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Sam used the Impala for help as he pulled himself to his feet. He didn't let go of the car at first, his balance wavering, but was able to let go after a few seconds. He let his eyes roam across the road, catching sight of an unmoving Alison and a barely conscious Nina.

"What's going on?" Dean asked from the ground, not even making an attempt to stand.

"Nothing," Sam replied surprised to see everything in one piece. He expected uprooted trees, a huge crater in the road, maybe a bleeding body. But, like he said, there was nothing. Everything looked completely normal.

"Help me up." Sam did as he was instructed, grabbing Dean just below the elbow and hauling him to his feet. It was evident Dean's leg was hurt the moment he was upright. The appendage was shaking uncontrollably and if it wasn't for Sam's support he would have collapsed back to the pavement. But Sam knew not to ask if Dean was okay, he wouldn't answer truthfully, so instead he said, "C'mon," and practically dragged his brother toward the now conscious Nina Horton.

She was trying to get to her feet, making it after three tries. She stumbled toward her sister whispering, "Don't be dead. Please don't be dead." she managed to make it to her sister's side before her legs gave out and she collapsed to the ground again.

"Allie," she whispered letting her hand ghost over the deathly, still blonde's hair. Her other hand, fingers trembling, reached toward Alison's throat. If Sam didn't know any better, he'd swear Nina was crying. Icy heart Nina, the queen of awkward conversation, was actually crying. It was a strange yet understandable moment.

"You know," a familiar voice said making Nina snatch her hands back and fall onto her backside, "if you keep crying you're face will be covered in ice." Alison Horton's eyes opened, locking on her sister's face.

"Allie," Nina whispered scrambling to her knees again.

"Word to the wise," Alison said pushing herself into a sitting position. "Never let an angel, hell-bent on destroying humankind, take you over. It's not fun."

"Are you okay?" Sam asked giving her a concerned look. He had been possessed before, he knew what that could do to a person. Especially someone who believed the entity was supposed to be working for the man upstairs.

"Physically I'm fine," Alison replied quietly breaking eye contact with Alison to look at Sam. She took a deep breath, averted her eyes from the younger Winchester, and said, "But emotionally…" she cut off when Nina threw her arms around her, burying her face into her shoulder."Nina, as much as I appreciate the affection, you're cutting my airway off."

"Sorry," Nina replied pulling away. She settled back on her heels and crossed her arms across her chest. "I just missed you." Alison gave her a small smile, one that didn't quite reach her eyes.

"Alison," Sam started setting Dean onto the ground and taking the few steps toward the blonde. He crouched down next to her and said, "What do you remember?"

"It's mostly a blur. She came to me in a dream, while I was sleeping. She looked like Dad, Nina." she stole a glance at her sister before returning her gaze to Sam, "She told me God needed help, that I was His only hope. She asked me for control of my body and mind."

"And you gave it to her," Nina said giving her sister a look of pure disbelief.

"Nina, she's an angel. I didn't think she'd do what she… She used me, Nina, and I can't… I don't…" Alison trailed off, her eyes shining with unshed tears.

"We know, Al. Believe me, we know." Nina took her sister's hand, giving it a gentle squeeze.

"I would love to get out of here," the blonde whispered letting her eyes flick across the almost empty road.

"Me too, Al," Nina agreed shivering as a gust of wind blew past them. Sam nodded, pushing himself up he headed toward Dean. He helped his brother stand, keeping a firm grip on his arm.

"Don't get used to this," Dean grumbled as Sam guided him back to the car. "By tomorrow I'll be up walking again."

"Okay, dude," Sam replied lowering his brother into the passenger seat. He jogged toward Nina and Alison, trying to assist in any way, but was quickly waved away by Nina. With a shrug, too used to being dismissed from Dean, he merely followed the girls to the Impala.

Once everyone was situated, Sam started the car (glad it started on the first try) and headed down the long stretch of road.


Dean's leg was stiff the next morning, to his utter disappointment. He could barely walk on it, but insisted on it anyway. The short trek to the bathroom nearly killed him, but he had made it; even if Sam vehemently decided to follow him like a parent trying to teach his toddler to walk.

Nina and Alison headed out around two that afternoon, after Alison insisted she buy them lunch. Or Nina had to buy them lunch, all her money had been stashed away in her belongings and spent by her sister in the months she was missing.

"You said 'thank you.' I don't see why we have to feed these two," Nina complained after dishing forty bucks out at the local diner.

"It's the least we can do, Nina," Alison replied. They stood outside their motel rooms, both girls carless, but Dean had an inkling how they were going to get one. Hunters didn't need a paycheck to get a car. They did, however, need money to pay for food…

"Hey, where did you get the forty bucks for lunch?" Dean asked checking his pockets for his wallet. It was in his back pocket, exactly where he put it that morning.

"Oh, that reminds me," Nina said taking a silver money clip from her pocket. She tossed it to Sam and said, "Thanks for lunch, Sammy."

"What…" Sam started catching it in midair. He threw her a glare as he verified the SW across the silver. Dean couldn't help smirking, especially when Sam's glare turned into his patented 'bitch face.'

