Good Morning Kisses
By: Manna


She woke him with a kiss.

The taste of her lips lingered on his own. "You interrupted a perfect dream," he said after a moment, when the sleep had faded from his eyes and he could turn his head to see her face.

She smiled and lowered her forehead. Her nose brushed his. "What kind of dream?" she asked as strands of her hair slid off their precarious resting place and tumbled over her shoulder to tickle his bare arm.

"A dream of you and I," he murmured, allowing a thread of silence to weave its way between them.

Her lips quirked upward as his chapped lips brushed against hers with each word he spoke. Elaboration would have been nice, but she didn't need it. The index finger of her right hand brushed his cheek gently. "Close your eyes," she coaxed. "I have something for you."

Perhaps his training as a knight was so deeply embedded in his veins that he could not, despite the years that had passed, stop to question anything that Lady Lyndis asked of him.

"Now open your mouth," she whispered, and he immediately obeyed.

Her fingers brushed against his lips, and something landed against his tongue; it wasn't soft or hard, and it had a distinct sweetness to it that reminded him of her kiss.

"Chew," she instructed, her fingertips gently pushing up on his jaw.

Again, he complied. Some might have called it blind loyalty, but he called it faith. His eyelashes fluttered as he opened his eyes—a warm, tired brown—and swallowed. "What is it?"

"They call it a pear," she said, looking amused as she held a yellowish fruit up for him to see. She turned it in her hand, and he noticed a section of it missing. Lyndis had already eaten half of it! "They usually don't grow well around here, but sometimes the late frosts spare the blossoms."

She nuzzled him, and he couldn't help himself; he kissed her. It was light, soft, a gentle meeting of lips. Kent had always been awkward with words. Certainly, actions spoke louder, and with far more clarity.

Lyn's warm tongue brushed against his lower lip, and she pulled away, a teasing smile on her face. "You're such a messy eater," she said, taking another bite of the fruit she held in her hand. Her lips glistened with the excess juice.

He watched her for a long moment and returned with a quiet, "So are you," before pulling her down for another kiss. It wasn't long before her lips were cleaned of any pear-eating evidence. He kissed her again for good measure.

She poked him lightly with a finger, and it nearly stuck against his skin. He would have to do something about that.


Author Notes:

This was for Qieru for the Microfic/Drabble Meme on Livejournal. She wanted a 'fic with a pear in it. If your teeth rotted while you read this sugar-coated beast, blame it on her! :D