Title: Wake Up Call 1/?

Author: Rhion

Rating: M?

Summary: Some wake-ups are worse than others. And some are better.

Disclaimer: Me no own, you no sue.

AN: So.... yeah, here I am in yet another fandom! Wonderbarr. Like I need another thing to obsess over? Well, I felt morally obligated to write this, as there's only like, four, maybe five stories out for this fandom. And c'mon, any girl who's seen the Ninja Assassin movie should know that there's so much fannish potential in this movie that it's almost sickening. In a good way mind you. Part of me wanted to just jump right into some naughty-naughty smut, but it didn't feel right. Not when taking into consideration the interviews I've watched with Naomi Harris (Mika) and Rain (Raizo) – both seem utterly, disgustingly sweet. Again, in a good way. Then taking into account some of the things said – both about characters and the actors – I just thought that perhaps I should go for something softer. That may or may not wind up with a little fluffy fun between the sheets or in a shower scene.


Her chest hurt and there was an annoying counterpoint to the pain, a steady beeping, and underneath that soft whirring. Vision foggy, Mika opened her gummy feeling eyes, wondering where the semi-truck was that had decided to hit her, and if possibly anyone had gotten the license plate. Or if someone could please turn off whatever alarm clock was currently sounding off nonstop at a measured rate – because she simply couldn't gather the gumption to do more than groan. Let alone chuck the offending appliance into a wall.

"You should stay still," rasping, soft, and familiar. The backs of fingers came to rest fleetingly on her cheek, "Are you thirsty?"

Swallowing, working saliva into her mouth, "Rai-Raizo?"

"Shh, just stay still, I will get you some water," the light was dim, almost not there at all, so Mika didn't see much other than the fog-rimmed shadows.

Something pressed to her lips, plastic and thin – a straw. Suddenly realizing how thirsty she was, Mika greedily sucked, ignoring the stabbing that went through her chest at the motion. Before she could get her fill, the straw was pulled away, forcing Mika to breathe. What had happened? And why was she so itchy, and her head felt as though it had been wrapped in heavy fabric. After she had caught her breath, the straw returned allowing her to finish drinking. With a dry slurping sound, the water was gone, but Mika wanted more.

"More, please?" croaking.

Raizo was silent for a moment, debating, "I don't think that is wise, the anesthesia is still in your system. They said you may throw up." Pausing, and Mika felt warmth near her forehead just before a calloused palm lay gently there, "You could choke."

"Anesthesia?" whispering, struggling with the haze that was making clear thought difficult. "Why...? What happened?"

"Ozunu," the single word brought everything back in a horrible rush.

Finding the strength, fueled by fear, Mika's hand flew up to her chest. A thick wad of bandage bulged over her left breast. Whimpering in remembered pain, the terror of seeing Raizo sprawled, Ozunu poised over him, ready to strike – and then the old monster had disappeared. And then the pain had come, it hadn't hurt at first, but the withdrawal of the blade pulling free, the floor rushing up to meet her body... All that flashed in her minds-eye. Then it had been over, Mika hadn't closed her eyes, she saw Raizo move as though in slow-motion, spring from the floor on the attack. In lightening strikes, Raizo would hit then vanish, strike once more and again until Ozunu had lain in pieces on the floor. Strong arms had slid under her, lifting Mika up, cradling her like an infant, and she had been carried free of the burning hot, dark air into gray-dawn, cool and crisp mountain air soothing the pain for a moment. Until Raizo had set her down, and Ryan along with a medic had gone to work. After that, everything slipped down into darkness.

Raizo remained by her side, the touch of his hand on her head all that kept her anchored as the memories assaulted her like a vicious animal. Blindly reaching out, Mika searched for Raizo, needing more than anything to feel that he was real. She had thought he was dead, he would have been if she hadn't foolishly rushed in, shooting like a crazed maniac. No matter that the building had been burning, that the air was thick with smoke, flying embers, or how much it seared her lungs, Mika had run in thinking only to protect him. And now, the most frightening thing for Mika was the fact that she was unsure of his reality, of his being safe.

The flesh of her palm contacted cheek and nose, her fingers digging in and pulling his face closer so that she could hold his head in her hands. Sighing when Raizo leaned forward, close enough for Mika to not stretch, relief washed Mika clean.

"You really shouldn't do that," the medical bed creaked as Raizo sat awkwardly on it, leaning half over her, only a darker shadow amongst the others, "The doctors said the surgery went well, they stitched the vessels together. But stitches can tear. And that would be bad."

Unable to keep a hysterical laugh in, "You're good at stating the obvious."

A huffed out laugh, not quite a chuckle, "Perhaps."

Scooting on the bed, desperate, "Stay? Please?"

"For awhile," he agreed, even though Mika detected a hint of trepidation in Raizo's voice. "Until you fall asleep."

