Bella is a mix breed which means she has different creatures that make up her celular structure, in this story she is part Romanian werewolf, part Transylvanian werewolf, part hybrid and part vampire.

Romanian werewolves do everything on their back legs, they walk, run, fight and moon gaze on two legs.
Transylvanian werewolves do everything on two legs too, if you have ever seen the van helsing movie then that is the werewolf type I'm talking about.
Hybrids can do anything and everything except Controling all the Elements, Controling Time, Teleportation, Telepathy and going throught time to the past anywhere in the present and the futur. They have venom and are able to turn their venom into anything they want it.
Vampires are sparkly and I know they are but some are, there are different types of vampires but Bella is a sparkly Vamp.

The higherarcy for werewolves are:

Transylvanian; they are the strongest type of werewolf, the most dangerous and they will tear anything apart that represents a threat to their pack or their mate. They hold a grudge for an eternity and they are not forgiving, they rather rip someone apart then forgive them.

Romanian; they aren't as strong as Transylvanians but they are pretty strong. The Romanian and transylvanian werewolf types hate each other with a burning fire that would put the devil to shame.

Russian; this werewolf hold a grudge not nearly as strong as Transylvanians but they do hold grudges. They have one member of the pack that is a lie detector and they find the traitors in the pack but if a wolf wants to leave they have to die to leave, and they will kill traitor's. So if your in a Russian pack don't try to get out.

German; they will punish traitors but they won't kill them unless they killed another pack member's mate, those that want to leave they let them. these are a nicer type of werewolf and they will give you a second chance if the offence was minor.

That is the top five. Their is one normal type of werewolf for every contanent. Even Antarctica has a type of werewolf though they are few in numbers they travel alone, with a mate or with a small pack. The smallest werewolf is the Normal European Mountain werewolf. They look like normal wolves but they can extend their claws to a max. lengh of 4'', their canines to a max. lengh of 8'' and they can change their size, their max size is about a grizzly.

They are the most friendly type of werewolf and are very loyal to those they care about and they will fight like hell to protect them. At the vary bottem of the higherarchy are the Latvian werewolves because they are a bit cowardly and timid, their are about I guess 100 spread across the country. They used to be close to Chineses werewolves but after a war with them and hunters they started going into hiding and it hurts my heart to know that the werewolf species is being hunted I feel the same for the vampires.

I hate it when a species goes extinct because of stupid hunters. I really hate that. but there is nothing I can do about it. which I hate even more :(

All werewolves have venom and with enough of it they can turn someone.