A.N.--This is another version using "For when not even heroes..."

You look at the world around. It's busy, you notice. Stressful, agitated, anxious. But you can't really do anything about that. It's been like that for years now. At least, it feels like years.

Really, it's only been six months, this war. You know, logically. But your heart, your mind, think it's been six years. You should've been on many missions, many rescues, many battle. But you've only been on two. Two.

And they were a success too. You and your team has liberated two planets in six months. You and your team has saved your general two times in six months.

You and your team are, supposedly, heroes.

All the other teams have done less than the 501st, and they were called heores.

But not you. Oh, no, not you. For when not even heroes do you get recognized. When not even heroes do you get a break. No, never.

But you know, deep down, it's not right to gloat. Not right at all. Though you still wish to be called heroes.

For two and a half years, you and your team preform the best. You have liberated the most planets, rescued the general numerous of times. And you even lead the mission to rescue the Chancelor.

But no, your still not recognized as heroes.

But when Order 66 comes down, you think, now is the time. Now, you will be called heroes.

Sadly, your wrong. The other legions call you heores. Lord Vader calls you heroes. Even Emperor Palpatine.

But not anyone else. No, they call you villans, deystroyers. Murderers.

And you wonder, when were we the heroes? During the War, you loved us. Now you hate us?

So when were we the heroes?