~A Story Of A Beautiful Snow~

I breathed out of my mouth and watched the cloud disappear. She smiled as we both trudged through the snowy street to our homes which stood one beside the other. I stopped, and when she looked over at me, she stopped too.

"Akari…" I took her hands in mine as I spoke. "I love you."

She blushed as her eyes widened, but then closed. Her hands slipped from mine as she looked down at her feet. Her hair blocked her face, so I couldn't see her expression, and then she rushed forward and wrapped her arms around my torso, her face buried in my coat.

"Takaki-kun…I love you too…so much…" She hugged me tighter, still hiding her face in my coat.


I put my hand on her cheek and she lifted her head up. A tear streaked down her face. I wiped it off with my thumb as she smiled at me. She leaned forward on her toes and kissed me on the cheek. I walked a few steps away from her, then turned around and held out my hand towards her. She smiled the most beautiful smile I'd ever seen and took my hand.

We trudged on through the cold once more, our hearts and hands entwined, together.