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Letting out a sigh Sam sank just a little lower into his seat, it had been five months since the battle in Egypt and things hadn't calmed down like he had hoped. Of course having the existence of alien robots reviled to the whole world wasn't something that would every go away, it was still the main topic of conversation. Right along with that was his face being associated with it, he couldn't go anywhere with out someone trying to get him to talk about it. Random people on the street and also annoying news people who decided that he didn't get to have a privet life.

Even though the government had decided to actually tell the truth for once it still did stop people from wanting to know more. The main question that he had been asked was; What happened to The Fallen? It was something that he wanted to know too, he had seen the start of Optimus's fight with him and Megatron but they had fallen out of sight after getting tossed off the pyramid. At first Sam had feared that Optimus had been killed again when he saw Megatron flying off but then he had come walking around the sphinx and Sam felt over joyed knowing that he must have won.

The feeling didn't last as Optimus told them all that both Megatron and The Fallen had gotten away. His concentration was broken when a flash went off in his face and a tape recorder was pushed under his nose. He rubbed at his eyes trying to get his vision back and all the while he was being assaulted with question from one of the reporters trying to get anything out of him. In retrospect he figured that going to a coffee shop that was normally crowded wasn't his best idea, but he had hoped that hiding in plain sight would give him at least an hour or so of peace.

Getting up from his table he hurried out of the small shop having to push his way through the people who where there. Once out on the street he started jogging back in the direction of the collage hoping that they wouldn't follow him. His hopes where dashed when he turned his head to find that they where in fact running after him, letting out a groan he went from jogging to running and he was able to put much more distance between him and them.

He kept on running until he saw the large buildings off the collage, he started to slow down to catch his breath. Taking a look around he was happy to see that he was able to lose them, although he hadn't doubted that he could. If he could out run Decepticons then a few out of shape reporters where no problem.

"Your Sam right?" A voice said out of no where.

Sam jumped and looked around again, he was sure that he had been alone a moment ago. He saw the owner of the voice step out from behind a tree and saw that it was a girl no older then him. Her brown hair fell down to the middle of her back and her eyes where bright green, she had a nice white smile and a freckle just above her right cheek. All in all she was a very pretty girl and Sam instantly stepped away from her. For all he knew Mikaela could be around any corner, even though he knew she was back in Tranquility it didn't stop him from being afraid that she would pop up at any moment.

"Uhh... Yeah that's me." He said keeping his eye out for anything strange in the girls behavior.

He wasn't going to let another Alice like Decepticon tong rape him.

"My name is Sarah, I think that you and I are in Astronomy together." She said sweetly."I have been wanting to talk to you for a while but have never had the courage to say anything."

"Why...why would you want to talk to me?" He asked.

"Well I remember how you where the first day of class and I thought you where kind of funny." She said with a giggle.

Sam hated whenever anyone brought his horrible first day of school, he still had that damn professor giving him dirty looks and snide remarks whenever he saw him.

"Yeah had some stuff going on that day." He said trying to move further away without making it look like that is what he was doing.

"I heard, I think every one did." She said moving a little closer.

Sam could tell there was something off about the whole thing he just couldn't put his finger on it. She continued to step closer to him and he kept moving back until he was pressing his back against a tree. With no where else to go he watched as she kept coming closer, she was almost pressing against him when a small sound caught his attention. A gently crunch of leaves and a snapping of a twig, turning his attention from her he looked carefully to the right and saw someone dart back behind a tree.

Realization dawned on him and he groaned again. It had all been a trap, the reporters chasing him back to the collage the girls sudden appearance and interest in him. It was set up so that they could get something out of him, either information or some suggestive picture to talk about in there paper. He had no doubt that the girl had been in his class, she had probable been the one to call the reporters telling them that she could get what they wanted from him.

He placed his hands on her shoulders stopping her advance and she looked up at him with shinning eyes.

"I know what your up to." He said.

He saw for a moment fear flash across her eyes but it left and was replaced with false ignorance.

"What are you talking about?" She asked.

She tried to push his hands back so she could move closer but he gripped her tightly and moved so that she was the one pressed against the tree.

"Leave me alone." He said flatly.

He started to walk away, but the sudden grip on his wrist kept him from going far.

"Wait you can't leave yet." She said desperately.

"Why!?" He asked.

