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Chapter 1:Family Bearings.

Today was just another day to him. He had skipped school again and was on his way to the park to loiter like he always did. His dark green eyes had the same bored look in them that they always had.

On his way to the park he got a text from his cousin telling him that she maybe leaving soon to a place named Inaba. His eyes sparkled with delight as he read her message.

That's how it was for Raijū Ichimaru. He found everything so dull until it came to his cousin Asami. He replied telling her that he'd be coming with her and he wasn't going to take no for an answer. He told her that they had to stick together or he'd go crazy.

Afterward he called his mom telling her about his cousin's trip and that he'd be going.

"I know that mom, but I wanna go with her." Raijū said as he waited for his mother to say he could go.

"Fine! Raijū go! But you had better behave, and go to school. You two should be going to the same school so there isn't an excuse for you not to go to school." Raijū's Mother said.

"Yeah… whatever…. Fine. Thanks mom." Raijū said as he ran towards his house hanging up his phone.

Once he got home he ran up the stairs and into his room as he began packing everything he would need. He heard the door open and close telling him his mother was home from work.

"Is it really that late?" He asked himself as he stared at the clock that read 4:30pm.

Raijū rushed down the stairs and headed toward the kitchen. His mother was making some tea as she talked on the phone to someone. He listened in enough to know his mother was talking to Toya-san. His cousin's mother most likely enjoyed the idea of him going and he heard his mother say.

"Treat him like his yours then Kana-san. If he doesn't mind, don't be scared to crack him across the head from time to time." That was all Raijū heard as he walked out of the kitchen and back upstairs to his room.

Raijū jumped onto his bed laying there as he smiled at the idea of living with his cousin. He loved her more than anything in the world, he wouldn't tell her but she was the only interesting thing to him in this world. He decided to take a nap until dinner was ready. His mother wouldn't start cooking until about 6:15 or so. He closed his eyes with a content smile on his face as he thought about the future with his cousin, his Asami.

The day went on without a hitch for Raijū as he got what little work he had left done after he woke up, and ate. He rounded his day off with a bath and fell asleep on his bed at 11:54 pm.

Six minutes later after Raijū fell asleep, elsewhere in Okinawa…


It was midnight. The dark hour.

The darkness pressed in close around the little house, trapping it within shadow. Save the little pinprick of light that was dully visible in a single window in the house. Inside, a figure, a person, held a flashlight in between their knees and balanced a heavy book on their stomach as they leaned against the bed's headboard.

Three Tarot cards were splayed out loosely in front of them, not yet flipped over. The backs of the Tarot Cards were an interesting design, made of blue and silver. A masked figure was on them, half colored in blue and half colored in silver, the person, ran a hand through their black hair, wiping wet bangsout of their eyes. They tucked the strands behind their left ear, and flipped over the first card slowly, carefully.

On this card, a jester was dancing, a dog yapping at their heels.

The figure leafed through the frayed pages of the book, muttering,"Let's see… this position means the immediate future… and The Fool means…" The figure glanced up, looking at the card again through greenish-gray eyes. "Okay, the reversed Fool means… a clear warning to not act immaturely or recklessly in a new situation…"

The figure snorted, glaring at the fraying page she had turned to,

"Tch… how can you be reckless in such a backwater town as Inaba?"

Reaching over the book, the figure flipped over a second card. This card had a woman on it, surrounded by a clear aura of grand light. Turning a few pages again, the girl muttered,

"This position's the present… Okay, the High Priestess means… I have to wary of hidden obstacles and enemies…"

The girl scrunched up her face, and rolled her eyes. She said,

"Seriously? Seriously, you silly cards?" She sighed. "I mean really, I'm going to Inaba, for Pete's sake. Y'know, Inaba, that country town that's not even on the map."

Shaking her head, the girl flipped over the final card. She tensed, her arm trembling as she noticed the design on this card.

This card had a skeleton on a white horse, holding a single white rose between its skeletal fingers.

The girl shakily mumbled, "Death… in the far future… this card means… a great change."

The girl refused to turn the pages of her book to check the meaning. Instead,she stared blankly at the card. She'd never drawn Death before from her pack of Tarot Cards. Silently, she wondered if going to Inaba was really a wise idea.

"Nonsense," She thought to herself, biting her lip. "Raijū wants to go with me, so I'll be safe…"

On her door, someone knocked three times, and said in a loud, uppity voice,

"Asami! Are you still awake!?"

Asami Toya nearly flung the book out of her hands in shock.

"Go to bed!"

As Asami listened to her mother walk away down the hall, she thought, picking her book up off the floor.

"Inaba will be perfectly safe. I know it. The murders or whatever happened there are over with, right?"

In the coming days, Asami would be proven to be wrong.

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