fair!"

Mathieu was surprised by Kansas, again. "Why? How is that not fair, Susan? Ivan is trying to kill me and kidnap you! And stop calling him a goat!" Mathieu added, even though he could care less about how Ivan was called.

"But....but! It wouldn't be right! If he dies, it would be our fault!"Kansas said, trying to convince her uncle. She was a child after all, the thought of being a murderer couldn't be good for one.

Mathieu gulped. "Dammit. She's right. I really don't want to be called a murderer of all things, although maybe I won't as invisible as I am now?" thought Mathieu, drifting away from is main thought slowly. Seconds later, he stopped getting sidetrack and kept to his original thought. "Kansas wouldn't be able to be accused of murder either without being depressed for the rest of her life. Let alone the fact that she would never be able to produce another sunflower. Oh, why do I care about her sunflower production rate? I only ever needed them to give to Russia, and in that case, it wouldn't matter. Oh hell, I need to knock on wood! This isn't going to happen! Kansas is going to stay the same happy child she is now!" As Mathieu knocked on wood, to prevent this situation from happening, Kansas gave him a confused look. Her expression showed clearly that she thought he had gone mad.

As Kansas worried about her uncle's condition, Ivan spoke to himself. "My, has it gotten windy?" His scarf untwined and would have flown away if Ivan hadn't grabbed its end.

Finally, Kansas gave up on Mathieu's potential madness. "Please! Uncle Can-Can! Please help me save him!" Mathieu came back to reality and her pleading took a couple seconds for him to register.

"Fine, we'll save ," he gave in. Mathieu also couldn't help calling Ivan, . "And from what I know, you would've helped him anyway."

Kansas, being a child, couldn't resist giving her beloved uncle a hug. "You're the best, Uncle Can-Can!" A split second later, she ran out to the opening and shouted the wonderful news to Ivan. "Hey! !"

Ivan snarled, "What?! Are you going to laugh at me too because I'm too fa- I mean, big boned to climb up?!" Kansas gasped and was clearly, slightly offended.

"Never! I wouldn't ever do that !" Kansas tried to explain, while Mathieu started mumbling to himself in a depressing way. Kansas continued, "That wouldn't be nice at all!"

A devilish thought came to Ivan's mind as he snickered quietly to himself. He put on a soft face for Kansas and suggested in a gentle voice, "Kansas, why don't you come down here? I want to hug you for being so nice to me!"

Mathieu grabbed Kansas's arm before she could climb down and whispered quietly into her ear. "I don't know about this." Kansas reacted in a disappointed way, is her uncle trying to take back what he had agreed to? Doesn't he care for her happiness?

"But Uncle Can-Can! You said we could save him! So what would a harmless hug do to this situation?"she questioned. Mathieu sighed and shook his head. How could she be thinking something like this at a time like this?

'First of all, the hug wouldn't be so harmless,'Mathieu thought to himself and reminded Kansas in an irritated way. "Um, Kansas...have you forgotten already?!" A breeze brushed against her cheek and Kansas came to her senses.

"Oh!"she said as she remembered. If she had listened, she would have heard Mathieu whisper a sarcastic 'oh.' She stuck her head out through the opening and saw an impatient Ivan. Kansas cupped her two hand around her mouth and shouted to him. "Hey ! Listen, there's this twister that's coming in about five minutes! There's a cellar where we all can go to hide in safety!"she notified as she pointed towards a cellar. "We're going to save you!" Kansas had a little bit of hero in her from her father and Mathieu shuddered at that thought. He did not want to think about him, now of all times. But then something clicked in his mind.

"Kansas,"he whispered as he slightly twitched, "Are you saying there was a cellar all this time where we could have hidden in and be safe and away from Ivan and the twister?" Mathieu was about to smack his head against the wooden wall when Kansas sighed.

"Well, I tried to tell you but you ran right by it." Mathieu twitched some more.

"But you could have at least stopped me or tell me to come back!"he felt so horrible that he didn't get the chance to stay in the cellar and not deal with Ivan. But Kansas just shook her head in reply.

"You were already in the tree-house. For someone like you, you could really sprint. was close anyway! But that's not the point now! Now is the time to save everyone and be the heroes!" She even gave a thumbs up. If she had a fast food item in her hand too, then Mathieu would have probably committed suicide.

"Okay, let's save everyone...but please, without Alfred,"he said in a gloomy voice. "Stupid Alfred..."

"But Daddy's not here...,"she was confused because she didn't know strongly about the two's relationship. "Anyway! Uncle Can-Can, can you give me a piggyback ride down? I think it would be better if we were both on the ground at the same time."

Mathieu didn't object to that suggestion. Instead he bent down, "Okay, climb on, sweetie."

As Kansas climbed onto her uncle's back she worried about him and his strength. "I'm not too heavy for you, right Uncle Can-Can?" Mathieu stood up and faced the opening and smiled. Of course, Kansas couldn't see.

"Not at all, just hold on tightly. I wouldn't be able to live if you fell off,"Mathieu warned and was choked instantly by Kansas who was trying to hold on tightly. As he tried to breathe he shrieked, "Not...Not that tightly!"

Kansas was shocked and her grip loosened. "Oh! I'm sorry, Uncle Can-Can! Can you breathe now?"

"Don't worry about me, I'll manage. Let's just get out of this deathtrap!"Mathieu said as he started down the tree-house. Before he could even set one foot on the ground, Ivan ripped Kansas out of Mathieu's possession and held her tightly in his grip. Mathieu jumped off, not bothering about the remaining steps, and saw Kansas swinging her legs helplessly.

"Ivan!"he spat out with disgust. Could this man really be that cruel? Ivan paid no attention to Mathieu's threatening voice.

Kansas seemed as though she wanted to cry but she knew that her fear was exhausting her and that tears wouldn't help. "!"she shrieked. "Let me go! You are holding onto me too tightly! My arms feel like they'll disconnect from my body!"

Mathieu made it his chance to sound heroic. "Yeah, Ivan! Would you really harm a child?" He also whispered something about her being to only child able to produce sunflowers but Ivan was too focused on keeping a tight grip on Kansas to hear.

Kansas had stopped swinging her legs and a saddened face appeared. "You wouldn't hurt me . After all, I want to save you!"

Ivan was baffled. So, this child was not joking? Or was it just another cruel joke just so she could escape? "Really?"he murmured. "No joke?" Kansas shook her head as much as she could, after all, she was hanging from her arms. Ivan's heart, that some thought was non-existent, was warmed by that thought. "Nobody...nobody ever cared about me. Or my safety...except, no. She doesn't count...." Ivan thought about putting her down. If this child was lying to him, he would murder her despite the fact that she could give him sunflowers on demand.

Ivan was giving a face that Mathieu disliked. 'Please, Ivan. Use that non-existent heart of yours! Please let her be safe,' he thought as he was sweating bullets. '...I wouldn't be able to survive...'

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