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Emil washed up on the coast of Hystia (not part of the game but it will make sense once I get farther along) . He groaned as he shielded his eyes from the blazing sun. Uhh how did I…. how did I get here…. Emil looked around him. He was on a white sand beach. Farther inland was a tropical forest. "Owww!" Emil yelped as a Crab pinched his foot. He stood up after prying the crab off his foot. Emil stared at the ocean. He sighed and turned around and looked at the forest. Be a man… Be a man… Its just a creepy forest that's all….

He took a deep breath and began to walk into the forest. He used his hands to push the leaves and vines out from his tan face. It seemed like hours when he found a small clearing in front of him. During his wonderful and painstakingly long walk through the forest he had lost his scarf and had torn up his gloves and shoes. Marta is gonna kill me… she told me I should be careful with these clothes…

His thoughts were cut off when he heard a roar across the meadow. A giant Fenrir glared at Emil. It growled as its legs tensed up getting ready to pounce. Emil gulped and his hand went to back to reach his sword. His hand grabbed at air as he turned his head to find out that his sword was missing ( I'm sorry Emil But I'm being mean) He gritted his teeth as the fenrir leaped forward. I don't have my sword… where did it go…. He flew to the ground in order to miss the giant Fenrir's large teeth. He stood up and kicked the Fenrir's hind leg with enough force that the Fenrir's momentum piled it into the ground.

The Fenrir shook the dirt from its fur completely unfazed by the pile drive in the ground. It turned around quickly and swung its claws at Emil Rending part of his chest. Damn. Emil cursed and bit down on his lip as he fell onto the ground the searing pain shooting through him. Emil felt the red liquid gush onto his chest as he slowly lose consciousness. Before he blacked out he saw armed men running at the fenrir and darkness slowly took a hold of him.

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~Flash Back~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~

Emil, Lloyd, Marta, Sheena, Regal, Zelos, Rayne, Colette, Genis, and Richter came out of the Ginnungagap. The Stones surrounded it collapsed down forever sealing the gate from all access. The group smiled at each other and was congratulating each other on a job well down. Along with the whole "we saved the world again!" Richter walked to the edge of the cliff and stared out at the ocean. As the others happily talked amongst them selves Emil walked up to Richter.



"Emil. I'm sorry for trying to kill you."

"Its... It's okay Richter. You had your reasons to hate Ratatosk I'm glad that you didn't think that I was the same as him." Emil smiled softly at Richter.

Richter pushed up his glasses and looked away a small blush on his face."You two are nothing alike. I'm glad I realized that before it was too late."

"So Richter, What are you going to do now that the world is safe once more." Emil asked shyly, Part of him hoping to travel with the silent warrior again.

"I will Help dissolve the last of the Vanguard and finish some old business ."Richter said turning his head to face Emil.


A large shake interrupted Richter and the happy party. A Large Demon crawled its way out of a red swirling vortex. ( Swirly 0.o ) Its body was black with silver and Red Armor, A huge long sword in one of its claws. AS soon he was out of the vortex his huge Wings Open up.

"I will conquer this world and Find away to open the Door the Demonic Realm." It roared. The group began to stand in their battle poses. Emil and Richter turned around Weapons drawn. They all charged at the Demon. Spells flew in the air, as weapons clashed with its armor and dodging his large sword. Emil Jumped up high and slammed his sword down onto the head of the Demon with a loud thunk. It glared as one of his hands grabbed Emil and threw him off. Emil crashed into a large rock with a crunch.

"EMIL!!!" Yelled Richter and marta.

Richter Flew himself at the demon Hacking into it. The demon screamed as the groups attacks grew immensely stronger. Emil Looked up his vision hazy as his friends took down the Demon. Emil smiled softly and coughed. Richter ran to him and began to help him up.

"Are you okay Emil?" He asked a bit harshly.

"Um yeah."

His friends gathered around him and smiled glad to see their Summon Spirit Friend was doing. The ground seemed to shake."I will not die alone.."he breathed heavily a large light launched from his hand the moment he died, aimed at Richter. Richter had his back to the demon but it was too late. Emil Pushed Richter out of the way and Emil took the blast. He was rocketed into the depths of the Ocean.

"EMIL!!" Richter yelled running to the cliff hoping to catch a glimpse of his friend but no luck. He was gone. Everyone began to panic forming a plan on how to find him. Richter Walked in a dead like trance to Where Emil's sword was on the ground. He picked it up into his hands and fell to his knees looking down at the sword of his dear friend.

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