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There were so many ways of saying the same thing. Pregnant. That's what the little white test in Canada's hand read. It would have been different if it wasn't his test, but alas, it was. He was pregnant. It wasn't uncommon for male nations to get pregnant. Seeing as how most of them WERE men and they had to represent the female half of their population somehow, after all. Canada sighed as he set the test onto the bathroom counter. He looked in his mirror and stared down to his stomach. It looked so flat. But there was something...someone, technically, there. Someone that was his...and Prussia's.

Him and Prussia. In reality, their relationship wasn't as strange as most would think if the two ever told anyone. The two started as strange friends, and somehow shifted into much more. He sighed thinking of Prussia. Canada didn't hesitate to admit that he was afraid of what the older nation would say to this news. He knew that Prussia loved him, but a baby? Even if it was theirs (he felt a shiver down his spine as he thought of this) he didn't think that the silver-haired man would want it. Hell, he didn't even know if HE wanted it. Sure, he liked kids, but one of his own? With Prussia? While thinking about this he realized something else. He had never even told anyone that he was seeing Prussia. Shit. He was so dead. Prussia was so dead. If America didn't kill him, then England would!

Canada wasn't really that worried about France. Prussia was his friend after all, and most friends wanted their friends to be happy....right? Canada sighed again (Maybe he could keep track and set a world record...) Prussia was suppose to come over soon anyways, might as well break the news. Him and Prussia...if he kept this kid, it would be a very interesting thing. If he kept it...was he ready for this at all? Did he want a kid? He knew he couldn't kill it, it was inhumane. And it would be hard to adopt it out. Being a child of two nations would make life difficult. So he was in a dilemma. After thinking about it, he decided it would be best just to talk it over with Prussia. His thoughts were disturbed by the door opening.

"Matt~ Awesome is here!" So here he was. Canada left his bathroom, test putting the test in his hoodie pocket, to go greet Prussia. As soon as Prussia saw him he walked over and gave him a kiss. Canada tried to respond normally, but Prussia must have noticed because when he pulled away Prussia looked at him strangely.

"You ok?" Prussia put the back of his hand on Canada's forehead. Canada nodded slightly.

"Ah...I'm...well..." He tried to get it out. How did one tell their lover they were carrying their child? Damn... why wasn't there some kind of instruction manual for this? ", why don't you sit down?" He finally could choke out. Prussia raised an eyebrow, but sat down on the couch in Canada's living room. Canada took a seat right next to him.

"So, what's this all about, Matt?" he asked. Canada gulped and took a sudden interest in the couch. It was such a nice blue color, with little circle patterns on it. A nice dark blue, Prussia claimed it was 'Prussian Blue'.

"Um...I'm...I...need to tell you something...important." He got out. He couldn't do this. He just couldn't. He felt his eyes watering, why couldn't he stand up for himself around Prussia? Why was he crying? He didn't want to cry! Must be the pregnancy hormones he'd heard so much about.

"Spit it out, Matt. And quit crying, it's girly." Prussia was too awesome for tears...and he didn't know how to handle them. He especially hated it when Canada cried. He was so damn cute with tears on his face, but he didn't like it when Canada was upset. It normally meant no sex...and the fact that he didn't like to see Canada sad. There was something different about the young blonde boy. Something pulled Prussia to him. This same thing kept Prussia there and not wondering as well. He really did love the Canadian... oh wait, he was talking...oops. Best pay attention. Prussia caught the end of what he was saying.

"So...what I'm trying to say is...that...I'm...p-p-pregnant." Canada finally got it out. Prussia glanced at him for a moment before bursting out laughing. Canada felt his heart split in two.

"G-Gil? I...did you hear me?" Of all the things Canada thought Prussia would do, laughing wasn't one of them. He pictured anger, disapproval, rejection, and maybe even one where Prussia accepted this thing. But laughter...

"I did!" He said laughing. "I know what day it is!" He said. "Great joke." Canada stared at him.

"Day?" Prussia nodded and reached for his phone. After grabbing it he went to the calendar. He looked at it.

"I can't believe I almost missed April Fool's's... October...that's not April" Prussia blinked. "So it's not April Fool's Day...and that means it's not a joke...and...."

"I'm...Pregnant..." Canada finished. He shut his eyes, not wanting to see Prussia's face when he was rejected. Who was he kidding? Prussia wanting a kid? That would never happen.

"H-how?" Prussia's voice asked, in astonishment. Canada opened his eyes slowly, to see Prussia.

"W-well... there is this thing called sex...and when two peo-"He was cut off by Prussia kissing him. When the albino pulled away he laughed.

"Even when you're like this you still have that starkly side." Prussia sighed. "I meant how long have you known? Or how far along are you? Either answer would be awesome," Canada though about it.

"I found out a little bit ago..." He looked back at the circley couch. "If I had to guess....I'd say about....two weeks...maybe a month..." Canada wondered if Prussia wanted him to abort. That could be why he cared...because it was still young enough to...get rid of. It seemed like an eternal to Canada before Prussia finally broke the silence.

"So...we have about eight months?" He questioned. Canada looked up at Prussia to see him smiling softly.

"Y-you want to...?" Prussia nodded.

"Well, there's nothing much we can do, is there?" He asked. "I know for a fact that you wouldn't want to get rid of it...and if you're going though nine months of hell you might as well keep it." He pointed out. "And I'm not going to just...walk away because of this...unless it's not is mine, right?" It was Canada's turn to laugh.

"Of course it's yours!" Prussia's...his...theirs. Their kid. Even if this was unexpected...unplanned...unwanted even, they would have this kid. It would be....well, as Prussia would put it, awesome. The more he thought about it, the more he found that he did want this kid. He liked kids enough, so why the hell not? Once again though, Prussia pulled him from his thoughts.

"You know...we're gonna have to tell people now..." Shit. Canada thought. He was right. Canada nodded. Now that he had told Prussia, it felt better to know that he wasn't going to be all alone. The only bad thing was that England, America, and France didn't even know they were together.

"I say we start with France...he'll take the fact that we're together the easiest..." Prussia laughed a bit nervously.

"Actually...we only have to tell him about the whole you being impregnated by awesomeness... He already knows about us..." Canada looked at him.

"He does? How?" Prussia shrugged.

"He's my best friend...I told him. I didn't really think you'd care too much about that." Canada sighed again.

"How long has he known?" Prussia smiled.

"Well...we've been together what...about two and a half years? So...about two years and five months..." Canada blinked.

"And he said...?" It must have been fine as they were still friends. Canada was still anxious to hear the answer. Though, he clamed down when Prussia laughed again.

"Something along the lines of 'really, well, Canada is really cute...and you do like cute things'...or some shit like that." Canada laughed along with him, shifting on the couch so he was leaning his head on Prussia's shoulder. Prussia put an arm around his shoulder. \

"So after France who do you want to mention this too?" he asked. Canada frowned, moment ruined.

"I guess America after France..." He said. He gulped, "Then England..." England's reaction was gonna scare him. America wouldn't be half as bad as England, not at all.

As the two sat on the couch, Prussia holding his pregnant boyfriend, they realized how...interesting the next eight months were gonna be.

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