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Emil woke with a start His head pounding as if it was going to be split apart at any moment. He rocketed up to a sitting position and a searing pain struck his chest. He felt a warm liquid dribble down his chest. His fingers Ran to his chest to find bandages over his now seeping wound. That's right… I was attacked by a Fenrir… Wait my chest is bandaged… Emil looked around to see where he was.

He was sitting on a queen sized bed with baby blue silk sheets. The bed felt as if he was sitting on a soft cloud. A small soft sigh escaped from his lips as his hand ran over the silky sheets. He noticed he was in a small room with Cream colored walls. The floor was a dark stained oak. There were two doors in the room, one was in front of him and the other was to the left of him. The one to the left of him looked like the floor except the door had oriental carvings into it. The one in front of him was a frosted glass door. That must be the bathroom… He turned his head to the right of him. There were two large windows with Baby blue, that matched the sheets, drapes. He caught glimpses of outside and was shocked to see a large flower garden outside of his window. Many flowers were in the garden, ranging from roses to day lilies.

Emil didn't know how long he stared at the garden. He failed to notice the oak door opening to reveal a brown haired maid enters his room. He flinched when he heard her gasp. He turned his head a little too fast and strained his neck like it almost felt like was on fire. She looked at him and noticed the blood seeped bandages.

"Oh my! Your wounds reopened!" She said and walked out of the door in a quickened pace. Emil winced at the sound of her heels rapidly stomping on the ground. A few seconds later the same maid rushed back into the room with a roll of bandages, cotton swabs, and a bottle of hydrogen peroxide. She set the items onto an oak side table next to his bed.

"Um do you mind if I move to a better position to remove your bandages?" Her face turning into a tomato red as she spoke.

Emil nodded slowly, confused to as why she would be embarrassed to ask. The maid moved slowly on top of the bed and scooted towards Emil. Her face is still a brilliant shade of red when she was next to him. She leaned close to him her hand slowly trailing down his back. He jumped a bit from the sudden contact of her cold hands with his bare back. Soon it dawned on him why she was so embarrassed earlier. She was almost on top of him trying to get the bandages off and her chest was very close to his face, causing him to blush violently because the maid outfit was extremely revealing. He felt a soft click and triumphant sound from the maid as she began to take the bandages off of him. Soon as she was done taking them off, she placed the bloody bandages into a basket. Emil drew his breath in as the air stung his chest. He looked down to seem a deep claw marks on his chest with blood slowly dripping from them.

"This is gonna hurt. I have to put some hydrogen Peroxide on it to disinfect it." She said softly.

She pulled took the bottle off of the table and grabbed some of the cotton balls. She opened the bottle and poured some of it onto a cotton ball and began to clean up his wound. His breath hitched as it began to sting and burn. The blood and hydrogen peroxide mixed and began to foam up. She made some comforting talk with him, as she began to clean the rest of the wound.

Emil got a good look of it when she had pulled away to toss out the bloody cotton balls away and grabbed a wash cloth. It doesn't look as bad as before….. She returned with the wash clothed and began to dry his chest up. As soon as she was done with that she pocketed the wash cloth. She grabbed the bandages and began to wrap it around his wound. It took several minutes for her to completely wrap it up nice and tight.

"there you go a nice clean bandage."

"Thank you very much. I was wondering where am I?"

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