An Overlap of Coincidence

Final Part

"Something's different," Haruhi commented with a look at Kyouya as a concierge loaded their baggage into the limousines.

"Different?" Kyouya, pretending full interest in his notebook as he jotted down quick tidbits about their stay at the onsen, didn't even look up.

"About you," Haruhi elaborated with that keen look in her eyes proving she probably knew exactly what was different but wanted to hear him say it.

His pen scratched across the paper, complimenting the inn on its choice of gardening. "I haven't noticed anything."

"Even if you did, you wouldn't admit it." She gave a light chuckle, and her gaze flickered over the rest of the club.

Tamaki was making a great show of thanking the proprietor of the inn, while the others stood around and observed. Well, everyone except Mori-senpai. Who chose to help the concierges load their luggage much to the admiration of the ladies watching from the doorway.

"Perhaps." Kyouya paused to watch as Mori-senpai lifted one bag and shoved it into the trunk, making room for all of the others.

For a group that consisted of six males and one female, there was a surprising amount of luggage. Especially when considering that Haruhi had one brought one bag as had Kyouya and Mori-senpai. It didn't take a genius to figure out who had brought the majority of the bags. Then again, Kyouya had only to look at his companions to understand why. Haruhi's single duffel looked pitiful next to the mountain of suitcases that served to hold the Hitachiin wardrobe.

"You took my advice, hmm?" Haruhi asked, no doubt catching him in the act of watching Mori-senpai at work.

Kyouya, to his credit, did not blush at all. In fact, he forced himself to tear his gaze away from his... lover? Boyfriend? Ah, did it really matter what he called... Takashi? He focused again on his notes, adding the last little bit before closing the pad with a snap.

"Something like that," he replied vaguely, unwilling to divulge such information without there being a benefit in it for him. "Looks like it's time to go."

Haruhi watched him with a smile of amusement. "I guess even Kyouya-senpai can be wooed," she said and walked past him, climbing into the limousine she had opted to share with the twins as opposed to Tamaki.

Feeling the weight of observing eyes, Kyouya flicked his gaze towards Mori-senpai who was looking his direction. Their eyes met with a spark of heat – a promise of something to come much later. And Kyouya hastily glanced away before his reaction betrayed him.

Wooed, hmm?

Perhaps it was a bit more than that. Something that he was actually willing to admit as he tapped the end of a very familiar pen against his clipboard. And with that, he climbed into the limousine he would share with Tamaki. Mentally preparing himself for the arduous task of both ignoring and listening to his best friend all at once.

"Look, Kyouya!" Tamaki ordered, all but bouncing in his seat as he thrust a small, wrapped package in Kyouya's direction. "This was sitting here when I got in!"

Kyouya glanced at the box. It was wrapped with a dark red ribbon, and he felt a smirk trying to tug at his lips. He reached for it as he settled against the dark leather, wondering if Tamaki was truly as oblivious as he seemed.

"I don't know why he's bothering with being sneaky now," the blond continued, purplish blue eyes big and sparkling. "I mean, everyone already knows."

"Do they?" Kyouya asked, only giving Tamaki half his attention as he pulled off the ribbon and opened the flaps. The contents rattled. He furrowed his brow, wondering what would make that sound.

There wasn't much within. He only saw tissue paper at first. And Kyouya pulled out the white wrapping as Tamaki crowded in his space, also eager to see the contents.

"It's... a button," his friend said, tilting his head in confusion.

Kyouya tipped the box over, and the blue button dropped into his palm. He recognized it immediately, the small kanji imprinted in the hard plastic identifying it as belonging to Ouran Academy. It was a button from someone's jacket, and Kyouya didn't need more than one guess to identify the person.

Someone had been listening to Haruhi's commoner stories again.

"I don't get it," Tamaki said with a small frown.

Kyouya chuckled, already sliding the small button into his pocket for safekeeping. "Get Haruhi to explain it to you," he commented half-amused and half-charmed by the thoughtful gift. Only someone like Mori-senpai – Takashi – would think of this.

The limousine pulled out, prompting Tamaki to move back to his seat. And Kyouya settled in comfortably for the reasonably lengthy ride. Content in the knowledge that he had made the right choice.

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