The Sequel to Remember Me: Spoiler

"Carls," a soft voice crooned from the corner of the nearly desolate hall and I nearly jumped out of my stockings- that was figurative of course. I would never wear something as retarded as a stocking.

"What the hell are you doing here!" I yelled, the anger in my system beginning to boil as though I'd turned the temperature on my temper gauge up ten million notches. Carly's eyes widened slightly and her arms curled protectively around her small, thin shoulders, squeezing the skin tightly, her freshly manicured nails piercing the skin.

"I wanted to apologize to my dear friend, Carly Shay, of course," Missy Robinson explained in a sickly sweet tone, her murderous gaze sweeping over my like an icestorm, freezing me in mid explosion. "I didn't mean to hurt you, Carls," the red haired devil pleaded, her eyes as wide as snow white ping pong balls, "Someone threatened to kill me unless I did it."

My brunette cohort gasped, her hand flying to cover her agape mouth as I rolled my eyes, snarling, "Liar! Carls, don't believe this piece of shit!" I spat at Missy's feet, marching threateningly towards her, my knuckles knotting tighter like strips of tough bark. "Now, unless you want me to beat the crap out of you I suggest you run far, far away." I put special emphasis on the second far, my eyes narrowing to little slits on my face.

"Sam, how can you be so cruel?" Carly interjected, sympathetic tears shining in her dark brown orbs. "I believe her."

"What!" I screeched, glancing in disbelief at my best friend as Missy smirked victoriously, the message clear in her stormy glances. You're dead meat, Puckett.


Freddie let out a soft snore from the other side of the king sized bed, the covers slipping slightly down his nude frame, exposing a legacy of hickeys. I bit my lip as I curved into his back, my breasts pushing up against his warm skin as I let out a conflicted sigh, burying my head into his shoulder.

"What did I do last night?" I whispered, horrorstruck, as my gaze slipped underneath the navy blue covers, exposing our fully naked bodies.


"Your time is up, Samantha," a very familiar voice crowed as the blonde haired woman pressed the edge of the ancient looking spear into my chest, her free hand clutching at the material of her midnight black hood, pulling it back inch by inch.

"You!" I hissed sharply, wincing as the tip of the blade pressed into my neck, grooving out a deep cut, the fresh blood gushing down my neck like a fountain.

There you are, sorry it's short but I didn't want to give too much away. You'll learn the name soon :)