"Nina," Alison snapped throwing her sister a disapproving look. She turned to Sam and said, "I will pay you back…"

"Don't worry about it," Sam said giving Alison a forced smile. He looked like he had just come down with lockjaw. Nina chuckled once before wandering over to a group of cars. Yep, Dean's inkling was spot on.


"It's okay, really," Sam tried again, sounding about as convincing as a horse trying to pass as a unicorn.

"Alison, c'mon," Nina called from a '99 Mustang now idling a few feet from her sister.

"She's stealing a car," Alison whispered to herself, resting her chin on her chest. "I can't believe… And we are…" she shook her head once, took a deep breath, and looked at Dean and Sam again, "I want to thank you for your help."

"Don't mention it," Dean said trying to casually lean against the car, hoping to get some weight off his leg. He had a feeling he was horribly transparent, especially when Sam tried to hide a smirk.

Nina honked the Mustang's horn once, tapping her wrist with an impatient look on her face. "I'd better go," Alison said turning to leave. Not even a step away, she turned around and started digging in her pockets. She found a gum wrapper and a pink clicky pen in the inside pocket, scribbling on the former with the latter. She handed Sam the wrapper, put the pen away, and said, "If you ever need help…"

"Thanks," Sam said pocketing the wrapper. He, in turn, removed his notebook and pen and scribbled on one of the pages. He tore it out, handing it to Alison. "The same goes to you."

"Okay," she said taking the page and folding it. Nina honked again waving at Alison to hurry up. Alison took a deep breath, let it out, and said, "Good bye."

"Bye," Sam said as Dean nodded. She turned and trekked toward the stolen car, sliding into the passenger seat. She waved one last time, turned to her sister, and said something. Nina retorted with a glare. The two sisters disappeared around the corner bickering back and forth. Dean chuckled once and shook his head.

"What?" Sam asked throwing him an inquisitive look.

"It's just nice to see someone else argue for a change," Dean replied using the car as an aid to get himself to the passenger side.

"Yeah," Sam muttered with a small smile on his face. He opened the driver door, made to get in, but froze. His smile wilted as he said, "Where do you think Acacia is?"

"Locked up, I hope," Dean replied pulling his door open and lowering himself onto the passenger seat. He leaned his head against the seat, closing his eyes. He listened to Sam get into the car, the engine turn over, but missed the Impala leaving the parking lot.

Knife in hand, a joyous swoop went through his stomach. He was good at this, it was a no brainer, and he wanted to do it. He sliced into the screaming man, his screaming intensifying tenfold, and Dean laughed. A cold, chilling laugh joined his. A hand touched his shoulder and a voice said, "That's right Dean. Let it out. You feel pretty good, huh? And pretty soon you'll be just like me…" Dean turned, looking into the white eyes of Alastair, noticing the malicious smile on his sadistic face. He glanced back at his victim, only to find the same face staring back at him. But it wasn't Alastair. It was his face, etched into a mirror…

He jerked awake, his heart hammering against his chest. He wasn't sure where he was at first, until a familiar voice asked, "Are you okay?"

He looked at Sam, behind the wheel, giving him a nervous look. Dean managed a forced chuckle as he said, "Yeah, I'm fine."

"Right," Sam said sounding unconvinced. Dropping the subject before it even started, Dean reached over and flipped the radio on. As Van Halen's Man on a Mission filled the car Dean couldn't help but think that he, too, was on some kind of mission. Maybe the more people he saved the more he could make up for the ten years he spent torturing souls. It would be a small step anyway…


Uriel didn't know why he was called to the small bushel of trees behind an old manor. He was curious, had a few questions, didn't exactly like the angel who came a calling, but showed up anyway. When Zachariah called you showed up, no one stood up the higher ups.

"Uriel, you came," Zachariah said appearing directly in front of the dark angel.

"Yes. What is it I can do for you?" Uriel's distaste for the older angel did not stop him from asking what he needed. He had heard what Zachariah could do; he would rather not be on the receiving end of that.

"It's what I can do for you, Uriel."

"What do you mean?" the dark angel gave the balding angel a curious look. Never had a higher up offered a deal with a lower angel. They mostly just barked orders and expected them to be followed.

"Uriel, I have a proposition for you."

"And that is?"

"How do you feel about the apocalypse?"


"Because I would like to start it. Me and a select number of angels, and we were in need of some new recruits."

"And you are doing this why?" Uriel questioned again, wondering why Zachariah wanted the apocalypse to happen.

"Come on, Uriel, think about it. Paradise on earth, the humans under our control; who wouldn't want that?"

"What does God…?"

"Uriel, God has long since left the building. Do you honestly think he would have allowed Lilith to break one seal, let alone the twenty-seven she has already broken? It's just us, and I for one want to start the party with a bang. So, what do you say? Gonna continue to follow the commands of our absent father, or do you want to help start the beginning of our world…?"



I always figured Zachariah got to Uriel like Uriel tried to get to Cass. So, I wrote the little ending with Zach and Uriel. So, I hope you liked it…