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Pairing: Darry/Two-bit, Soda/Steven, Pony/Johnny (not that you didn't see that coming) and at some point Dally/Tim

~~~Chapter 1~~~ (Pairing: none yet, but a romance is blooming...!)

Darry and Two-bit wrestled on the floor while Soda ran around the house looking for his shoe. Steven stood by the door laughing as Soda made his third trip around the house; he held the shoe behind his back smiling happily at Pony who just shook his head.

"Darry me and Johnny are heading to school...Darry?" Pony looked over at the two on the floor and smiled, walking out the door, but turned around quickly and looked at Steven. "Oh hey Steven, you guys should leave if you don't want to be late for work." Steven looked at his watch nodding and throwing the shoe on to the floor in front of him just as Soda ran back in.

"Stop fooling around Soda and hurry up; we're gonna be late." Steven said leaving the house.

"Darry?...Darry!" Soda yelled slipping on his shoe. Darry pinned Two-bit down to the floor, straddling his hips.

"What?" he panted out of breath.

"Is this really how your going to spend your only day off, wrestling with him?" Soda gestured to Two-bit. Two-bit somehow wiggled his legs out from under Darry and wrapped them around Derry's waist and used him as leverage to flip them over pinning Darry to the floor.

"And what is so bad about me huh?" Soda was about to answer when Darry flipped them back over and slammed Tow-bit to the floor. "Fuck Darry that hurt" Two-bit groaned and glared up at Darry.

"Sorry, and Soda me and Keith are going to see a movie later and go to lunch or something so stop worrying about what I do on my day off" Soda mumbled something and stormed out.

"We're going to a movie?" Two-bit Bit asked excitedly Darry got off him and nodded

"I figure I got to do something fun on my day off and sitting next to you watching a stupid movie is not only funny but fun...remember last time, we sat in the front row and every time they kissed you throw your popcorn at the screen screaming 'she's a trap don't fall for it', God that was funny." Darry laughed and Two-bit smiled.

"Well she was, fucking his brother. Sucks for him though finding out and killing them" Darry laughed harder; pulled on his shoes.

"How does that suck for him, he wasn't the one getting his head chopped off." Two-bit shrugged.

"He had to go to jail thought, he killed them because they betrayed them, I'm just glad I don't have any siblings." Darry gave him a look and finished tying his shoe.

"Let's just go see what's playing okay?" Two-bit nodded grabbing his jacket and keys.

"When we get back I could help you with your car if you want." Darry stepped out locking the door and sticking the key where Pony could reach.

"What's wrong with my truck? Oh and hey let me drive." Two-bit nodded sliding into his front sit handing Darry the keys.

"Nothing is wrong with your truck, I was talking about the firebird you got in the garage it's only what, two years older than my baby right?" Two- bit rubbed the dashboard and Darry laughed.

"Yeah that would be great, never thought I'd have the time to even look at it again." Two-bit just gave him a small smile. "If you only knew..." Two-bit thought to himself.


"So, That movie sucked...like I've never seen that bad of a movie before." Darry said as he slide in to the drivers set of Two-bits car for the second time that day.

"I know, I don't even get what they were doing half the time...did it even have a script or did those shit actors just pull the lines out of thin air." Two-bit grumbled, crossing his arms and leaning his head back against the seat.

"I know right...you want ice cream" Darry pulled away from the curb and turned down the next street over.

"Yeah...sure..." Two-bit gave him a look.

"What's the look for Keith?" said boy shrugged his shoulders, moving his head so he was facing the window but the look didn't leave. "Keith?" Darry voice was harsh and sent shivers down Two-bits spine.

"Darry its nothing so leave it" Darry pulled the car over fast glaring at him he before turned off the car.

"Keith" Darry's face was cold and his voice harsher than before.

"You really want to know Darry?" he nodded turning in his seat to face Two-bit better. "Why are you spending all your money on me, go buy Baby (A/N: everyone in the gang calls Pony baby, because his the youngest) new clothes or something" Darry chuckled lightly

"That's what your upset about" Two-bit scowled at the window and nodded, "Keith…Keith?" he turned his head, giving Darry a bored look. "What is so bad about me wanting to take you out?" Two-bits eyes widened and his head snapped forward. "nothing, nothing at all, take me out Darry...please" Two-bit thought but just went with,

"Nothing" Darry ruffled his hair.

"Your my best friend, let me spend money on you." Darry turned the car back on, pulling off the curb. "If you want we could go back to my house and wait for Baby and Johnny to get back and take them with us. Would that make you feel better?" Two-bit nodded, he hated that Pony and Darry always fought about money and about everything else and it pissed him off that Darry hated giving Pony money. One time Pony spent twenty bucks on food at DQ for him, Johnny, and some random girls and not on new pants from the discount store like Darry had told him to do, now Darry doesn't trust Pony...with money that is. As they pulled into the drive way they saw Dally sitting on the front porch.

"I thought he was in jail again?" Two-bit wondered out loud, Darry shrugged getting out of the car.

"Hey Dally, how are you?" Dally shot up at Darry's greeting and gave him a manly hug. (you know the kind were the grab hands then like punch each others backs...manly hug)

"Great, sorry didn't mean to interrupt your...date" Dally laughed, and Darry punched lightly on the shoulder laughing too. Two-bit just walked past them going inside "yeah if only" he thought grabbing a beer from the fridge and searching for food.

"You know I don't buy beer for you." Darry said reaching around him grabbing two more and Two-bit shivered when Darry placed a hand on his hip to steady himself.

"Yeah well you should" he answered, his voice shaky.

"You alright Keith?" Darry in a very concerned voice shutting the fridge door keeping a hand on Two-bits waist just in case he passed out. Two-bit nodded and moved away from Darry and over to the sink, Darry gave him a worried look before handing Dally a beer.

"His fine go get your mail or something" Darry gave Dally a look but went anyway. "So you got the hots-" Two-bit cut him off.

"Don't even say it Dally" he kept his eyes on the empty sink in front of him not daring to even glance at Dally.

"I'm not going to tell him, so you got a crush, big deal. You think if you don't say it or hear it out loud it we'll just go away...your wrong." Two-bit turned to look at Dally

"Oh yeah how the hell would you know?" He snapped and Dally laughed, opening his beer and taking a sip.

"Been there, I just out of jail the first time and I met Tim. He turn my whole world around and he doesn't even know...it won't go away, and not admitting it only makes in hurt worst...Two-bit you're in love with Darry, face it and it becomes that much easier to look him in the eye again." Dally looked start into Two-bits eyes as he said this.

"I'm sorry I snapped at you" Dally shrugged, and left the room just as Darry entered after hearing everything Dally had just said, he cleared his throat.

"So what was that about?" Two-bit shook his head, leaving the room as well.

"We'll be in the garage looking at the car" Two-bit called over his shoulder, Darry yelled an okay to let him know he heard him. 'So Keith loves you...oh shit...I need to talk to Soda' Darry thought leaving the kitchen, and going to the phone after calling outside that he'd be right there.

"Hey Steve, is Soda there" he got a grunt back and heard Soda's laughter before the phone was picked up.

"Hello?" he answered, Darry let out a breath he didn't know he'd been holding.

"Hey Soda, its Darry"

"Hey Darry! What's up?" Darry could hear the smile in Sodas voice and for some reason that calmed him down a little.

"Soda...I kind of just heard Keith and Dally talking...and ummm...Keith's in love with me" he heard the phone drop from Sodas hand.


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