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Yay, vampire story! OK, I know everyone is doing the whole 'OMG, I love vampires!' thing now, but in my defense, I've loved vampires since I was three. I find the whole glittery vampire thing extremely annoying. Whatever happened to badass vampires like Spike?

Hermione lay in her bed, unable to sleep. She needed to move. A sudden urge to go outside washed over her, and she wondered if she would get in trouble for leaving the castle. It was two AM, and seeing as she was Head Girl and teachers were generally asleep by now, she figured it wouldn't hurt.

She slipped out of the Head common room wearing her white nightgown that stopped a few inches above the knees. She was barefoot, for she didn't care for wearing shoes.

Hermione made her way through the entrance hall, opening the huge front doors. She closed the door behind her quietly, and began walking.

The grass was cool and wet beneath her feet, and she felt elated. She'd always loved the night, and being outside at night was even better.

She felt drawn to the Black Lake, which, true to its name, was glittering darkly under the light of the crescent moon. She couldn't describe it, but she felt as if she was floating on air, and being drawn to something very important.

Hermione slipped into the cool water, which was refreshing in the summer heat. She closed her eyes, and continued walking forward, until the need to move stopped. She felt a hand snaking around her waist, and though she normally would be alarmed, she felt oddly at peace.

She felt breath on her neck, and a body pressing up against her back. She should have kneed him in the groin, but at the moment all she could think about was how nice his cold body felt against her back, his warm breath against her neck.

She tilted her head to the right, and sharped teeth pierced her neck, causing her to cry out in pain. She felt a warm mouth sucking from her neck, and crimson blood rolling down her pale neck, staining her pure white night gown. She felt as if she was on fire, and she screamed in agony, tears cascading down her cheeks, eyes wide and staring at nothing.

The man behind her only sucked harder as she began to feel the tug of the inviting darkness. Her knees buckled, and she collapsed. The man finished his meal, and dropped Hermione into the lake, it's darkness consuming her blank, staring eyes.

The Head Boy turned away from the lake, his bloody lips curved into a smirk.

"Pretty tasty for a Mudblood."

Eh, Eh? Did ya like it? Kind of creepy in its own way right? By the way, has everybody seen the new symbol, looks kinda weird, don't it? R and R please :)