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It's the end of this story…

~~~~18 years later~~~~

"Kids lets go or you'll be late for school!" Ponyboy Cade called up the stairs, before going back into the kitchen to finish feeding Joanna. Chadrick, Milo, Jake, Lauran, Steve Jr.(aka SJ), and Tristan (being carried by Milo) came filing into the kitchen looking more so tired then usually.

"Uncle Ponyboy I'm to tired for school" Jake whined, Pony shrugged

"Well maybe a sleep over on a week day wasn't such a good idea then huh, come on eat your food, the bus will be here soon. Where is Nathan and Eliza?" Pony asked but was only answered by the other two walking in glaring angrily at one another.

"She stole my shirt again Pony" Nathan growled point to his older tom-boy of a sister.

"Stop being a cry baby and sit down and eat." she growled grabbing a soda from the fridge, Pony just shook his head and went back to feeding Joanna. "Hey Pa" she waved as Darry walked in stretching before being tackled by Jake.

"Morning kids" he said to everyone before picking up Jake "What's wrong?"

"Papa I'm to sleepy to go to school" The five year old yawned big to prove his point

"So am I Uncle Darry" SJ said who was the same age as Jake only three months older.

"Well, I can't say no to you two…so go ask your Daddies" they both giggled and ran up the stairs, Jake jumped right on top of Two-bit waking him up with a loud screaming attack, while SJ sneaked into Steve and Soda's room, trying hard not to wake up his Papa, he climb over the bed cuddling against his pregnant daddy, who woke up and hugged him close.

"He's not staying home again today. Go get dressed SJ" Steve said not even turning around.

"But Papa-" Steve sat up

"I said to get dressed young man" SJ growled "Steve Jordan Randle Jr." Steve said in a warning voice, SJ looked at his Daddy, who turning to Steve. "No, baby he's missed the last three days…stop looking at me like that…its not going to work" Soda tapped SJ, who then also put on his best sad puppy dog eyes. "God almighty…fine!" he yelled getting up "but your going back to school as soon as your little sister or brother is born and you better get at least all B's if not A's on your report card mister" SJ nodded watching his Papa leave. Soda and SJ high-five, before SJ went to find Jake who was now having a staring contest with Two-bit, Darry walked in wondering what was taking the boys so long, knowing that neither of the other men could say no to their sons, he laughed at what lay before him. Jake was sitting in Two-bits lap their nose touching as they stared at each other.

"Jake if SJ stays home you can too, but you got to keep an eye on Soda okay?" Jake nodded pulling away and Two-bit glared at Darry

"I could have won!" Darry just shook his head pointing to the door.

"Kids go down stairs, us adults need to have a conversation…in the shower" Two-bits eyes widened and sparkled waiting for the kids to leave before tackling Darry. Down stairs Johnny was just getting in, having to pull the grave-yard shift at the hospital again.

"Four car pile up last night, seven kids involved, it was horrible" he sighed barring his head into Pony's neck kissing it lightly before picking up his one year old daughter and holding her to his chest. Pony got up and help Lauren; who was now seven, braid her hair.

"Daddy, I want a brother" Pony choked on air for a second, causing Johnny to chuckle to himself and Joanna to pull his hair.

"I'll work on that" he said winking at Pony, who blushed bright red making the older kids laugh.

"Hey Pony, you are looking mighty fine these days, I could defiantly hook you up with a piece of my man-mea-" Johnny hit Chadrick over the head and glared at him.

"Finish that sentence and die, even if him being incredible hot is true that doesn't mean its okay to hit on my husband." Chadrick just rolled his eyes and went back to reviewing Nathans homework. Milo however was feeding his accidental son Tristan who was now six months, the mother Jayme had passed during delivery.

