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There were a handful of things that were true about Olivia Benson. She was a product of her mother's rape. She was half of the best SVU Detective team in the state of New York. She adored the color blue for a reason she would never admit. She hated Christmas. She was a strong woman, independent and physically able to hold her own against any man. She harbored more than friendly feelings for her best friend. And, she was too damn nice to her best friend's pregnant wife.

That's why she was here, at a coffee shop, waiting to meet the bitch, uh, woman. Why Kathy even thought they were friends was beyond her. Kathy called Olivia every day, "Just to talk," and every time one of the kids did something amazing like "hit a ball into a parked car without getting yelled at." She'd rather hear it all from Elliot. She'd rather do a lot of things with Elliot. Like kiss him, rake her nails down his back, strip him naked and fuck him until she couldn't remember her own name.


Yeah. That was her name. Thanks for reminding her.

She looked up and saw Kathy sitting down at the table, looking nervous, shaken and harrowed. "Oh, God, Kathy, what's wrong? Is it one of the kids? Did something happen to Elliot?" Olivia pushed decaf tea toward her.

"No, they're all fine. I'm sorry to call you all the way out to Queens on your day off, but...I need to talk to someone. I need to talk to you. We're friends right?"

"Uh....yeah." No way in hell. I'm your husband's friend. We're friends by osmosis, if that. "Sure."

Kathy reached across the table and took Olivia's hand in hers. "Can you keep a secret? I mean, can I trust you?"

Olivia nodded. "Yes." Not on your life.

Kathy looked up, tears in her eyes. She had one hand over her enormous belly. "Olivia, please, please...you can't tell anyone. I'm serious."

"Okay, Kathy. If it's that important," Olivia said. What she really meant was, I now have something with which to blackmail you. Yes!

"I'm so stupid!" Kathy cried.

I knew that. "Kathy, honey. What are you talking about? Just tell me what..."

Kathy interrupted her. "This isn't Elliot's baby."

"Oh, shit." Oh, shit. "Kathy, what the hell did you do?"

Kathy hung her head, sobbing. "I made a horrible mistake. I did something that hurt two people that I care very much about. I slept with..."

"Kathy, I don't wanna know," Olivia said, holding up a hand.

"No, Olivia, please. I have to tell you. I slept with..."

"Kathy," Olivia interrupted, "I do not care. You can't keep this from Elliot. You need to tell him!" Olivia stood up, threw a five dollar bill down on the table and grabbed her jacket. "Or I will."

Kathy looked up with fear in her eyes. "No, Olivia! You promised! And I still have to tell you..."

"I lied!" Olivia put her jacket on, and turned. "You have until midnight or I'm telling him tomorrow. Kathy, this is low, even for you. You can't ask me to keep this from him." Olivia stormed out of the coffee house, leaving Kathy crying into a cup of decaffeinated tea and wondering who the father of that baby really was.

Olivia couldn't sleep that night. At all. She tossed and turned and rolled over and couldn't believe that it was two in the morning and he hadn't called or texted or come knocking on her door. Either they were still screaming at each other or she hadn't told him. Those were the only two options. He would have come to her the minute he found out. He always came to her when something like this happened. When he and Kathy fought, he texted, then he called, then he came over. They talked, they hugged, he slept on her couch. It was their way. Something had gone horribly wrong, she could sense it.

She walked into the squadroom the next morning unable to hide the fact that she looked like shit. She tried to mask it, dressed to kill and a bit of under-eye concealer, but her constant yawning and sheer willingness to drink Munch's coffee gave it all away.

"What's wrong, Liv?" Elliot asked, concern dripping from every word.

She looked over at him, from her end of their Siamese-twin desks. "I was hoping I'd be able to ask you that," she mumbled softly. She hadn't stopped playing with the necklace Elliot had given her for her birthday. It was a simple silver charm engraved with the word "Fearlessness." Elliot said that he thought they should put a picture of her next to the word in the dictionary; he believed Olivia was fearless. He was wrong. She was scared out of her mind right now. If she had to tell him the truth, she would lose him, and that terrified her.

"What?" He raised an eyebrow at her.

"Nothing," she said, shaking her head. "Nothing is wrong." She ran her hand through her hair and downed the contents of her mug.

Elliot grew worried. "You drank three cups of that shit and you didn't even flinch. Roof, now," he spat, rising from his seat and yanking her up out of her chair. He didn't let go of her wrist until they were on the roof of the building.

"Christ, El. It's fucking cold up here! You could have at least let me grab my jacket," she said, wrapping her arms around herself.

Elliot ran his hands up and down her arms, heating her up in more ways than one. "Better?"

"Um, yeah." She raised an eyebrow at him. "Did Kathy tell you anything, uh, surprising last night?"

Elliot stopped moving his hands. "She said she had coffee with you, but that's not surprising. Why?"

