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"Um… no Star, it's not edible." Said Robin as gently as he could, taking the strawberry scented lip-gloss she had just almost eaten from her hands.

"Oh I see. The delightful smell and taste are simply for the pleasure of the user do to the fact that it is on yours lips and could make 'the contact' with your taste buds." He smiled and lightly laughed. Something only she could make him do.

"Yeah." He said, still smiling. He handed her back the lip-gloss and she slowly spread it over her full, pretty lips.

"It tastes like the delicious strawberries!" she smiled in delight, her gorgeous emerald green eyes glowing with wonder. She flipped her long red-auburn hair over her shoulder. He became mesmerized at the smell that drifted over to him.

"Robin?" he abruptly snapped out of it, and she laughed lightly. "Friend Robin, has the Greshnic'k got your tongue? What has caught your attention?" He began to get nervous. Did she suspect anything?

"Uh, nothing." He lied quickly. She seemed a bit confused, but she ignored it. Then she turned her attention back to the, as she called it, 'wonderful tube of scented lip moisturizer' in her hands.

"This is a common item in the possession of Earth girls. Yes?" she continued to stare at the lip-gloss.

"Yeah." He said, the smile spreading over his face again. He reached over to get the remote, knowing her favorite television program, World Of Fungus, was about to begin. "Except for Raven." He added. She smiled and laughed as he switched the TV on to the channel of the program.

Suddenly, as she became absorbed in the program, the tube of lip-gloss slipped out of her dainty fingers and to the floor. They bent over at the same moment to grab it, causing their heads to collide. They fell off of the couch in surprise, Star landing on top of Robin.

"Oh! I apologize!" She said between gasps of laughter.

"No I'm sorry!" he responded, while loudly laughing at the same time. When their laughter finally died down, they realized what position they were in. Robin turned beet-red, but Star just studied his face, seeming mesmerized. Then, she slowly brought her eyes to his and their gaze locked. She moved a bit closer, then he wrapped his arms around her, pulling her down and kissing her quite excitedly and passionately.

As soon, as her mind caught up with his actions, she threw her arms around his neck and clenched his hair, kissing him back, parting her lips and moving them against his. After hungrily kissing for about three minutes, they pulled apart, out of breath. Then, breathing in her ear, he whispered something. "It does taste good." At first she didn't see what he meant, but as her eyes fell on the long forgotten tube of lip-gloss she laughed.

"Want to try again?" she asked, sounding more mischievous than normal Starfire as she pulled him back into the kiss.

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