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CHAPTER 10 - The Medicine


I was so cold with my light pyjamas that at every step a shivered.

The wood of the floor made sounds under my feet and when I came across the corridor and my eyes moved quickly in the dark.

I had to be smart I can't let her win and catch me.

I exit my room and I came closer to the stairs trying to get in the kitchen.

I was so hungry and hunger forced me to go out even if it was dangerous.

I watched the dining room from up the stairs and I heard Elizabeth talking at the phone and walking but then she moved near the windows leaving me a possible way to enter the kitchen.

My stomach rumbled and I had to make it stop punching it.

The woman looked at the stairs with a smile.

"He's coming Neal! You better be good in this last minutes. Time to come here" she said chanting with an evil smile.

'She a witch!' I thought 'Now I knew why Peter married her!'.

I sighed in the dark.

But she wasn't the only witch near me. Guess who yesterday announced me that I'll be sick?

Yeah Kate! And she was damn right.

I spent today lying in bed half dead when Elizabeth decided to take out his favourite weapon against flu…a big bottle of fever reducer.

Naturally that was intolerable for me and I spent the last hour trying to save me from that woman running up and down the house.

Fortunately for me stopped running and she went down cursing me.

But I didn't predicted that she was counting on my hunger and my fear of Peter to come down.

I sighed and I looked again at the dining room without seeing her.

I walked softly trough the stairs and…

"Finally you went down!" someone exclaimed triumphant behind me.

She move her hands toward my jacket but I fled again her hand.

"Oh god…please neal! Stop that" she sighed.

She walked toward me with a bad look and I shrink from her until I found the door behind me.

"End of the game" she smiled reaching me with her hand.

'Exits Neal?' I asked myself without hope but then I found the door's handle and in a second I was out.

'Fredoommmm' I though like a idiot but suddenly something big stopped my run.

I opened my eyes and I looked up just to see Peter looking down at me with a funny grin.

I had just hit against my lovely handler.

I cursed my luck again and I started going towards the cold street on my left but Peter stopped me from my scruff and hold me from my waist.

"Where are you going? Not nice Neal do you prefer the cold steet instead of my house?" and I sighed.


He grabbed me into the house while El was laughing at my defeat.

"Don't be to nice. He has been the devil today. He refused my medicine" she said in disbelief.

"Haha! Too bad buddy this time it's your turn!" laughed Peter dragging me in my room.

I sat in my bed and I looked at Peter.

"No!" I protested "I'm okay! Don't you see?".

Peter raised an eyebrows and watched his wife.

"Well he's pretty dynamic!"

And El went to her room with a sigh just to come back with a thermometer.

She put it in my mouth and ordered Peter to watch and I stayed there with a thermometer in my mouth, my arms crossed and a terrible expression on my face.

"Too bad Neal almost 103?" Peter said looking at the display "How could you run like that?" he asked surprised.

"Shaolin's monk training" I mumbled and Peter laughed.

El came in the room and Peter nodded to her "I think we'll have to use my 'quick recovery method'!" she smiled evilly at me.


Neal became scare in one second after El appeared again with the big bottle in her hands.

"Come on Neal you're not a 4 year old child!" but he moved away from me again.

A raised an eyebrow "Ok lets treat you like a child" I said blocking him again from the waist holding him with my arms.

"Have you finished?" I said when he finally stopped moving and looking bad at me.

"I hate you Peter Burke!" he growled.

"Even if you're sick noone will stop me to give you a nice lesson" I threatened him.

Still holding him I took the glass with the medicine.

"I'll count three" I said giving him the glass and he looked at the glass terrified.

"One…" I said and I forced him swallow.

He started coughing and screamed "You said at three!".

"At least you were relaxed!" I smiled.

After a full minute of coughing I passed him the glass again.

"Do I have to do it again?" I asked but he swallowed it alone.

Finally he went calm and strangely he calmed in my arms leaning against my chest so I relaxed my arms too and he closed his eyes.

His long hair on his forehead fooled me again and I had the impression of having a child in my arms.

Without noticing I was holding him a little tighter but then my thoughts went again at the boxes full of toys for noone.

Life sometimes is strange peoples you grow up thinking that having a family is normal but you're just young and you don't think too much about it. But then you find the right woman and suddenly something happens and you find yourself desiring something.

Life sometimes is strange when you find yourself desiring that one thing you can't have it. Even if you know you just can't stop thinking at it…yeah thinking at a little child frightened by a medicine to hold and to comfort with a cookie after having swallowed it all.

Neal opened his eyes and reached the pillow leaving his head felt in it.

"Everything okay?" I said at the false moribund.

He looked at me with his fluid blue eyes.

"You tricked me!" he said sulky.

"You tricked many peoples." I replied "I was your turn!" I smiled.

"Mhh" he responded.

I leaned my back to the headboard watching him laying down.

"Do you have another scolding ready for me?" he asked looking at me.

"Well not really. Even if you have let my wife run after you all day…"

"I don't like medicine" he murmured.

"I noticed" I laughed.

Silence felt between us two.

"I'm sorry for the other day" he said.

I looked at him and he moved his head to watch my reaction.

"I'm sorry too" I replied looking at his shiny sick eyes.

"Having you here Neal is not simple. I trust you in some kind of way but knowing that you still see your adventures companions…"

"Mozz has never been convicted" he interrupted me.

"That was because someone had something more interesting to exchange for his freedom" I said looking intense at him and he looked away.

"Neal I don't what to see you again going trough the wrong path even if you have the unusual ability to do everything to make it happen!" I grinned.

"So you'll close me in the basement for the next 3 year?" he asked.

"If I want that I'll have let you were you were!"

Silence felt again between us and I looked at the blue and cloudy ceiling.

"Can you promise me you won't get in trouble again?" I asked.

Neal took a deep breath like he was examining all the possible answer he can give to me.

"I'll think about it" he granted me.

"You'll think about it?" I looked at him in disbelief and he laughed.

"I'll try Peter….I'll try!".

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