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Chapter 14

"First, I should tell you that I am not Caryn McCannon," Caryn said.

"You aren't?" Grissom asked.

"No, I'm not," Caryn said, she grabbed her head and pulled off a wig, under the wig she had a blonde ponytail, "I am Caryn McGonnon," she said, "profiler for the FBI."

"You're a fed?!" Grissom yelled.

Caryn nodded her head, "and I am wearing color contacts, my eyes are actually blue," she said, she took out her ponytail. Her blonde hair fell to her shoulders and was wavy from being in the wig.

"Why are you here?" Grissom asked.

"I went undercover to arrest Robyn Shorting, otherwise known as Andi Reredrum," Caryn said, "the agents who were killed were the only ones to know what her actually know what he looks like," Caryn said, "I am now the only one to actually know what he looks like."

"So you came here to get him," Grissom said.

"Yes, unfortunately, three people discovered my true identity," she said, "they have kept it secret for my safety and theirs."

"Who were they?" Grissom asked.

Sara, Catherine, and Greg all raised their hands, Grissom jaw dropped.

"You all knew and didn't tell me" Grissom said.

"Those two had suspicions," Caryn said, pointing to Nick and Warrick.

"Ok, but Al didn't know, why was he attacked?" Grissom asked.

"My guess is the he found out who Andi really was," Caryn said, "he didn't kill him because he was after me."

"You three knew all along who the killer was," Grissom said, pointing to the three girls, they all nodded their heads.

"We didn't tell you because of lack of evidence," Catherine said, her fingers were crossed behind her back.

Grissom nodded, "I understand," he said. "I understand that these past couple of weeks have been a lie. Catherine just lied to me. Caryn has been lying since we met. Catherine and Sara have been lying to me. And the entire team is going against me. What is this world coming to?" he asked.

Caryn placed her good hand on his shoulder, "we were only lying to you to keep you safe. I told you that the truth would come and hit you hard," she said softly. The door opened and Andi walked into the room.

"Ah, Caryn, how nice of you to sign their death warrants for me," he said.

Caryn stood up, "Leave them be Andi," she ordered.

"I'd be happy to, but this bastard," he hit the back of Grissom's head, "hurt my arm." Andi rolled up his sleeve to show the wrappings around his arm.

"They are not part of this," Caryn said.

"Actually, they are," Andi said. "They became part of this when you came along."

Caryn reached for her gun with her left hand.

"Careful, Caryn, you don't want your friends getting hurt," Andi teased, she loosened her grip on the gun. Andi smiled. He took out his own gun and cocked it; he pointed it at Caryn. "I've wanted to do this for a long time," he said, Caryn cursed under her breath and he began to pull the trigger. A shot was fired. Caryn fell to the ground; the shot had hit her right on the heart.

"NO!" Sara yelled, rushing over to her. Andi fired another shot; it narrowly missed her. "God, Caryn, don't die," Sara said, she checked for a pulse but a hand batted hers away.

"I'm alive," Caryn said, she stood up. "Hi Andi," she said.

"I killed you!" Andi said.

"Lesson one for killing a Federal Officer, Andi," Caryn said, "there was a little invention called the bullet-proof vest."

Andi stared at her with an open mouth.

"As for you," Caryn said, taking out her gun, "it's called self defense." Caryn whipped out her gun and shot him before Andi could even move. Andi fell to the ground and a pool of blood formed around him. Caryn walked over to check for a pulse. "He's dead," Caryn said. Everyone let out a sigh of relief.

"I can't believe you just did that," Grissom said, coming over to her.

"He shot me, twice, and he killed others, he also shot at Sara, it was murder in self defense, you can vouch for me," Caryn said.

"Freeze, FBI," three men screamed, running into the room with guns drawn.

"Little late boys," Caryn said, pointing to the body.

"Oh," they said, putting down their guns. "Did you?" one asked, Caryn nodded.

"Damnit Caryn," he said, "we were supposed to arrest him." Caryn looked down at the ground and scrapped her foot on the ground like a child who had just misbehaved.

"I'm sorry, Ken," she said.

"It's all right," he said. Caryn turned to the bewildered CSI's

"Everyone, meet Ken, Ken, meet everyone," she said.

"Hello, Ken," Grissom said, shaking Ken's hand.

"Ken is my boss," Caryn said, "my real boss."

"No wonder you won't listen to me," Grissom said. Caryn gave him a look. "You haven't changed," Grissom said sadly.

"Now what is that supposed to mean?" Caryn demanded.

"Oh, nothing," Grissom said.

"Caryn, we'd better go, Katie really misses you," Ken said.

"Who's Katie?" Sara asked.

"My daughter," Caryn said, "That guy over there's my husband," she said, pointing to the second man, he waved

"You're married and have a daughter!" Catherine squealed. Caryn nodded. "You never told us that," Catherine said.

"Well, I can't tell you everything," Caryn said. Caryn and the three other FBI agents started leaving. "Oh, and Grissom," she said, Grissom looked at her, "I don't hate you, I just find you narrow minded," with that, Caryn left, Grissom's mouth was open.

Caryn stuck her head in the room one final time.

"Maybe we will meet again and you will see the real me," she said.

Caryn left the office leaving everyone speechless.

"What the hell are we going to do with her wig?" Nick asked.