Olivia sighed. "Damn it," she fumed. "Elliot, I shouldn't be the one to tell you this." She pushed him away from her, suddenly afraid to be near him. She turned away from him. "Go home, El. Go home and ask her about the baby. Just ask her, point blank, when she conceived."

"What?" Elliot furrowed his brow and folded his arms. "Liv, what the..."

"She's eight months pregnant. So, that's...what? May? El, we had four serial rapists in May, two week-long back-to-back stays in the cribs, then you and Kathy fought. You spent a week on my couch. Then, we had an undercover op, three days. That gives you, what, a total of five days at home? Did you really have the energy..."

Elliot interrupted her. "What are you trying to tell me, Liv?"

"Kathy told me...," she paused, closed her eyes, and walked over to the edge of the roof. She was increasing the distance between them, making it easier for him to walk away. He was about to blow up at her. She knew him. "Just go ask her who the father of that baby really is, Elliot."

"Fuck you, Liv," he said quietly, hurtfully. "I can not believe you would...really? Are you that in..."

Olivia turned to him. "Excuse me? Am I that what? You think I'm lying to you? You think that, what, I'm in love with you? Get over yourself, Stabler! I'm telling you this because I'm your fucking best friend and I don't want to sit back and watch you raise someone else's child with a woman who betrayed you, you asshole!" She bolted toward the door and grabbed the handle. "Go ask her. Fuck you, too, by the way." Olivia pulled open the door and ran down the stairs, leaving a stunned Elliot on the roof, as she stormed into the ladies' bathroom. The only place she could cry without anyone knowing, since she was the only woman in the unit.

Elliot took a moment to himself. He sighed. He knew he just messed up. Badly. He thought about what Olivia had said and she was right. May had been busy, in fact so had April and June. He hadn't slept with his wife in close to a year. He'd been too busy to notice, and too hung up on Olivia to care. There was no way that baby was his. "Fuck," he said to no one as his eyes widened. "Liv!" He ran down the stairs and back into the squadroom. "Where's Liv?"

"No clue," Fin said. "She didn't come back in here."

Cragen came out of his office and looked at Elliot. "You look like you just lost your best friend," he said, cocking his head to the side.

Elliot nodded. "I think I have. I gotta go home, only for a while. I will come back, I promise. It's an emergency. When Liv comes back, please tell her not to leave without talking to me. Tell her I believe her. Tell her I'm sorry." He grabbed his coat and keys and left without waiting for an answer from anyone.

The door slammed open. Hard. Kathy's head snapped to the foyer and she furrowed her brow. "Elliot?"

Elliot glared at her. Ferocity in his eyes. He pointed at her. "Whose is it?"

Kathy's eyes widened, then. "She told you?"

"No. She tried to, but I didn't believe her," he said. "I figured it out on my own, Kathy. Did you think I wouldn't? We haven't slept together in months! Almost ten months, to be exact! I've been too busy and too tired and too preoccupied to even notice, and too excited about the damn kid to bother thinking about it. Now, whose is it?"

"Elliot," Kathy said, her eyes welling up with tears. "Please, stop yelling."

Elliot chuckled. "Are you kidding? No way. You cheated on me, Kathy. You're carrying his baby, and you were never going to tell me about it. I lost the only person I think I have ever really loved because of you, because I refused to believe that my wife could do that to me, so I'm going to fucking yell," he said, picking up a vase on the coffee table, "And possibly throw things." He threw the vase up in his hand and caught it.

"Please, stop," she cried.

He threw it again, and caught it again. "Why? Am I scaring you?"

Kathy nodded. "Yes."

He threw it, and let it crash into bits. "Good!" he yelled. "Whose baby is it, Kathy?"

"Dean's!" She sobbed, dropping her head into her hands.

Elliot gasped. "You slept with Olivia's...boy...fuck, Kathy! What the hell is wrong with you? What the hell is wrong with him?!"

Kathy tried to explain. "Well, when she's with him..."

"I don't wanna know about Liv's sex life, thank you very much!" Elliot screamed.

Kathy yelled back at him. "If she had a sex life he wouldn't have climbed into bed with me!"

Elliot smirked slighty. Olivia wasn't sleeping with the bastard. "I want you out of this house by Friday," Elliot said, huffing. "I mean it."

Kathy struggled to push herself up. "Where do you suggest I go?"

"Back to Porter," he spat as he slammed the door behind him.

He ran into the bullpen, his eyes darting around the room. "Where is she?"

"Who?" Munch asked.

Elliot rolled his eyes. "My mother, Munch. Where is Liv?"

"Oh, uh, cribs, I think. Cragen told her to take a nap after she actually requested that I, me, make another pot of coffee. She drank the whole damn thing by herself."

Elliot looked up the stairs, his heart pounding, and he tried to gather his thoughts. He walked closer to them, and as he put his foot on the first step, he took a deep breath and prayed that she would not only forgive him, but understand him when he told her the truth about Dean, and that he needed her, and her couch.

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