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The pain exploded through his spark in a burning wave of agony. The sudden shock of it was enough to throw whatever concentration Sam had out the window and was more than enough to keep it from coming back. With his mind lost in the unexpected pain Sam was unable to control his flight and it didn't take long for him to crash into the empty street bellow. Sparks flew from his armor as he skid across the black street. He only went a couple of meters before he slammed into a mini van that had been abandoned in the middle of the deserted road. A miserable groan escaped him as he laid half inside the now destroyed vehicle.

His vision turned red as readings began to pop up in the corner of his optics telling him where he had been injured and how bad the damage was. To his surprise the only damage that showed was from him hitting the ground and the van. Nothing showed that there was anything wrong with his spark.

"What the hell was that?" He asked himself as he slowly began to wrench himself out of the twisted metal of the van.

When he had managed to free one of his arms he brought it down to his chest and tried to feel for anything that might be out of the ordinary. His examination didn't turn up any rents or tears in his armor and there was no exposed wires or gears that might explain where the sudden pain had come from. He could still feel the lingering effects of the pain in his spark. It wasn't as intense as it had been before but there was still a dull throb that kept his spark from returning to its normal pulse.

The screeching of metal filled the air again as he continued to pull himself out of the vehicle. Once he was free, he pulled back his helm to expose the skin on his face to the cool air. He took a moment to look around before he decided to take shelter in an ally way not to far from where he had landed. As he moved he found that while the armor had protected him from most of the damage of the fall he had still managed to injure his right leg. It didn't feel to bad to him, he could tell that it wasn't broken but it was banged up enough that he had a slight limp when he put pressure on it.

"Well... could be worse." He muttered as he pressed his back to the wall of the ally. "It could be like Egypt."

He had a quick flash back to waking up under the burning sun and trying to climb up Optimus's body with two fractures in his leg. Shaking his head hard Sam scolded himself for letting his mind wonder. He knew that it wasn't the time to be remembering the past when the future was at stake. Pushing himself off the wall he brought his helm back over his head and fired up his jets. Without a second glance to his surroundings Sam took off his mind still trying to figure out what had caused his spark's sudden pain. In the back of his mind he had an idea, but he refused to pay attention to it. But it kept pushing all other thoughts aside until it was the only thing he could think of.

"Optimus... what's happened to you?"

As Sam flew away from the ally he never noticed the pair of black combat boots attached to the slumped body of his fallen friend that stuck out from the other side of the dumpster that sat a few feet from where he had been standing.

Optimus's worn and strained circuits slowly started to come back online as static filled his vision. His helm was pounding and he could feel his spark pulsing weakly in his chest. It took him a few moments to remember what had happened. He knew that if he lived through this that Ratchet would give him a hard time for being so reckless. He could already feel the pain and new dents from the force of the medic's large wrench striking his helm several times.

Giving an internal head shake, Optimus scolded himself for losing his train of thought. There where more important things to worry about at that moment. Such as the large group of Decepticons surrounding him. Two of which where holding his arms behind his back and another two holding his legs down. Looking down at himself he saw that they had forced him into a kneeling position and that several of his hidden weapons had been ripped out and now laid useless in front of him. They had even gone through the trouble of removing his energon sword.

"Primus..." He thought. "Ratchet is going to tear my aft a new ejection port for the damage..."

This time Optimus shook his head for real as his mind began to wonder once more. Whatever they had done to knock him off line had obviously damaged some of the circuits in his processor. His mind never trailed like that unless he was under some massive damage. The last time had been shortly after the battle in Egypt. Once the fighting was over the Prime had stumbled around and acted like a come of age youngling who was over energized on there first ingestion of high grade energon.

It was the deep malicious laugh of his brother that brought his mind back to the present. With great effort the Prime lifted his head static still dancing across his vision. It was hard for him to focus and he wasn't able to count how many Decepticons where in the area.

"Welcome Prime... to the site of the new Decepticon empire!" Megatron shouted causing all the Decepticons around them to burst into cheers.

"Wh... what have you..." Optimus tried to speak but even his vocals where having a hard time functioning.

Megatron laughed again. "What have I done to you? A simple EMP pulse directly into your central processor line. Its not fatal but I have found over the eons that it is very useful in keeping my prisoners immobile and yet still able to feel everything that happens to them."

Optimus groaned and let his head fall until his chin rested on he chest plates.

"Oh no Prime!" Megatron said happily. "I want you to watch every moment of this."