When no answer came from the girl he jerked his arm from her grip and started walking away, he could hear the others behind the trees shift so that he couldn't see them. He continued on his way to the collage and let out another sigh when he came to the large clearing right out side the front of it. There where students set all over enjoying the freedom that came with the bright Saturday morning, many where laying on the grass in groups talking while others where playing games of catch and laughing as the messed around.

Sam would have liked to join in but whenever he got close to a group they would all start to whisper and give him strange looks. He started making his way across the clearing when a student came in front of him holding a video camera. Sam didn't even pay him much attention since he was always filming everything around the school for his family back home. He was one of the few who didn't bother him with questions he just shot his video for a few moments before moving on talking about what was going on.

A sudden high pitched whine started to fall over the clearing and Sam saw everyone look around for the source. Sam however knew instantly what it was and looked up into the sky, flying right at the school was an F-22 fighter jet. The fact that it was flying extremely low told him instantly that it wasn't one of the military jets that flew around every now and then, his fear about what it was was confirmed when he saw the black markings that where present all over its body.

"Oh shit!" He said.

As the jet flew closer and closer to the school it was obvious that it wasn't going to just pass by. Sam started to yell trying to get the other students to run away but they either didn't hear him over the whining of the jet or they didn't care for what he had to say. They did however start to scream and run when the jet came right over there heads and started transforming. Landing hard on the ground the now transformed jet stood up and glared around at the scrambling humans at his feet.

Sam tried to run but he kept getting knocked into by the other students and he quickly found himself falling onto the ground. As a growl came from behind him he tried to pick himself up and start running again, but a great pressure and pain came around his right leg and he felt himself being lifted into the air. He hung upside down and was brought close to the jets face, his glowing red optics burning into him.

"Let me go!" He yelled.

Several angry sounding clicks and screeches came from the jet and Sam knew that he was being insulted by the flier. He saw an evil grin spread across his metal face which exposed his razor sharp teeth. Sam tried yelling for Bumblebee or Optimus but knew that they would not be coming, the government had forced all the Autobots to remain at there base until things settled down. Bad luck for him.

Suddenly he felt himself rising even higher very fast and then the pressure on his leg left as he was tossed into the air. Under him the Decepticon jumped into the air and transformed at just the right moment so that Sam landed harshly inside the cockpit. The glass dome closed around him and he felt the jet shoot off into the sky, his screams where lost as the speed they where flying at didn't let them make it out of his mouth. With all the blood rushing down into his legs from the force Sam soon found that he couldn't keep his eyes open any more and slowly he passed out.

Slowly so very slowly he started to wake up, the first thing he noticed was that he was laying on something soft and was wrapped in something very warm. His first thought was that the whole thing had been a nightmare and that he was asleep in his bed back at school, opening his eyes he looked around hoping to see the familiar posters and computer junk that was everywhere thanks to Leo. He sat up quickly when he saw that he was in a large metal room, with the wall completely bare of anything. Panic started to settle in and he untangled himself from the blanket he was wrapped in, he tried to move around the room but the moment he took a step his foot sank into the soft material he was laying on and he went falling over.

He stopped when he fell off of what ever he had been on and landed hard on the metal floor. Groaning and rubbing his back he slowly got to his feet and looked back at what he had just fallen from. His eyes went wide when he saw the biggest pillow he had ever seen.

"This thing is big enough for Optimus to use." He said to himself.

Stepping away from the large pillow he tried looking for a way out of the room, the only way out he found was in the form of a very large door. There was no way that he would be able to open it, but that didn't stop him from trying. After ten minutes of pulling at the door with no progress Sam walked back and sat down in front of the pillow and let himself fall back into it. He tried to think about what the Decepticons wanted from him now and why they hadn't just taken it from him and then killed him. He couldn't think of any reason other that they would want him other then the fact that they wanted him dead.

The sudden heavy grinding of metal caught his attention and he saw the door to the room start to move inward. He sucked in a breath, someone was coming in. He tried to get up to hid but wasn't even able to stand up before the door opened all the way. His heart stopped in his chest when he saw who was standing in the door way. Standing tall and proud his face even more alien then the Autobots and the other Decepticons was The Fallen.

The plates of metal on the side of his face clicked together as his burning red Optics fixed on his own. Sam saw his grip tighten just a little on the large staff that he held.

'Shit!' Was the only word that came to his mind as The Fallen advanced into the room.

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