"Chad could you watch him again today after school I have another meeting with my parole officer." Chadrick shook his head

"I got one with mine too and if I bring him with me they'll think I stole him or something. Pony could you watch him for us?" Pony smiled nodding, both brothers took after their Dad in attitude and their Father in looks and bulky-ness. They had looked the same until high-school when Milo went to music and Chadrick football, but the two were never away from each other for more then an hour at most, and were now sharing the task of raising Tristan. "You got number four wrong buddy" Nathan looked at him for a minute then back at the paper then back at him, to the paper again before looking into Chadrick's eyes glaring.

"Lair" Chadrick rolled his eyes and took Tristan from his brother while he ate. There was a honking outside and all the kids got up Chadrick and Milo both kissing Pony goodbye on the cheek handing him Tristan before following the others out, Johnny rolled his eyes when he heard Chadrick scream that he'd miss Pony the most out of everyone else. Pony blushed placing Tristan in his swing, he put Joanna in her play-pin/crib thing and pulled Johnny into the downstairs bathroom by his tie, pushing him up against the door before dropping to his knees, smiling up at him. Steve was already getting dressed for work, as he tied his tie Soda waddled in kissing him.

"I'm only at work for three hours today, I'm just going to meet the new guy…baby you sure you want to quit?" Soda nodded, Steve was now the owner of the DX gas station, after the owner had past; having no living relatives he signed it over to Steve. It was now called Randle's.

"I just need some rest sweetheart, I know we only going to have two kids but…Pony sees my baby more often then me! I want to be a better parent to my children." There was a knock on the door. "Come in" SJ and Jake came running in.

"Uncle Darry, Two-bit, Johnnycake, and Pony are busy doing adult things in the bathrooms, can you play with us Daddy?" SJ smiled big, showing off his toothless gap. Soda laughed nodded ignoring Steve's growl of protest.

"Soda the doctor put you on bed rest till the baby is born…please, just be careful, you know how much I worry" he kissed SJ head, patted Jakes, and kiss Soda "I'll be home soon, call if you need anything?" Soda nodded.

Later that day Dally called to make sure everything was going okay. Dally and Tim had taken their youngest Hunter, Thatcher, and Tally on a camping trip for the weekend, the twins had practice in chores and football so they couldn't go and had to stay with the others. Pony had become a stay at home Dad, while he worked on his novels, having published three and now working on his forth. Darry was now working for a construction company that he had founded in partnership with Tim seven years ago, the business was working out great, especially now that Pony was handling all of their finances. Johnny was now a pediatric surgeon, wanting to help children as much as possible. Dally and Two-bit still worked at the diner, never feeling the need to move on, they loved their jobs, although Two-bit was a manager now. Milo was going into music and Chadrick was planning on supporting him once/if he failed, even if hadn't explained that to Milo yet. Chadrick had just gotten accepted to a University on a football scholarship and was leaving in only two weeks.

"Soda! Could you bring the boys down please?" Pony called up the stairs, yelping when Johnny hit his ass as he walked by him up the stairs. "Could you not?" Johnny shook his head smiling pulling Pony too him.

"Tonight…your ass is mine" he whispered seductively into Pony's ear nibbling at it causing him to blush and stutter. Johnny laughed and paid a hello to Soda as he walked up the stairs. Soda shook his head and watched Pony move around the kitchen cleaning up while making the two five year olds breakfast.

"What am I going to do when you move out next month Pony, I can't cook for shit" Pony laughed

"Soda you don't even live here anymore" Soda shrugged, Darry had practically beg Soda to stay at the house till the baby was born, him and Steve wanted someone around him at all times and at Darry's house there was always someone.

"I know that but I live just down the road…your moving to a different town!" he whined

"Its only a half hour drive Soda, and besides its closer to Johnny's work and the kids school. I'm still going to see you everyday." he placed the plants on the contoured and sighed "and plus, were going to need the room…with the new baby and all" Soda nodded and then his head snapped up

"Did you just say new baby…Pony are you?" Pony nodded smiling big

"Don't tell Johnny I want to wait until we move into the new house." Just then Johnny walked in picking up he's bag he'd forgotten. He looked up to see Soda giving him an extremely happy smile.

"What's up with you?" He smiled back.

"If you only knew" Soda replied laughing to himself.


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