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Chapter 1 - A Pretty Still Doll

Uchiha Sasuke - 24

Uchiha Itachi - 29

Haruno Sakura - 19

Hatake Kakashi - 36

Uzumaki Naruto - 25

Haruno Hizuka - 40


Snow drifted gently onto the bustling city from the darkened night skies. People in the streets disregarded the white flurries as they hurried along and held their long coats closer to them to keep warm. Only one person stood still and watched the tiny flakes fall from the black horizon.

She stretched her hand out in front of her to catch the flakes, the freezing air of a late November night made her breath come out in puffs of visible steam. Her pale skin contrasted sharply with the time of day and illuminated her with a soft white glow. The attire she wore was too little for such a chilly evening. If only she could have longer a time to admire such wonderful scenery, as well as her own freedom, she wouldn't have to escape with every spare moment.

"Sakura! We need you here now!" A voice harshly broke the peaceful silence.

She sighed and turned her back to the tranquil scenery in front of her as she walked under the red drapes once more to her prison. If only someone looked at her as the person she truly was and not the imposter she was made to be.



"Where have you been?! Many suitors have been here to look for you!"Hizuka scolded her as she appeared.

"I was outside, Mother." Sakura quietly and emotionlessly answered.

Without a moment's hesitation, Hizuka brutally slapped Sakura across the face. Her face reddened at the contact.

"To look at that wretched snow again? If you do that once more, then I shall lock that balcony up. You can spend more of your time on your appearance in front of the wealthy men! Too much of the cold will cause your complexion to roughen and I won't be able to marry you off for at such a price men are offering for you right now. Hurry along and fix your skin. You can't show up like that in the ballroom."


It took her a few days to have found an opening to slip out onto the balcony, yet her recess was foiled much easier. Her white three-inch heels clicked on the elegant tiled floor of the mansion they were allowed to stay at. If not for her Mother's remarriage for the sake of money, they would currently be living in the slums. Her stepfather was never seen around the house and it seemed as if he cared naught about them. Always working from morning to night, he is only seen in the early hours of morning before he leaves for work. They've only exchanged a few greetings after a year into her Mother's wedding.

Whenever her stepfather was around, Hizuka would never strike her. She would pretend to be the most composed out of the four of them. Sakura has two older sisters: Miyuri and Yume. They were never struck and it was only Sakura who continued to be used for the anger her Mother harbored especially for her.

Ever since they were young, Hizuka would continuously neglect Sakura and only cared about Miyuri and Yume. The blonde Yume was the most flirtatious one; she knew how to flirt amongst the crowd of men and socialize to the point of where she knew they had all fallen for her. An obvious and dangerous trap. But the many suitors she had managed to grasp brought in more money for the family. They only needed to pawn the items she had received and did not like. Yume was married at the age of 24, yet childless after two years of marriage. Maybe abortion was constantly in play. Her flirtatious nature would not allow her to stay with one man.

Miyuri. Happily married with the man she had so deviously captured with her talons. Such a simple but yet ugly trick. She had escorted the wealthiest and handsomest man at one of the parties around town back to his home only to be bedded. The wealthy man knew his responsibilities well and took it like a gentleman. He married her within a month and a baby boy was born a year later. She was only 20.

Sakura, a name given to her by her late father. The only memory she has of him is the warmth of his big hands patting her on the head whenever something goes wrong. After his death, the family shattered and the abuse from her Mother started. Out of the three sisters, she was the prettiest. Perhaps that is enough a reason for why her Mother repeatedly mistreats her in order to boost the self-esteem of her older sisters.

Her hair was an odd but soft shade of pink, but it suited her. She was slim, yet her modest curves accented her small frame perfectly. The tight dress she wore covered her bruised arms and the hoops added into the bottom half of the dress shielded outsiders' view of her light and beaten legs.

In her small room, she sat down in front of the bureau, inspecting the damage of her cheek with only a dim candlelight. It was red. No finger marks were present and Sakura could only be thankful for that. Never had she complained to anyone about the abuse by her mother. It was rare for anyone to hear so much as a word from her. She was not a socialité like her sisters, but she was also the only one who did not use underhanded methods to obtain suitors. Not that she wanted them anyway.

Wringing the towel dry from a basin near her, she bit her lip as she tried to cease the swelling the blow had caused. She left it alone for the next five minutes and picked up a powder puff afterwards. Heavier makeup is in order tonight. She never needed to apply heavy makeup before, because her porcelain white skin allowed a blush to be easily shown whenever time called for it. Applying mascara to her long eyelashes, she looked at her reflection in the mirror once more before she left her room. How she hated to be surrounded with men who only wanted her for her looks and body.




"Ah, Hatake-sama! I'm honored to see you at my party tonight." Hizuka graciously bowed to Kakashi, one of the wealthier ones in the aristocratic hierarchy.

