So this is basically my imagination at work :) I love Bones and Lost. I also love Booth and Jack. I don't own anything from Bones or Lost, except for some dvd's :P Feedback would be nice. enjoy? :)

"You don't know what you're talking about." Melanie said to Special Agent Seeley Booth. He rolled his eyes. Booth and Melanie had a playful relationship, much like close siblings.
"I realize that, but come on, if you do this he'll get a slap on the wrist with some therapy," said Booth.
"I'm sorry Booth, but I have to testify that he's mentally unstable. I won't lie."
Booth was a bit angry. He sighed, and walked away from Melanie's was a psychologist working for the FBI. She had a quiet beauty about her, as though she was a bit awkward with the way she looked. Despite the way men often treated her, she was extremely self conscious. Booth on the other hand, was confident and knew that he was attractive, although he wasn't considered arrogant. The two were almost complete opposites, and yet best friends. After Booth left, she quickly finished her paper work for a case and left for home.

The next day, Booth came running up to Melanie on her way inside the building for FBI headquarters in DC.
"Hey, we've got a case in Ashburn, Virginia. Apparently there's a serial killer in the area." Booth quickly explained to her.
"Let me see." she answered.
She read the case file. 4 dead, each of which seems to have a ritualistic design of the bodies.
"When are we leaving?"

Melanie and Booth arrived at the police station in Ashburn. As they walked in, Booth immediately recognized the way most of the men did a double take at Melanie, and he was immediately annoyed. Not by jealousy, but for respect for her, because he knew that she deserved more than to just be admired for her looks.
"Hi, you must be the FBI agents."
Melanie saw the man who spoke, and was surprised at how attractive he was. She had not expected this. He was very tall, had soft brown eyes, and just the slightest trace of facial hair. He had a delicate face, almost beautiful. She acted the way she usually does when she is attracted to someone; indifferent. She brushed her thoughts aside and got to business.
"Yes, I'm Melanie Sullivan, and this is agent Seeley Booth."
"Nice to meet you" Booth added, making sure he wasn't ignored.
"Same here. I'm detective Jack Shephard. I assume you know a bit about the case?" He asks, looking more towards Melanie than Booth.
"Yeah we do. Could we discuss this in a more private area?" Booth asks, wanting to get out of view of the rest of the station.
"Of course, follow me."
Melanie and Booth followed Shephard, and Shephard allowed them in his office before he entered and closed the door.
"So, you're sure we're dealing with a serial killer?" He asks after they all had a seat.
"Based on the way the bodies were all shot in the palm post mortem, and that the cause of death was strangulation in all four, I'd say almost definitely." Melanie answered.
Jack was impressed at seeing how intelligent she was. He'd had his doubts after first seeing her. He thought she was just another pretty face who got to where she was through manipulation. He was happy to be proven wrong fairly quickly.
"You don't have any suspects?" Booth asked.
"No, not yet. We don't even have anything that connects the victims to each other. They all seem to live very different lives, and as far as we can tell had no contact with each other." Shephard answered."
"Well," said Booth, "it looks like we've got some work to do."