There was some shifting as he settled down beside her, but Mika didn't let go of his face, needing the reassurance. A careful arm draped itself over her middle, when Raizo lay on his side, the other making a pillow for himself. The scent of his breath was warm, a faint hint of tea on it. Generally Mika didn't like being breathed on, especially not on her face as she was trying to sleep, but this time it was reassuring, speaking of safety. Her rush of strength and alertness was fading, the beeping of medical monitors now no longer so irritating, becoming a lullaby when mixed with Raizo's measured breathing soothing her back to sleep.

"You'll be here when I wake up again?" hoping.

"Maybe," his jaw moving under her hand, cheeks half smooth, only his chin feeling vaguely prickly with stubble. "We shall see."


Again, Mika awoke to pain, but it was duller, less sharp. More of a deep pressure and ache in her chest, like something heavy was laying on her. Blinking away the sleep, she wiggled, kicking at the covers seeking to get comfortable. It was the fifth time, or maybe it was the sixth?, she had woken up. Turning her head to the side, she searched, hoping to find Raizo sitting in the corner again. Every other time he had been there, slouched in the chair, legs crossed at the ankle, stretched out in front of him, hands clasped over his stomach. But he wasn't there. Frowning, Mika shifted, scooting herself up carefully, not liking his absence.

"Mika, you're awake," Maslow's heavy accent crashed into her head with easy familiarity. "The doctors were saying you'd be up soon. Do you need anything?"

Beside her bed, one of the other visitors chairs sat, containing her colleague, looking the worse for wear, "Can I get you anything, anything at all?"

Blurting, "Raizo. Where's Raizo?"

Confusion flitted through Ryan's eyes, then he shook his head, "After the raid he disappeared Mika. I imagine he had things he had to do. Leaves me in a bit of a spot though."

She almost told Ryan about Raizo's visits, that she had seen him. But something prevented her from doing so. As much as she trusted Maslow, she couldn't forget how Raizo had looked when Europol officers had looped a leash around his neck while they electrocuted him. And that had been because of Maslow. Well, his hire-ups, but even so. So, erring on the side of caution, Mika didn't mention Raizo, let alone the comfort his presence had brought.

Locking onto what Ryan had said, "So, what trouble is brewing? There's eight more clans to deal with, and -"

"Mika, that's enough," Maslow took one of her hands in both of his, "you just get better. Let someone else handle that stuff. This has been enough trouble as is." Leaning forward, earnest brown eyes boring into hers, "You almost lost your life with this bollocks. It's more trouble than it's worth, we're all lucky to have gotten away with the amount of collateral damage we did."

"Ryan, you can't expect me to accept that this is all being ignored -"

"I mean it Mika," squeezing her hand tightly, lips thinning down to a narrow line, "It's time to back off. Forever. The heat's too heavy, too thick, we can't fight this, the only thing to do is to back off. Completely."

Making a face, "Completely. Just let it go? They steal children, they kill people."

"And they have enough powerful friends that we can get squashed like bugs Mika," his grip turned painful, not on purpose, but from nerves. Mika had never seen the tense fear in Maslow's eyes, not like this. He was begging her understanding, but she couldn't. Couldn't accept it. Ryan saw through her easlily, knowing her too well, "Mika, you have to let this go. You'll lose more than your reputation, your job, you'll lose your life. And not just you. Anyone associated with you will go down."

Locking onto what was bothering him, "You've received threats."

It wasn't a question.

Neither confirmation nor denial came from Maslow. There was no time anyway, for a knock on the door, and it swung open, interrupting them. Which was to the good, Mika wasn't one to relent when presented with a problem. She would just have to be very careful from now on, and not go to Ryan unless she had serious proof of a target. He was right. More was at stake than just a job.

"Miss Coretti good, you're up. How'er we feeling today?" white coat hanging from a portly frame, the doctor was older, like an Asian version of the kind one would expect to have a black leather case in hand filled with instruments of the healers trade. Gold wire-framed glasses sat on his bulbous nose, like twin shiny circles over twinkling black eyes, "You gave everyone quite a scare with your injury. But good news is, is that your constitution is different than your normal sort."

Scooting, sitting up fully on her own, "I'm fine, sir. Just thirsty and my head feels like it's packed with cotton."

"Ah," he smiled, flashing teeth so neat, orderly and white that they had to be dentures, "that's to be expected with all the morphine in your system. I'll see about getting your dosage lowered." Glancing down at the clip board in his hands, "Now, do you have any questions about your treatment, or requests?" Mika shook her head, "Very good then. You seem to be holding up well, I think in a few more days you'll be able to go home."

"That's excellent," Maslow chimed in, "but she won't be cleared for work for awhile, right Dr. Asako?"

To that he chuckled, "No, most certainly not!" Leveling Mika with a stern look, "You'll be on strictly bed rest for two, maybe three weeks. Your lung needs to heal, and so do the sutures on your blood vessels. Anything too strenuous and you'll rip them apart and land yourself back at square one."