"I thank you for inviting me in return." Kakashi smoothly replied as he lifted her hand to his lips.

"Please enjoy yourself here while I find my daughter to introduce her to you. It shouldn't be long. I apologize for the wait in advance." She sweetly said.

It's amazing what an effect Kakashi can have on her even though she is older than him by a mere few years.

"There's no hurry. The party has just started, Hizuka-san. I will be here for the entire duration."

"It is not courteous to keep a gentleman waiting here." She persisted.

"Yet, it is not courteous to rush a young lady, ma'am." Kakashi joked.

"Of course, of course." She looked flustered. "I shall try to find her now, if you'll excuse me."

Then she disappeared in the crowd of heterosexual people.





Oh, how she abhorred crowds. The smell of overpriced champagne lingered in the air as the cheaply wine was consumed by the invitees. A glass after the other. Vivacious women hanging around insatiable men. This circle of the aristocrats never ends. Perhaps one day she would be able to buy herself from her own Mother's hands. But…she wants freedom, yet she is afraid to be alone. Within the household she is independent, but outside, she is dependent on others to keep her alive.

A horde of men rushed to her as she appeared. They all gleamed of pricey suits and hair wax. In their hands were many gifts and all she could do were to courteously accept them. All of them reeked of a cocky aura that labeled them as high class jerks. With a mumble of thanks, she found her Mother and emptied the presents into her outstretched and greedy hands. However, as soon as the presents were given, Hizuka led – dragged – her to a tall, silver-grey haired man and left the two alone.

The shade of his hair was odd for a young man, but it suited him. He wore only a simple white shirt under a black suit jacket, accompanied by black pants and shining dress shoes. In his arms was a bouquet of red roses – all the men who had tried to woo her in the past had given her red roses as well. But this bouquet was different: amongst them were pink roses scattered throughout the red.

"For my pretty lady." Kakashi suavely offered her the two-colored roses as she stopped in front of him.

Sakura accepted the flowers and held them in her arms. "Thank you," she whispered, her words only caught by Kakashi's attentive hearing.

"I thought you would find this arrangement more to your taste than the usual pattern of red roses you receive daily." He mused.

"Yes…they are quite…exquisite." She softly said. "Thank you very much."

"It's my pleasure." Kakashi lifted her hand to his lips, lightly brushing across the back of her hand.

Sakura blushed prettily at his intimacy and looked down at the tiled floor. It was normal that she blush every time a man did that; she had trained herself for it or else more abuse would land on her from her mother. It was different this time. She could tell that this man had pure sincerity in him when he gave her the roses. He was considerate enough to take the time to ask the person who arranged the flowers for her to throw in pink roses.

"I'm sorry for our short meeting, but I have other business to attend to. It really has been a pleasure meeting you. I promise our next meeting will be longer." He apologized.

"Oh, it's fine…but, may I ask your name?"

"Forgive me for my rudeness, Sakura-san. My name is Hatake Kakashi."

"Ahh…" He already knew her name, what can she say?

"You're quite famous among us. The pretty flower that has yet to bloom. But do not worry, for my intentions are nothing similar to the rest of them. I will tell you in due time. Until next time, dear cherry blossom." Kakashi whispered to her to avoid others from overhearing.

"Until next time then…Hatake-san." Sakura curtsied to him as he bowed slightly.

"Until then."

Then he was gone, leaving with her, a beautifully arranged bouquet of pink and red roses.






He watched the whole thing from a different side of the ballroom. The way she walked up to that man in her collected state along with that eye-catching dress was unique. The manner she held herself indicated she was neither vain nor unconfident. Yet at the same time, she wasn't entirely confident. She was…amusing to read, much better than the whores flocking around in this higher class party. Their actions were so easily read by him that he was bored of them rather quickly. Now this one's different.

Her pink hair was tied into a low pony-tail and curled so that it would hang prettily over one shoulder. Pink fore bangs were elegantly swept to the side and wisps of hair framed her slender face. Over the top of her hair was a simple black headband, but the plainness of the accessory suited her.

A slim red dress hugged her curves and flared out in white lace at the sleeves and hem of the dress. The top of the gown revealed creamy white shoulders and the corset every woman wore under their clothes slightly elevated her cleavage. Although the lace lightly brushed the floor with every step, white heels could be seen and they accentuated the slimness of her feet and emphasized her petiteness. But all in all, she made for a very fine specimen of a woman.

The most captivating asset was her eyes: shocking emerald green orbs covered by half-opened lids. It made for quite a sultry look.

'How beautiful…' he thought.

After the departure of her new acquaintance, he simply observed her as she crossed the floors to return to the place behind the curtains, possibly to refresh the flowers she had just received in a vase of water. He smirked as he awaited her return.

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