"Why'd youse let me go?"

Jessie looked up in surprise at the feline's question. She knew what he was referring to, it was only recently that their team had had their latest breakup. But, as always, they were back together in the end. And it was because they were a real team, a together forever kind of thing. She smiled down at him and feigned innocence. "What are you talking about, Meowth?"

He smirked in annoyance. She knew what he meant, he didn't really want to say it though. Just another reminder of him leaving the team. It was true, he'd wanted to leave at the time. But it was a stupid thing to do; he loved Jessie and James and they'd go nowhere without him. "When I left for Michael's ramen shop earlier, youse just let me go. I heard Jim complainin', but not you. At first I figured...you didn't care, but when youse came by again later, I knew that wasn't it. So why'd you let me go?"

Jessie blinked at Meowth a few times in realization. He really didn't know? She thought it was obvious. "Meowth..." she started. "...you went off to do something better with your life. To do something you were good at, something you could really make money off of. And most of all, something you were happy doing. I wasn't going to keep you away from that." She thought it sounded cheesy, but it was true. She'd do the same thing for James if the opportunity arose. After all, they were her best friends. She wanted them to be happy with what they were doing, and if they weren't happy with Team Rocket then they shouldn't be there in the first place.

Meowth smiled. Every once in a while, he had the nagging feeling that Jessie didn't care about him. He knew she did, but she just didn't act on it enough for his liking. Whether they were bad guys or not, she didn't have to act mean all the time. He stared at Jessie, who stopped looking at him to stare at the stars twinkling above them. He paused for a moment to think before asking, "...so you wouldn't be sad if I left fer good?"

Jessie frowned immediately. "Meowth, you know that's not true." She turned her head away from him before continuing. "Of course I'd be...sad." She didn't want to say 'devastated', it was too dramatic, even for her. But she would be more than just sad if Meowth truly left. "But some things are more...important."

Meowth just stared at her for another few seconds before he chuckled quietly and turned back to the ground. He wanted to disagree with her, that their friendship was more important to him than success, but he didn't feel it was necessary. He snuggled back into his sleeping bag before turning towards Jessie one last time. She was staring at James, who slept soundly in his own bag on the ground opposite of her. Meowth noted the sad look on her face before closing his eyes and following James' example.

It felt weird to talk so Jessie like that. He wouldn't admit it again, but he liked it.


Technically no Rocketshipping in here WEIRD HUH. Anyhow, I read a fic a while back that was only James / Meowth friendship [i mean, there was some Jessie, but not enough for me xD but it was still a really awesome fic ANYHOW-] but I just really wanted there to be a Meowth / Jessie friendshipfic.