At a gesture unseen by the Prime one of the 'Cons holding his arms gripped his helm tightly and wrenched his head up forcing him to look straight ahead. The gears in his neck ground under the force and a horrible pain shot through his body causing warning lights to flash in his optics.

With an evil grin on his facial plates Megatron moved to the center of the large area they where in. It took Optimus a moment to realize that he wasn't the only Autobot there. At the far end of the field Skidz and Mudflap where in the same position he was in. There arms held behind there backs and there head being forced up to look in front of them. As his optics focused on them he saw that they where trying to tell him something but he couldn't make out what and his internal communications where down. He wasn't given much time to try and work out what they where saying when Megatron yelled;

"Bring out the insect!"

Everyone watched as a single Decepticon moved out of the ranks and moved to Megatron's side. A human clutched in his fist but Optimus was unable to see the human clearly. The 'Con handed the human over to Megatron and the Decepticon leader held the human alot so all could see.

Using all his strength, Optimus focused his optics on the human in Megatron's grip. It was a middle aged African American male his hair was cut very close to his head and he wore a torn and dirty suit. It took a few moments for Optimus to realize who the human was and when he did he weakly fought against his captors.

"Megatron..." Optimus groaned out. "No..."

"Oh yes Prime!" Megatron laughed. "The human's leader will die by may hand!"

Optimus stole a quick glance at Skidz and Mudflap and he saw the regret and sorrow in there optics. He knew that they did everything they could to save the human leader. He should have gone with them, but he didn't follow what his instincts had told him and now they where all paying for it.

Megatron turned his burning red optics on the man and snarled. "Any final words maggot?"

Optimus watched as the man lifted himself up and forced his face into a hard look of defiance.

"My name is James Davidson... I am the President of the United States of America and I have only this one thing to say... You can kill me and you can destroy this city. But know this... nothing you could ever do will crush the spirit of mankind! We have triumphed over adversity in the past and we will do it again! Your actions today will bring the entire weight of mankind onto your head! There will be no place on this Earth that you will find refuge! We will hunt you down and we will drive you off our world if its the last thing we do! This I swear!"

With a feral grin lifting his facial plates Megatron lowered the human to the ground and slowly raised one of his large stabilizing servos until it was hanging directly over the man. His optics locked with Optimus's as he brought it straight down. The ground shook and a large cloud of dust and dirt rose into the air. All around the Decepticon's cheered and fired there weapons into the air. Optimus pulled against the 'Con's holding him, even though he knew it to be to late. He knew that even if they won the battle the damage that Megatron had done could not be fixed no matter what anyone did.

"MEGATRON!" Optimus yelled.

The war lord lifted his stabilizing servo up and looked down into the crater he made, all that remained of the human was large pile of dirty and bloody cloths with chunks of bone sticking out. Megatron began scrapping the bottom of his servo against the dirt a small frown on his facial plates.

"Worthless flesh bags." He snarled as he tried to scrape the remains off.

"Why!?" Optimus tried to yell.

"Don't worry Prime... the rest of your Autobots will meet a same fate soon enough." Megatron said starting to move closer to the Prime. "Not you though... at least not yet. I want you to watch as each and every one of your worriers falls before your optics. I want you to watch as this entire planet burns under the Decepticon banner and is rebuilt as our new empire. Then after all that, after I have taken everything from you... then I will grant you the mercy of death."

Reaching down, Megatron placed the tip of one of his claws on the side of Optimus's facial plates. Slowly he began to drag it down causing the metal to screech and rip apart. Optimus grunted in pain but was kept from moving. When Megatron finished the tear reached from the brim of Optimus's helm down to the lowest point of his jaw. A small flow of energon began to leak out from the torn metal.

Standing back up to his full height, Megatron motioned to the Decepticon who held Skidz. With a loud grunt, the 'Con kicked the Autobot in the center of his back causing him to fall forward. The Decepticon continued to kick and throw Skidz until his head was a few feet from the large crater that Megatron had created.

"Lets not let this show end too soon..." Megatron said loudly. "We are still waiting on the rest of our guests to arrive." Nodding slightly to the 'Con standing over Skidz Megatron said; "Take your time and enjoy it."

There was laughter from all the gathered Decepticons and even a slight chuckle from The Fallen. Megatron turned his back to the two in the center and began to walk out of the circle of Decepticons. He didn't bother to look back as the sound of ripping metal and Autobot screams began to fill the air.

"Enjoy the show Master..." He thought to himself. "...before this day ends, you will be nothing more then trophy mounted on my wall, and the boy will belong to only me."

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